409 thoughts on “Decrease in rainfall expected

  1. Brief sharp showers for 5 minutes followed by drizzles here in Nunga. As I said earlier today may turn out to be the wettest day this November for Nungambakkam.

  2. What decrease in rainfall ? besant nagar getting pounded again – absolutely pouring cats and dogs here…sea very rough and windows banging –

    • Kea is referring to decrease in nungambakkam…but south chennai is different country altogether… :)…here is different

      • Yeah nostalgic for those days but since tsunami 2004 weather patterns in chennai have changed….and aggressive rain water harvesting has helped…exnora group member told me approximately 25 % of chennai is harvesting rain water…which is better than what it was in 80s and 90s…

  3. @ Kea – I think you keep saying that rainfall will decrease, dry week ahead etc. because the NEM behaves exactly opposite for Chennai πŸ™‚ If so, pls keep it up πŸ™‚

  4. Kea is referring to decrease in nungambakkam…but south chennai is different country altogether… …here is different.


    A thousand likes for this comment of urs :D…always south chennai rocks… πŸ˜€

  5. Kea,

    When will nunga overtake Tbm for NEM…

    Currently TBM at 520mm – Nunga at 380mm ..

    Kea…pls answer this question…i wait for ur answer…..i dont know y u evaded answering this question in the previous Topic 😦

  6. Chennai needs a respite from this drencher at least for a brief while as Jon has pointed out. otherwise the traffic snarls may take the breath out of commuters. It took me 2 hours to travel for covering 14 kms from OMR to Nungambakkam today morning.

  7. Kea..remember the mail i got for RAJ..for NUngambakkam’s new monthly average ..he gave it along with Meenambakkam…

    nbk JAN 20.3 38.4 189.6 mbk JAN 24.2 39.2 162.0
    nbk FEB 16.4 65.1 397.0 mbk FEB 15.4 53.2 346.2
    nbk MAR 6.7 21.8 327.8 mbk MAR 9.5 28.0 295.8
    nbk APR 10.3 19.9 194.5 mbk APR 15.5 31.3 202.0
    nbk MAY 44.9 83.0 184.6 mbk MAY 46.9 74.4 158.8
    nbk JUN 76.2 107.1 140.6 mbk JUN 72.9 65.8 90.3
    nbk JUL 106.8 61.9 58.0 mbk JUL 116.4 57.3 49.2
    nbk AUG 133.5 78.6 58.9 mbk AUG 143.3 84.0 58.6
    nbk SEP 131.6 71.5 54.3 mbk SEP 139.9 76.8 54.9
    nbk OCT 307.0 189.6 61.8 mbk OCT 302.2 174.0 57.6
    nbk NOV 382.5 214.1 56.0 mbk NOV 384.9 225.4 58.6
    nbk DEC 167.7 154.8 92.3 mbk DEC 166.4 157.7 94.8
    nbk ANN 1403.8 371.0 26.4 mbk ANN 1437.4 308.7 21.5
    nbk JF 36.7 75.4 205.4 mbk JF 39.6 68.1 172.0
    nbk MAM 61.9 86.1 139.2 mbk MAM 71.8 85.4 119.0
    nbkJJAS 448.1 173.0 38.6 mbkJJAS 472.5 143.7 30.4
    nbk OND 857.2 334.3 39.0 mbk OND 853.6 298.1 34.9

  8. Tday’s Heaviest of all wil b one 4m avadi or redhills or poonamalle…..it shld hav poured around 10cm 4m aftrnun and evening downpour…never seen such a rain.,omg,poured as 2 rounds, each exceeded 2 hours…

  9. Korattur has got 233mm till 8.30 today…as expected its very less in comparison to other places of chennai…infact places to the west of korattur will get NEM rain similar to Tiruttani…..the height of sadness is that Tiruttani itslef has got 31cm for NEM till nov 1! 😦

  10. @Jon,

    Morning 9-10 was extremelt dark to NNE(it rained not as much as i expected in TBM,but it was heavy though) …i thought meenambakkam is going to come to its normality with a burst of rainfall…!!..but 22mm 😦

  11. Kar, Tiruttani may have got 31 cm till nov 1 in NEM and Korattur around 20 cm, but

    Korattur has got 93.3 cm till September 30. how much did Tiruttani get

    Ok lets come to tambaram

    Till october 30 in 2011

    Korattur – 1118
    Tambaram – 898

    Lets see last year

    Korattur – 1409
    Tambaram – 1254

    Omg what does the above figures say…..Tambaram more wetter ….i am confused now

  12. Omg South Chennai is also bad and dirty(not as bad as north and west chennai)… open drainages… the only decent parts of chennai are

    a) Anna Nagar-Mogappair
    b) Alwarpet-Mandaveli-RA Puram-Boat club- Adayar- Beasant Nagar- Tiruvanmiyur- ECR
    c) Nungambakam-KK nagar-Ashok Nagar- Mambalam

    Basically that part (b) is the longest greenest best and coastal stretch of chennai.. so typically Anna university and DGP should get more rains πŸ˜›

  13. @rajar77,

    Raja sir (Age 34),

    Y havn’t u posted a poll yet to find me??? πŸ˜€

    BTW, don waste time in creating a divide between me and Kea..he has become a gud unknown friend of mine..ofcourse only after lots of
    fights :-)..so he wont care who am i or create such polls! rite Kea? πŸ™‚

    • Hi Dash,

      I like u guys posts very much, since u r giving tough fight for kea and his views such as “monsoon will start only after 28th october and fight for nunga”. But Kea is very nice guy. He never hurt anyone.

      Even i don’t like you people making fun of VK.

      Also, it is very important for blogger to reveal his/her identity to get respect for their posts. You know my name and even my age from my login details.

      BTW, i am following weather for more than 20 years. Just beause i started posting it in this blog for couple of months, doesnot mean i am fresher right?

  14. Yes Sel, even a tiny cloud gave heavy showers which in normal days wud not have produced even a drizzle..no rains here now..

    I think the dry spell is goin to come at the wrong moment..only now NEM is picking up..

  15. Pradeep,

    Korattur in the far interior gets considerably less NEM rianfall is dat was i sed…as i sed seriously u can compete in NEM with tiruttani only…


    Korattur – 122cm
    Meenambakakm – 180cm ..

    Its the difference that u get from a coast and a interior place…..seriously in NEM korattur can compete with Tiruttani only…tiruttani’s in this years SWM got more than 70cm ….so Gr8 competition going on

  16. Sunny start to the day – there was a huge rainbow at around 6.50 in the western sky as a light drizzle accompanied the blistering sun. Satellite pictures dont promise much, but this Nov has been pulling out rain out of nowhere – hope it continues.

  17. Kar Tiruttani 67 cm till september 30

    Korattur 93 cm

    i dot see any comparison between the two.

    Meanwhile the Korattur readings are for Zamin Korattur Anicut which is located between poonamalle and Tiruavallur road. It does not give clear picture of Korrattur which IMD publishes
    The Koratur which i am saying is hardly two km from red hills.

    My house to Nungambakkam – 9kms


    My house to Red hills – 9 kms


    My house to Korratur (not the korratur CMWSSB publishes rainfall) – 4 kms


    Zamin Korattur Anicut is across Cooum River which no way related to the Korattur near which i stay.

    • So lets stop this Korattur vs Nunga vs Tambaram vs Tirutanni

      Because we dont have data, Or try to get from IMD guys how much Korattur has got so far. then we can make a comparison

      But i am ready for a

      Nunga vs Tambaram


      Redhills vs tambaram

      Since both are exactly the same distance from my house

  18. Hi Raja Sir,

    I think the words “new comers” and “freshers” have hurt u so much..but they hold true for this blog alone rite?..luks like u r also an expert like Vinod..actually my 1st post wasn’t targeted at u..i just replied to ur post bcoz i wasn’t able to post a separate one..so no hard feelings..!

    BTW, u have been added to our “Sir” list by ur Kea Blog juniors πŸ˜€

    Guna Sir
    Baskaran Sir
    and now..Raja Sir πŸ™‚

  19. Fret not, for Met forecasts sunny days from Monday
    Chennai: If you think you had too much of rain woes, here is some sunshine: the weatherman says the northeast monsoon is likely to take a fortnight’s break from Sunday.
    The Met office says rainfall in the city will decrease from Sunday and slowly stop, resulting in a dry spell for about two weeks. β€œDry spells during monsoon are common due to variations in pressure. It may again rain after 10 to 15 days,” said Y E A Raj, deputy director of the regional meteorological department. He said readings have started showing a decrease in rainfall. Since the onset of northeast monsoon on October 24, Chennai has registered 50mm rainfall till Friday morning. During the day, city had 28mm rainfall. The state has registered 70% excess rainfall till Friday morning. The Met department is now equipped to forecast weather a week in advance. TNN

  20. kea, i’m bit confused ….. today in TOI, they have mentoned that there is a excess rainfall of 70%… actually, i havent felt that the city witsnessed 70% excess…. so does this mean that this is the end of NEM ???

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