399 thoughts on “Few showers possible this week

  1. Very very dark here in Besant nagar especially over the sea. Will it rain though ? Its a bit chilly as well. That raises a doubt.

  2. October will end up as the third wettest month this year….

    August- 366 mm
    September – 286
    October – 258

    I think we have a winner in the prediction game….am i right Ehsan. And its time to start November Prediction

  3. Kea,

    As the present models are not giving us above normal rains for november

    My Prediction : 300 mm ( deficient rainfall )

    I also wish more rain for chennai but what to do 😦 😦

  4. According to mjo report,Now convectional trough is shifting twrds eastern ind ocean…so here aftrwrds s.east bay wil take a centre stage.. i feel,system forming in s.east bay….so v r heading to the wettest november!!

  5. Week-2(nov 1-8)- Additional eastward progression of the MJO signal and support from other modes of variability including ENSO, favor increased odds of precipitation across the eastern IO and Maritime Continent.Tropical cyclogenesis across the Arabian Sea and Bay of Bengal is also likely during Week-2. The available statistical and dynamical tools indicated slightly higher odds of formation across the Arabian Sea.

    • it all depends on the core pressure ….u could c the value of core pressure given there as 1004mb…tat could be a well marked low or a intensifying depression depending upon the intensity …below 1000 will be a major system (cyclone ( ,deep Depression. depression) and even below it can be…it cant be classified now ,so v just say it as a weather system until it forms and v come to knw the intensity of it……

  6. BBC predict heavy rain for next 3 days for Chennai but its not working.i don’t know its northeast monsoon or southeast monsoon all the depression only for Arabian sea why bay did not pick up we need only low pressure deep depression only what is the reason

  7. Yes , the latest GFS model shows that there will be a lp that will be formed near Tuticorin and the same will move towards arabian sea. I dont see any significant rains coming to chennai for next 10 days… Some passing showers can be anticipated….

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