499 thoughts on “Northeast Monsoon sets in

  1. This reminds me of those ‘JAL’ days when we waited n waited , kept talking but nothing happening. Finally we were so excited when the drizzle started at 3:00 AM in the morning. I wish NEM will open its account with a bang tomo morning with a early morning convection.

  2. IMD will look at the scenario at 10-11 AM tomorrow morning and take call on declaring onset after due consultations between NGM and Lodi Road HQ.

    So another sweet 15 hrs to go…and till then I suppose they are not going to tax their minds too much on this decision.

  3. Kea i also feel the same.

    I think in the next few years our SWM will give us a majority of rainfall for the whole year.

    I presume it may be due to global warming…

    This is purely my opinion. I wont intend others to support it.

  4. I have said the below thing lot of times..but wat to do 😦

    First rains can be expected tonite since blue dots getting closer to Chennai coast for the first time..early morning shower tomorrow is almost certain..

  5. Jon,KR,

    Only Nunga got extraordinary rainfall during SWM..it definitely doesn’t deserve to get that much amount anytime 😀

    But now during NEM, we are also suffering along with Nunga..enna aniyayam idhu? 😦 Who will giv rains for the South???

  6. 9pm & no rain????fighting with radar animation!! y clouds getting disappeard bfore reaching the chenn coast? cos high pressure ridge reaching chennai coast 4m myanmar…tis shld be the reason,i thnk

    • cola is predicting nearly nil rainfall for chennai till tomorrow.

      It has saying the same for past 3 days. ….. pls wait till 24th evening…that’s tomorrow for good rains for Nunga

  7. First NE monsoon rains for bangalore this year.. although IMD has not declared it, cloud movement was fast from east with heavy moisture laden clouds..

  8. took a ride in bangalore’s new metro yesterday. reminded me so much of the MRTS between velachery and park town in chennai. The only things different were the train itself and that the stations were built completely unlike the unfinished stations in chennai

  9. Officials say the south westerlies have completely withdrawn. “The easterlies arrived some time ago but we are waiting for substantial rains in the coastal parts to declare the arrival of the monsoon,” says a senior scientist of the Met department, S R Ramanan.

  10. FINALLY. Woke up to some drizzles. It eased off quickly – but its a start. The dry spell is finally interrupted!! Loads of clouds to the north, also there are patches of blue – lets see who wins.

  11. Nungambakkam 2cm,Meenambakkam 4cm….

    I was awake to see the first NEM rains here at 1AM….no idea how much it rained in TBM….

    Interesting thing to note –

    “”Nungambakkam is yet to beat meenambakkam in a single day rainfall in october…””

  12. 1.45am..Besant Nagar received its 1st NE monsoon showers..got up and went out to savour the moment..Happy NE monsoon to all @ Keametsite

      • Oh… I guess they’re waiting for more rains over interior TN. Places like Trichy, Madurai and Salem have been dry so far.

        But, it really does not make a difference for Chennai because today’s rainfall is clearly because of NEM – just that it has been limited to the coast. All parameters for NEM are in place, except for rainfall distribution.

  13. new msg Imd said today morning northeast monsoon will affect 24 hrs delay daily one delay one day delay night heavy rain nandanbakkam but morning again its started high temperature any one low pressure forming in bay

  14. Today’s rainfall is the result of a coastal monsoon trough stretching from Southeast SL coast all the way unto Machilipatnam, AP. There is an embedded cyclonic circulation to the east of SL.

    • Yea. it looks like there’s something over Lakshadweep sea. Maybe, a shear zone with the twin low pressure pattern (one LP on either side of the peninsula) is developing. This is almost always indicative of heavy rain.

    • Finally we had a gud shower last night. I missed it though. The clouds are very low lying moving very fast. Expect some short and continious spells of rain on diwali.I guess selva is very happy now.

  15. As you can see I have created a new Facebook page. I know Rhythms already exists, but that is a group.

    A facebook page can be integrated into wordpress. I hope all the WP bloggers can use the FB page too and hopefully move to Facebook permanently in the future.

  16. October prediction. Current total – 33.8 mm. days left 7

    If there is no more rain this month, Guru is the winner

    Guru – 50 mm
    KEA – 55–65 mm
    Rajkmr – 60-70 mm
    Bhaskaran – 70 mm
    seshu94 – 70-80 mm
    Ashwinds – 85 mm
    Gopal666 – 80-90 mm
    ABM242 – 100-150 mm
    Templetravel – 120 mm
    VSN – 114-140 mm
    Raja – 150 mm
    Balajisampath – 150 mm
    Thunderjove – 100-200 mm
    Pradeep – 189-210 mm
    Jon – 200 mm
    Guna – 200 mm
    Kamlesh – 200-250 mm
    GTAman – 250 mm
    ArjunLV – 225-275 mm

    Out of contention

    Dashman – 13 mm

  17. big monsoon trough likely to form near east of indonesia!!! so chance of major system in s.bay or s.east bay in the month end !!!!wet mjo phase has commenced in ind ocean!

  18. Northeast monsoon rains have commenced over Tamil Nadu, Puducherry, Kerala and adjoining areas of Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka on 24th October 2011.-imd

  19. the clouds are still hanging over the 50 – 150 kms east of chennai. This is happening right from yesterday evening. The easterlies are not strong yet i think so

  20. Chengannur (Alapuzha dt) 11, Sarguru (Mysore dt) and Sankarankoil (Tirunelveli dt) 10 each, Redhills (Tiruvallur dt) 9 Dharmasthala (Dakshina Kannada dt) 8 and Ammathy (Kodagu dt), H. D. Kote (Mysore dt), Parambikulam (Palakkad dt), Piravom (Ernakulam dt), Thodupuzha (Idukki dt), Sriperumpudhur (Kanchipuram dt), Parangipettai and Panruti (Cuddalore dt) 7 each.

  21. weatherofindia Indian Weatherman
    Tokyo-based Regional Institute for Global Change has forecast normal to excess rain during North East monsoon .. ow.ly/76BPe

    • Any city that has strong east facing winds or the easter lies will have a pleasant climate throughout. As an example think of the east coast of USA.
      Strong easterly winds will also attract migrants from all over the world attracted by salubrious climate.

      What can be said of our Chennai then ?
      Its quite obvious that city planners did not consider Vaastu philosophy while expanding the city thousands of years ago. For this is a city in the South Eastern direction associated with Agni devatai. Hence in May Chennai endures Agninakshatram.

      Hence the NEM is the only period where Chennai retains the glory of a city blessed by strong easterlies. This leads to musical extravaganza like Margazhai etc that brings people from all the world as well as tourists from all over the world coming here during NEM period.

      • “Hence in May Chennai endures Agninakshatram”?

        lol – only May???

        Your point is well made though, but I dont think its just the orientation – if it were so Besant Nagar should be pleasant through the year – much of it is East facing.

        I think the difference between the East Coast of USA and Chennai could well be the difference between the HOT bay of bengal and the cooler North Atlantic Ocean.

      • Besant Nagar is part of Chennai which is a south eastern city and hence is Agneya direction which is silly to have a city on the Agni direction. Look at Louisiana in USA or even parts of Florida.

        North Atlantic Ocean also gets cold artic water currents. Expect thatto have a major influence on climate.We have no cold water oceanic currents whatsoever. If we did you can have white Christmas in Chennai !!!

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