203 thoughts on “One more month for NEM

    • thats so unbelievable. Good for the skool kids- but embarrassing and shameful for a so called “metro” to shutdown for this rain – damning indiction of the government.

  1. Very nice rains all night at Adyar – and its still raining lightly, but looks like it will clear up soon. These kind beat the 10 minute wonder thundershowers for me any day.

  2. Rainfall upto 7.30 am in mm (wide spread battering)

    Ennore – 74
    Madhavaram – 66
    Polur – 62
    Poondi – 59
    Kadambathur – 59
    Katpadi – 58
    Kaveripakkam – 58
    Arakkonam – 51
    Vallam – 51
    Kalavai – 50
    Kanchipuram – 48
    Arani – 48
    Gummidipundi – 44
    Nungambakkam – 43
    Ellapuram – 41
    Madurantakam – 35
    Alangayan – 21
    Mailam – 20
    Uttiramerur – 16

    • Chennai presently has got 220 mm. just 24 mm beat the record of 2004

      Two straight record months. 2004 will be overtaken by today or tomorrow

      Cola Predicted 26 mm we got around 43 mm

      Kea again it won

  3. I wonder what has happened to the bay.. only 5 depressions this year, no cyclones yet.. Keila is expected only in the first week of november not before that.. so probably only a depression in middle of oct

  4. Wednesday 21 September 2011
    Monsoon Watch
    โ™ฆ During past 24 hours, weather has been mainly dry over Punjab, Haryana, west Rajasthan and Saurashtra &
    Kutch. Analysis of current meteorological conditions indicate development of anticyclonic circulation in lower
    tropospheric levels over Rajasthan and neighbourhood during next 48 hours. Further, analysis of satellite imageries
    also indicates dry air prevalence over Punjab, Haryana and west Rajasthan during last 2 days. These conditions
    suggest development of meteorological conditions favorable for withdrawal of Southwest Monsoon from parts of
    northwest India after 23

  5. I alrdy mentioned tat ther wil be a quick withdrawal..70%withdrawal possible bfore sep30,..NE states, WB May continue getting rain and West coast may witness sum evening showers bfore swm cease..so days r no longer to say gud bye..

  6. COLA revises today’s rainfall to 2 mm for today. next rains are on 24th

    Hope the blog stays active. I am leaving for my brother’s reception in Kuzhithurai. Meet u guys on 26th.

    Hope Nunga breaks 2004 record for september

  7. Second highest rainfall recorded in Chennai in 4 decades

    The south-west monsoon has been particularly good for Chennai this year, bringing more than double the amount of normal rainfall. Between June 1 and September 20, officials in the meteorological department said, Nungambakkam recorded 78 cm of rain.

    The city normally receives around 40 cm in this period. “This is because there was no depression over the Bay of Bengal, a regular phenomenon ,” Y E A Raj, deputy director general of meteorology , Regional Meteorological Centre, Chennai, said on Tuesday. “This is the fag end of the season which will last another 10 days or so,” he added.

    The rainfall this season is said to be the highest in the city since 1996 when over 100 cm of rain was registered. “That was a freak year when 75% of rainfall occurred in June, most of it over three days,” added Raj. The rainfall this season, which is likely to last another ten days, could cross 100 cm. “It will be the second time since 1969,” he said.


  8. definitely a dry period at the moment for bangalore, feels like december with absolutely no moisture.. and clear skies, this will probably continue for another week before we can get good rainfall

  9. bright sunshine to start of the day.

    It was vry sunny as early as 6:30 am, a first this September, certainly a change in weather. Will Nunga finally receive the early thunderstorms as predicted by KAR or does this signal a dry period.

    • I cant recollect when we had early thunderstorms with any semblance of regularity. Sporadic one or 2 maybe – our best bet is late evening after getting fried adequately.

  10. Looks hotter than yesterday – we may get to the coveted 36 mark. Hope there are some showers atleast later, unlike yesterday which was just a horribly typical, hot Chennai summer day with no respite.

  11. Everyone predicts around 40mm for chennai from next low cloud mass like Tuesday.(Low seen in cimss 850mb vorticity near malay peninsula

  12. Tuticorin and Thirunelveli districts reeling under heat wave. Very scanty rainfall for the past 9 months.

    Any specific reason for this? Why does Tuticorin receive very low rainfall compare to other districts in TN?

    Experts comments most welcome.

  13. Imd says the Lp turned to a depression (1002Mb) and made a landfall….check it out “Yesterday’s Well Marked low pressure area over Northwest Bay off Orissa — West Bengal coast has intensified into a Depression over same area and lay centered at 0830 HRS IST of today 22-09-11 near Lat 21,5 ยฐ N, Long 87.5 ยฐ E RPT Lat 21,5 ยฐ N, long 87.5 ยฐ E 50 km SSW of Digha and 50 km ESE of Balasore. System likely to move in a WNW wards direction and cross NorthOrissa – West Bengal coast between Balasore and Digha by evening of today 22-09-11. The trough of low pressure now extends from centre of the Depression to North Andaman Sea across Eastcentral Bay. Southwest monsoon strong to vigorous over Southeast Bay and South Andaman Sea; moderate to strong over Southwest Bay, Westcentral Bay and Northeast Bay.”

  14. @guru
    My native place is tuticorin.It does not rain for 9 months in tuty.The land is parched and dry and the strong winds during SWM just kicks up the dust.If one goes out for 5 minutes that is sufficient to make one totally dirty.
    no rains during SWM
    The swm is active between 10N to 25N and tuty falls south of 10N
    tuty is on the leeward side of western ghats within 100 km span
    which falls under the subsidence zone
    Moderate rains during NEM
    because of blocking effect of sri lanka

  15. Whoa Blore is at an amazing 17 degrees – what an awesome weather! Chennai is at an equally amazing 27 degrees at 7 AM ๐Ÿ˜› It will be the terrible 35-36s again and the sat pics promise no respite.

  16. Yes, definite change in the wind patterns from yesterday, high wind shear in the upper atmosphere as the change happens, clear skies with high wispy clouds on a cold, bright and sunny morning in bangalore

  17. even last year there was an early change in the wind pattern during the last week of september and we even had the typical clouds associated with NE monsoon but everything changed with 3-4 days and eventually NE monsoon set late october only.

  18. Friday 23 September 2011
    Monsoon Watch
    โ™ฆ The southwest monsoon has withdrawn from some parts of Punjab, Haryana, Rajasthan, Gujarat
    and north Arabian Sea.The withdrawal line passes through Amritsar, Hissar, Ajmer, Deesa,
    Porbandar, Lat.21.0ยฐN/Long.65.0ยฐE and Lat.21.0ยฐN/60.0ยฐE.

  19. NEM is strong over s.china sea so some parts of easterly waves are entering into bay..but it wont push moisture into TN as NEM does……v have to wait for the withdrawal of swm 4m peninsular india and then the arrival of NE WINDs in Eastern bay and andaman sea…..so v cant say now ….but early onset cant be ruled out if v moves without any system in bay.

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