563 thoughts on “Withdrawal of SWM to commence in next few days

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    SEE – Indian weatherman site!!

  2. The general rule is – the later the NEM onset,the weaker it is!….yeah,i know in that it set in late in 2009 and gave normal rainfall…..but i think it was an one-off year…2010 was 12% below normal for nungambakkam..as per the past 4 decades average!

  3. I dont think we will get much rain toni8,…watever it is, it has to form within 100Km within our area,to produce heavy rainfall!….like the sep-12 deluge over Sriperumbudur and TBM formed just to west of here..!

  4. With what some models suggest, October is gonna be Above normal or excess…followed by a very dry period to set in ….!!..something like a 2008…where rains where astronomical after 25th nov…!

    In 2008,

    We got 37cm from Oct 11-Oct 24

    We got 2cm from Oct 25 – Nov 20

    We got 54cm from Nov 20- Nov 30!

    NEM was over after 30 Nov!

    A similar 2011 ?

  5. November 5-25 ,the peroid of 20 days wil gives the clear status of NEM…whether it is normal,or xcess ..and usually this days will produce the cyclone….jal,nisha,sidr, r the few among them…baaz was on late november.

  6. Kar,u pls predict ur sep rain and dnt go beyond tat..and here r ur future posts if it rains tonyt 1. “wettest swm days starts wit a bang” 2. “rain threatning days ahead for chennai” …..

  7. The western suburbs will get the major share as the storm is hesitating to go near the coast..it is moving NE..luks lik city and even AP will get lite rains or drizzles only..major beneficiaries will be Tambaram, Sriperumbudur, Poonamallee

  8. There was so much talk about the last month of SWM being the best SW period for chennai, rain in the morning, nasty TSs etc etc. Yesterday night, there was a huge build up but not much rain. Thats pretty much typical of how Sept has been. 29.2 @ 8.20 AM. Typical singeing Chennai weather like any other month 😛

  9. Rainfall mm around Chennai ending 8.30 am today

    Uttiramerur – 51
    Chembarbakkam – 45
    Red Hills – 44
    Kanchipuram – 33
    Cholavaram – 32
    Gummidipundi – 27
    Meenambakkam – 23
    Ellapuram – 23
    Tamaraipakkam – 15
    Kadambathur – 15
    Korattuur – 13
    Katpadi – 10
    Poondi – 8
    Veernam – 8
    Kaveripakkam – 8
    Madurantakam – 7
    Arakkonam – 4
    Nungambakkam – 2

  10. Bengaluru city 10.4 mm, HAL AP 10.8mm

    Since Jan 1 : City – 893mm, HAL AP – 855mm

    HAL AP already reached its yearly average 😀
    Also HAL AP crosses 50 cm for SWM, 506mm so far..

    • @Sudharshan
      Friend what u r referring to is a water vapour image. during weak/break monsoon conditions too, we will have dark/black zones over complete india. not the only criteria to decide withdrawal…as of now it seems water vapour loading (between 600-300hPa levels) is good over entire india.

  11. I would like a cyclone like that this year.It may spoil the NEM,but getting a category 4 is enough

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