501 thoughts on “Typical September weather to continue

  1. selva dash
    im very eager to see the withdrawal of SWM and change in wind pattern and ofcourse the morning shower which makes us to sleep again in morning after bed coffee

  2. Vijay,now the movement is 4m west……Cloud movement and wind direction 4m east only confirms the change..but the picture will change only aftr sep 18 …..1st sign is tat slow moving high clouds wil be seen in east- s.east ..and then East ,and NE…

  3. Delhi rains today

    Upto 8.30 am today
    New Delhi (Palam) – 64.3
    New Delhi (Safdarjung) – 36.1

    From 8.30 to 2.30 pm today
    New Delhi (Palam) – 4.0
    New Delhi (Safdarjung) – 61.0 mm

  4. Week Ending Sep – 07/11

    Normal – Chennai,Dharmapuri

    Deficient – Kanchipuram,Pondicherry

    Scanty – Vellore,Tiruvannamali,Krishnagir,Vizhuppuram

    For north TN .. ..as i sed North interior TN is running on scanty september rainfall 😦 😦 ..till now 🙂

  5. SWM withdrawal will not start before 15th or 17th and it takes around 1 month to cover the whole country, Lets hope it starts withdrawing around that time or else our NEM will be delayed by couple of weeks.

  6. Monsoon showers along entire S-W peninsula will be on lower side from 13-Sep…

    More afternoon T.showers forecast for S.Andhra coast, N-E.Tamilnadu and Chennai.. for next 48hrs and beyond. Rainfall may rise aftr 15-Sep…

    -indian weather man site …

    We are waiting for the rainfall to stop along thta kerala and coastal karnataka,to start of the SWM peaking over TN, south interior,north interior Ktakan,coastal AP and rayalaseema after sep 15…as usual 🙂 🙂 …

  7. start of the NEM for Indonesia, malaysia and parts of eartern andaman sea.. this is where they get a bulk of their rainfall for the year, oct & nov being the heaviest rainfall months apart from the summer rainfall months between march – may…

  8. ours should start soon as well.. I look forward to the next 2 weeks to see an anti cyclone in NW India & pakistan and a cyclone in the BOB to mark the withdrawal of the SWM from India

  9. bangalore has become really warm over the last 2 – 3 days, yesterday afternoon was unbearable.. sweating even with a fan on.. however, after the heat, the last 3 days has seen a few thunderstorms in the late evening.

  10. Mayabunder one of the wettest place in India, getting battered

    During 11-12 September, the intense monsoon trough lies across the Central, the East and the lower Northeast of Thailand. The strong southwest monsoon prevails over the Andaman Sea, southern Thailand and the Gulf of Thailand. Torrential rain and isolated heavy to very heavy falls are likely

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