447 thoughts on “Nunga records 64 mm

  1. AT last kea…this blog title sounds more aprropriate 🙂 …the SWM in TN peaks in avani-purattasi months(aug15-oct15) …. …..considering 30 days of those 60 days are in septmeber….we will have to wait till september…..though as usual city has been dry,rainfall has been HEAVY in tbm 🙂 ….the rain over ma house is 35mm! ……..i wont at all be surprised if ponmalle gets even 10cm…..entire north tn has been battered sterda……watch out for tirupattur,tiruvannamali,gingee,vellore,ambur and vaniyambadi …..the “second rainiest SWM month” of TN is rocking in TN 🙂

  2. As late august comes by 3.30 pm thhunderstorms will be common ….and with the arrival of mid-late spetmeber rain will be around 12-3pm …or even earlier…..mark my words! …see if this does not happen this year!

  3. Once again ur reocrds have got to be gotten ri8

    ATR highets in august for hennai was 10cm in 2008 ….in sep was 17cm in 1996..besides atleats two more 10cm + rainfall!l

  4. I think IMD people are always busy preparing the rainfall stats. which any way are of little use. So some more time (last time they took 2 months for radar maintenance) may be needed before they fix the radar.

  5. OMG!!!

    wer on earth did this east TAMBARAM GET 9CM ??????!!…….i thought ponnamalle will get 10cm today!!…..but rianfall over my house is only 4cm!!…..i will have to second check with IMD delhi ….may be imd chennai typed tambaram wrongly for tamaraipakkam!

  6. Heard from ma frends in TBM east that it poured there in ni8 !! …..this the biggest difference that has occurred over my area and TBM east ….its a difference of 6cm ….with 4km distance! ….the previous high difference was in 2010 nov where here i got 5cm …tbm got some li8 showers!

  7. Dear Kar

    I am ready to wait and will be ‘as much happier as yourself’ if it rains more in Sep. But that is never going to happen. Anyway lets wait and see.

  8. After a lull for a brief while now a thunderstorm is popping up north west of Chengalpet. It may reach us in another three hours or so.
    Every day the same thing happens and if it continues till the end of Aug. then Sep. will’ve no chance of beating Aug.

  9. When v compare with the month of september,august is more wetter than september… I dont thnk,v wil hav more rainy days in september. For a better NEM,SEPTEMBER should remain dry.. .lol.

  10. That easearch doc clearly states that excess SWM with excess july rainfall has its effect in NEM…..in 1996


    June – 70cm
    Sep – 25cm(with 17cm single day ATR record)

    Nem was 120cm…annual was 240cm….

    In 2010 and 2007 july-aug was excess and NEM was bad!

  11. Todays storm may not reach chennai if it is of the current size. But the storm is expanding as it nears the coast and it stretches for about 100 km in length and some 60 odd km in width. If it grows further the northern end of the storm may touch chennai in another 2 hours.

  12. Bangalore 20mm, Bangalore HAL AP 24.6mm

    Looks like 100cm+ year for Bangalore this year 😀
    Bangalore 665m HAL AP 633mm till date.. and the rainiest month of Bangalore is yet to begin 😀

  13. Apart from 2006 which was exceptionally bad (just 68cm in city, 58cm in HAL AP), all the other years since 2004 in blore has seen 100cm+.. HAL AP however had 90cm in 2009 and 2010 when city had 105cm and 104cm respectively..

  14. Its cloudy and humid in bangalore. I can see low clouds streaming in from the west. SW seems to have picked up again in coastal karnataka. Since last afternoon its raining on and off in mangalore and udupi.

  15. vellore dist update: walaja vellore tirupattur all 1cm(with walaja alias ranipet being marginally ahead)… however the in between stretch of ambur-vaniyambadi as got good rains..4cm…

  16. Wondeful to see dis minimum temp of tirupattur…its “normal” at 23c … 🙂 ..this is the case throughout the summer,even in april-may!….

    August is a gr8 month for tirupattur with an avergae rainfall of 150mm….

    the rainiest month is the next to come,septmeber with 195mm

    Oct is almost similar with average of 193mm !!

  17. Great to see this…

    The 1951-1980 average


    Bangalore – 137mm
    Tirupattur – 150mm


    Bangalore – 195mm
    Tirupattur – 195mm


    Bangalore – 180mm
    Tirupattur – 193mm

    In septmeber,oct i used to travel to these to places a lot…..both bangalore and tirupattur nearly get some 60cm in these three months! ….while bangalore will be very pleasant and cold….tirupattur will be pleasant n chill!…expect for add days that too only max temps…minimum always 22c 🙂

  18. @Karthik and kea.. i should have had it North TN…its a mistale.. i am sry… the topper will be obviously from Coimbatore dist (Chinna Kallar) and second will from Nilgiris (Devala)… but anyways i am sure no one considers them part of the hard core TN 🙂

  19. Cherrapunji is going to be the winner this August. As the north east regions are going to get battered from now on as per business line.

    But Ultimate winner at the end of SWM will not be Cherrapunji that’s for sure.

      Dr Jing-Jia Luo, Senior Scientist with the Climate Variation Predictability and Applicability Research Programme Research at RIGC, wrote to Business Line on Friday that the La Nina condition is currently on the way back.

      This condition is forecast to persist until early next year, Dr Jing-Jia says, adding that a weak positive Indian Ocean Dipole (IOD), which mimics EL Nino-La Nina in the Indian Ocean, also may occur during the next few months.

      Positive IOD refers to the warming of seas-surface temperatures in the western part of the Indian Ocean, and vice versa. Positive IOD has been found to favour a concurrent monsoon. Regional forecast from the RIGC said that the La Nina would bring cool to wet conditions over southern Africa, Australia, and Brazil during the southern hemisphere summer.

    • Thunder

      1st condition is no way related to success of NEM.
      Also I think we’ve discussed enough about La Nina today without any of us knowing anything concrete about its effect on our NEM.

      Only experts like Vinodh or our friend KR(through research) can provide clear details.

  20. All India SWM Rainfall from 01.06.2011 to 14.08.2011 (75 days)
    Rainfall in mm’s (Min 3000 mm)

    1.Kollur (Karnataka) – 5592
    2.Agumbe (Karnataka) – 5412
    3.Sangameshwar (Maharashtra) – 5382
    4.Gaganbawada (Maharashtra) – 4889
    5.Cherrapunji (Meghalaya) – 4422
    6.Mahabaleshwar (Maharashtra) – 4192
    7.Kadra (Karnataka) – 4006
    8.Bhira (Maharashtra) – 3849
    9.Siddapura (Karnataka) – 3817
    10.Rajapur (Maharashtra) – 3667

    Many other heavy rainfall places which receive rainfall above 4000 mm such as Buxaduar, Matheran, Passighat, Devala and Shirali have got below normal rains so far.

    Places such as Tamini, Lonavala, Hulikal, Nilkund, Mawsynarm, Amboli and Castle Rock would have also made it in the above 3000 mm list.

    For more stats visit http://tamilnaduweatherman.blogspot.com/

  21. Between 11 and 12 it rained decently for about 40 min at West Mambalam close to ayodhya mandapam. I guess about 15 mm here. Morning started off as sunny and hot and suddently it turned cloudy at around 11 and in no time it started raining.

    Freak event, could not find anything on radar and no spec. of a cloud in the Sat images.

  22. Dam Levels in Tamil Nadu as on 15.08.2011

    35 (Power Generation, Irrigation and Drinking purpose) dams compiled.

    The South west monsoon is a failure in most of the district of Tamil Nadu except in Chennai, Tiruvallur, Coimbatore and Nilgiris. The reservoirs which give water supply to Chennai have better storage compared to last year figures. Some big dams in Coimbatore district such as Sholayar, Parambikulam, Upper Aliyar and Thunnakkadavu are full or nearing full capacity. Except 4 districts quoted above, the storage is not looking good. But the good thing is during the past week SWM is getting active in these central and coastal districts wihch has got below normal rains. Before the NEM starts, the storage will improve further.


  23. Dharmapuri, Krishnagiri an Vellore districts getting battered
    Rainfall upto 12.00 am in mm

    Dharmapuri dt
    Dharmapuri – 41
    Morappur – 39
    Karimangalam – 31
    Pennagaram – 14

    Krishnagiri dt
    Bargur – 53
    Veppanapalli – 32
    Krishnagiri – 27
    Thalli – 16

    Vellore dt
    Alangayan – 25
    Katpadi – 16

    The rains are slowly moving towards chennai. Will it dissipate or gain strength…lets see

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