349 thoughts on “Wettest SWM month begins

  1. Apart fromt the rains, with an average max of around 33, August is when it begins to be not “Bloddy Hot” in Chennai – and is usually breezy too. Hoping for 1/2 decent weather for the next 1 month if not the promised rains.

  2. Rainfall Toppers from 01.06.2011 to 31.07.2011 (61 days)
    Rainfall in mm’s (Min 2000 mm)

    1. Kollur (Karnataka) – 4832
    2. Sangameshwar (Maharashtra) – 4542
    3. Gaganbawada (Maharashtra) – 4183
    4. Agumbe (Karnataka) – 4166
    5. Kadra (Karnataka) – 3445
    6. Mahabaleshwar (Maharashtra) – 3384
    7. Cherrapunji (Meghalaya) – 3233
    8. Bhira (Maharashtra) – 3153
    9. Rajapur (Maharashtra) – 3107
    10. Quepem (Goa) – 3075
    11. Gerosoppa (Karnataka) – 3046
    12. Siddapura (Karnataka) – 3036
    13. Ratnagiri (Maharashtra) – 3000
    14. Lanja (Maharashtra) – 2970
    15. Gorkhana (Karnataka) – 2960
    16. Valpoi (Goa) – 2905
    17. Kanakavali (Maharashtra) – 2832
    18. Bhagamandala (Karnataka) – 2745
    19. Sawantwadi (Maharashtra) – 2680
    20. Chinnakallar (Tamil Nadu) – 2617

    For more stats visit


  3. ‘Original dash’ because of your haste you’ve spoiled a rare chance of zero posting by kea members.in a 24 hour period that too during August.

    Any way that’s the way with records. I think there is no chance of another 24 hour ‘zero posting’ record for our blog in the next 6 months.

    Some rain or drizzles are possible tonight seeing the current doppler images. Lets see how much we get during the first rains of this august for Chennai.

  4. Redhills will get good inflow from todays rains which were battering north of Chennai.

    Tambaram and surroundings also may get some showers in the next hour.
    But nothing as of now for central chennai as per the radar.

  5. @Kea,

    The wettest SWM month for chennai is september not august ….infact September is the wettest SWM month for all the rain-shadow regions south peninsula including Tamil nadu,SI karnataka,rayalseema and coastal AP ….chennai has got some isolated benefit in august during 1950-1980(which is the average u speak about) ….but on the new average 1980-2010 …september is the wettest SWM month with 14cm !!…(refer wiki(! ……so as long as i have observed September has been more than awesome for chennai!

  6. @Kea,

    2011, Being a very normal year …..one need not study rocket science to say that september is gonna be wetter than august ……for Nungambakkam its definitely gonna be the wettest SWM month this year….for meenambakkam july mi8 take the crown …thanks to the isolated rainfall meenambakkam gets!

    • Okay..the fight between Aug and Sep has begun for 2011..now its time to take sides..im expecting gud participation in this fight from KN, KR, Sel, Jon, Pradeep, thunderjove (NEM guy) and Kea

  7. As i already mentioned!! ….one doesnt need to study rocket science to say dat september –

    => is gonna be the wettest SWM month for chennai-puducherry-nagapttinam-cuddalore-orathnau

    => is gonna be the second wettest month for vellore,salem,madurai,trichy

    =>Rainiest month of the year for Banglore,tirupattur,tiruvannamalai and gingee

    In a normal year like dat of 2011!!

  8. @dash, no comments on aug or sept.last year there was the same discussion and it ended up in a war of words lol πŸ™‚

  9. Infatc tirupattur’s sept avg for 1950-1980 is 195mm……making it the wettest month of the year(but oct is so close at 193mm) …..and this avg of 195mm is higher than bang’s 1950-80 sept avg of 175mm …….this makes tirupattur the rainest place in the rain-shadow region of the southern peninsula during sepember πŸ™‚ ……tiruvannamalai and vellore’s sept avg is alos 17cm!

  10. We must also make note of the fact that tirupattur’s annual rainfall has been downgraded to 95cm from the recent averages…. Some months averages would have been down scaled…
    Vellore stays the same πŸ™‚

    but anyways it is very natural and logical to expect that.. Rainfall decreases as we go from Chennai to Ranipet to Vellore to Tirupattur to Dharmapuri to Mysore due to decreasing dominant NEM influence….

  11. Thanks to a normal Chinna Kallar rainfall.. Sholayar dam is gonna fill anytime…. 158 feet out of 160 feet..

    Similarly parambikulam fill also fill shortly 71.5/72 feet…

    These 2 indicate that the chinna kallar rains have been normal…

  12. Kaveri is losing inflow steadily for a while and todays inflow into mettur is just below 5000 cusecs. If this continues the hydel power generation will be seriously affected and that means more power cuts in store for us.

    Only a revival of rains in South western Karnataka and wayanad regions of kerala will prevent this from happening. Let’s hope SWM doesn’t fail this year in those regions and also all over india.

      • Dear Original

        I will be very happy if it turns out true. But the problem is SWM will never know about Aadi month and aadi perukku , cauvery and Mettur, only we humans care about these things. For nature nothing is important and it plays out its own game.

        I think I’ve gone a little philosophical just out of boredom.

  13. “but anyways it is very natural and logical to expect that.. Rainfall decreases as we go from Chennai to Ranipet to Vellore to Tirupattur to Dharmapuri to Mysore ”

    Not at all ….NEM is very much biased towards coastal TN…and immediately after a stretch it decreases totally….one can see the reality

    Tiruttani which is 50km inland has the avergae of 105cm,Vellore which is 150km inland also has the average of 105cm, Tirupattur which is 200km inland also has the average of 102cm …..”exceptt for isolated places here and there over vellore and tiruvallur distrcit which has an averahe rainfall of 70-80cm” …all interior places in north interior TN have an average of 100cm! …

  14. Today was a damn hot day in chennai!!

    But surprisingly vellore was only at 32c

    And NW tn pleasant as usual

    Tirupattur – 30.8c max
    Dharmapuri – 31.2c max!!

    And the minimum temperatures here are at constant 22-24c over the past 2 months ….many of the days without a trace of rain…speaks much abt its pleasantness!

  15. Gulburga september avg is 205mm ….but gulburga is almost telengana…something is wrong in that mausam table it says august avg is 2.4mm and september is 205mm….being close to telengana and vidharbha,july must be its rainiest month! ….even if it is 205mm ….watts the big deal….tpt is 195mm!!……its like vellore’s and tpt’s average rainfall 105cm and 102cm!

  16. It is also true that places in the border areas of vellore and tirvallur distrcit have an average annual rainfall of 70-80cm ….i am unable to say exactly wat those places are …but one can ascertain it by seeing the rainfall patterns in the years to come! …..and i am damn sure that this kuppam which is just some 45km from tpt….rain is very less…i never saw kuppam much in rain list..it must also be having an averga eof 70cm ….a big fall when compared to tirupattur-vaniyambadi-ambur belt which has an average rianfall of 100cm bang on !

  17. Another important point to note …..rainfall doesnt just decrease as we go we from east to west –

    Here’s the example

    Nungambakkam(0km) – 122cm
    Meenambakkam(10km) – 132cm
    Tiruttani(75km) – 105cm
    Vellore(125km) – 105cm
    Tirupattur(175km) – 102cm
    Dharmapuri(195km) – 87cm
    Bangalore AP(300km) – 87cm
    Bangalore (300km) – 97cm

    But one thing is true is that the more westerly places have more-premonsoon rainfall, and the more easterly have more NE – monsoon rainfall……except for exceptions in between,as i had mentioned in before posts….the rainfall is very similar…..its not like bombay 300cm and pune 90cm!

  18. But when it comes to weather, only very few places in TN plaisn can record minimums like 22-23c during the SWM months ..without a drop of rain ..that to consistently!


    Of these the first 3(CBE,TPT,DMP) records 23-25c minimum consisitently even durin april-may,due to the altitude(400m) combined with 150mm rainfall!!

  19. On many days in July, the city either received a few millimetres or a trace of rainfall. The observatory in Nungambakkam recorded 68 mm, which was short of 20 mm of rain received usually during the month.

    Considerable showers in city fringes, which amounted to 167 mm in Meenambakkam, helped in maintaining a clement weather in Chennai. The dip in rainfall in city during July is not a worrisome factor as the 130 mm rainfall in Nungambakkam in the previous month was more than the average, he said. πŸ˜› πŸ˜›

  20. Kea,

    One last way in which i can help u in clearing off the illusion the u have got….watch out for the space in IMD chennai daily report….they now say SWM was active in kerala,karanataka..etc……only when september comes with and the first spell of heavy rain in Tamil nadu …IMD will state ” SWM was active in tn” …they had to come outta normality last year since it was an abnormal year, where SWM found some tent in TN!

  21. http://www.hinduonnet.com/thehindu/thscrip/print.pl?file=2004092905890700.htm&date=2004/09/29/&prd=th&

    Sep 28-2004
    Southwest monsoon has been vigorous over Tamil Nadu and active over Kerala.

    Sep 10-2004
    TIRUPATI. Sept. 10. Normal life was thrown out of gear in the temple town of Tirupati and its suburbs under the influence of an active south-west monsoon in Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka. Tirupati urban alone recorded a rainfall of 108.4 mm during the last 24 hours against Tirupati rural’s 78.4 mm. The next highest rainfall was in Pulicherla (40 mm) followed by Pichatur (35 mm), Varadaiahpalem (24), Sathyavedu (20) in the Tirupati Revenue division.

    Sep-10 -2006
    Southwest monsoon has been vigorous over Tamil Nadu.

    • Sep 4-2006
      Southwest monsoon has been vigorous over north Tamil Nadu.

      Sep 25-2004
      Southwest monsoon has been vigorous over Tamil Nadu and active over coastal Andhra Pradesh and interior Karnataka.

  22. Sangameshwar crosses 5000 mm and overtakes Kollur for the race of wettest place during SWM 2011
    What a rainfall Sangameshwar had in 2011. Kollur was leading Sangameshwar by more than 1000 mm during mid July. In last 5 days, Sangameshwar has got 840 mm and it was enough to overtake Kollur. The much famed Cherrapunji got 250 mm today. Will its legendery rainfall start, we can see that by end of September. I have missed noting down many places such as Tamini, Lonavala and Koyna.

    Rainfall Toppers from 01.06.2011 to 03.08.2011 (64 days)

    Rainfall in mm’s

    1.Sangameshwar (Maharashtra) – 5036
    2.Kollur (Karnataka) – 4982
    3.Gaganbawada (Maharashtra) – 4485
    4.Agumbe (Karnataka) – 4439
    5.Mahabaleshwar (Maharashtra) – 3600
    6.Kadra (Karnataka) – 3576
    7.Rajapur (Maharashtra) – 3507
    8.Cherrapunji (Meghalaya) – 3488
    9.Ratnagiri (Maharashtra) – 3324
    10.Bhira (Maharashtra) – 3312

  23. @Kar u have no evidence abt ranipet’s annual rainfall… if u have u can shre it in the blog… u cant defame randomly without any prima facie evidence… the imd report for walajapet is incomplete.. if there is a major station nearby imd tends to miss it.. there are scores of examples from dgp office to hessaragetta to nelamangala to CIAL Kochi…. its lik saying whatever Alangayam has recorded in the imd main report..that is its annual rainfall…
    Ranipet’s avg is well above Tirupattur which doesnt know what is meant by monsoonal rains .. if u have any concrete evidence u can place it else stop making such random defamatory comments… it is becos of the areas adjoining dharmapuri district(which is a drought district) that the average of vellore dist is below 100… understand that first…

    Do u have any logic at all to prove a place 20km from vellore(105cm), 50km from tirutani(105cm) and 70km from sripermbudur(atleast 120cm) have 70cm as its annual rain? ..

    ur argument is so broken and baseless… better luck next time πŸ˜›

  24. it was you who compared 175mm (bangalore) and 195mm(tirupattur)… and tirupattur’s avg is 95cm and not 103cm according to new averages.. vellore is comfortably above 100 πŸ™‚

    and i dont know from u are looking up gulburga’s rainfall…. this is from imd main…


  25. KAR,

    you need to get your stats right before posting messages.

    In long time average August beats September 150 mm to 109 mm
    In last 10 years Sep leads August 141 to 111 mm

    This is because of 4 bad years for August namely 2001, 2002, 2004 and 2005

    Last 5 year average is August 153 mm vs September 127 mm

    I hope all your misconceptions about the rainiest SWM month is cleared now. Maybe the rainfall you are talking about is only for Tambaram.

    If you need any more rainfall details for Chennai pls do not hesitate to ask me.

  26. @Kea May be we should start a new scam.. September rainfall scam masterminded by KR πŸ˜›

    “=>Rainiest month of the year for Banglore,tirupattur,tiruvannamalai and gingee”

    is absolutely wrong…

    From the available records(1959-1970 & some years in the last decade and the monthly rainfall averages)

    Out of the 16 available years…

    October is the rainiest month for 8 years
    August is the rainiest month for 2 years
    September is the rainiest for 4 years
    November for 2 years

    Tirupattur’s october average is at 20cm making it the rainiest month of the year….

    If u take the whole of TN October is likely to be the rainiest month… and core rainshadow areas of TN like Coimbatore,Theni have a dismal september.. only their october is good…

    and NEM average for tvmalai dist is 50cm with nothing much offered by december.. so comfortably either october or november would be the rainiest month of the tiruvannamalai dist….

  27. NCEP precipitation forecast looks promising for next week. I have observed it for past several days and it hasn’t changed much(which is very surprising because usually it tends to change in the next update issued after 12 hrs)

    So some useful rains can be expected in the coming week starting 9th August. This will augur well for the wettest month of SWM.

  28. weak rains in wayanad has reduced the inflow into mettur dam to very trivial amounts.. only if the KRS fills there is hope for TN…

    and if the monsoon fails hence forth…. TN will be fully dependent on the NEM 😦

    • KN

      As per business line still some 1 month of rain is in store for the west coast and south west peninsular india. A short cloud burst for 2 or 3 days will force Karnataka to open KRS and Harangi. But this may not happen in the near future as per NCEP rain forecast. Let’s wait and see.

  29. Tamil Nadu Rainfall Toppers during SWM 2011

    The two giants have occupied the first two spots clearly shows that in TN, Chinna Kallar and Devala has no fair competitors. Upper Kodayar and Upper Bhavani have got very less compared to is normal rains.

    Rainfall in mm from 1.6.2011 to 4.8.2011

    1. Chinnakallar (Coimbatore) – 2817
    2. Devala (Nilgiris) – 2191
    3. Sholayar (Coimbatore) – 1740
    4. Valparai (Coimbatore) – 1573
    5. Parsons Valley (Nilgiris) – 1549
    6. Naduvattam (Nilgiris) – 1314
    7. Upper Bhavani (Nilgris) – 1288
    8. Porthimund (Nilgiris) – 1270
    9. Periyar Dam (Theni) – 953
    10. Emerland (Nilgiris) – 798
    11. Upper Kodayar (Tirunelveli) – 740
    12. Glenmorgan (Nilgiris) – 733
    13. Pykara (Nilgiris) – 621
    14. Lower Kodayar (Tirunelveli) – 592
    15 Tiruvallur – 390


  30. May be a wrong prediction by imdbangalore…. rains have reduced in KK…

    Heavy Rainfall Warning: Heavy to very heavy rain would occur at a few places with isolated extremely
    heavy rainfall (> 25cm) over Coastal Karnataka and ghat areas of Interior Karnataka during next 48 hours.

      • Like we had yesterday? At its very best our thunderstorms last 30 min. Much of Chennai’s rain statistics is governed by the outliers – ie those 2-3 days of very heavy rain we get. Chances are we will get to 37-38 but only a 10 min drizzle πŸ˜›

    • We wont get a thunderstorm unless we touch 38. BUT just because we touch 38 doesn’t mean we WILL get thunderstorms.

      And even when we do get a thunderstorm, its most often, other than 2-3 days, very very scanty. Thunderstorms dont make things better in Chennai other than make up the numbers in statistics.

      I’d rather dump the 38 and hope for 34 with no TS. Last week’s cloudy skies with no rain is the best weather (relatively) Chennai can hope for πŸ˜›

  31. @ash everybody in chennai do welcome the rains.even if the max remains 33 or 34 the min wont go below 27 unless we have rains. πŸ˜›

  32. kea …..it is u who have to check stats before saying something!….

    the 1950-1980 stats πŸ™‚


    August – 150mm
    September – 110mm

    the 1980-2010 stats


    August – 110mm
    Septmebr – 150mm

    Please do ac heck on whichever site possible, even in during 1950-80 itself,all the other towns and cities in TN,ap and south interior karntaka rainiest month is september! ….and infact TAmil nadu as a whole rainiest month itslef is septmeber…..kea u ahve to see the stats before u give misleading comments!! …1950-80 is not longer than 1980-2010 !

  33. Tried veryfying my observations with an expert, mr.dhinakar rajaram ….this was his reply –

    ” What I have seen in these years are during SWM season September is the wettest. But it is not a regular event. But here SWM rains pour mainly in September and the intensity will be heavy as the lower level wind pattern starts to turn N – NE while upper level air will be SW. Only when the upper level too changes to NE, IMD declares NE monsoon. During September end or October 1st week you can see the lower clouds going NE to SW while the upper clouds tend to move opposite. That is the reason.”

    • Experts like vinodh and mr.dhinkar rajaram also knows abt the wettest SWM month september……i am very strong on my memory power….even i know ..i cant go wrong!(definitely, though 1980-2010 avergae septmber is the clear winner for chennai,itself) ….. πŸ™‚

  34. “I sure hope KAR is right because if THIS is the β€œwettest SWM month”, September is going to be pretty hopeless …”

    Don..worry ashwin….septmeber will be ok…atleast the ni8s(avg of 25 min)! …u will have rainfall in the noon , wich is the best part about spetmeber!

  35. The last time chennai city limits saw a hailstom….no wonder in its rianiest SWM month,whose speciality is that it rains in noon – time

    Video on 27/09/2007 ..during peak TN-swm

    Though hail is uncommon in chennai…it can occur frequently in NW-tn is september….hail occurs reaosn being it rains during noon,during the rainiest SWM month!

  36. This massive storm is not going to miss central and south chennai .
    But bulk of the rains are for northwest of chennai and north chennai.
    Redhills will get minimum 15 days supply of water from this storm.

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