251 thoughts on “Another dry and hot week ahead

  1. Typhoon Ma-On headin towards Japan

    According to JTWC, it is not expected to cross any coast, but could dumpo as much as 200 mm of rain in places and gusts upto 230 km/hr.

  2. Looks like today will be hotter than yday. Its past mid July and we are still having 35/36+. Yesterday it was 31 at around midnight!!

  3. Its obvious Kollur will win this season. (it can end up with 7000 mm) at the end of September

    It has crossed 4000 mm today in 1.5 months. more 2.5 months are there

  4. its nowhere hotter when compared to may and temp likely come down from thu as rains are forecasted

    • Comparing it with May is not right.

      It IS a HOT July even by Chennai standards. We should be below 35, but we are often hitting 36-37 this year.

  5. The forecasts were there in accuweather even for this week-end, but seems to be changing with every passing day. Seems like even the experts are finding it tough to predict the weather for Chennai.

    • I too noticed all the 90% chances of rain on wunderground while it was a blazing 36-37 outside. It is simple – those who predict rain for Chennai fail often 🙂

      I think it will be a whole lot more interesting to predict how high the temp will be each day.

  6. Kea,

    Yes i am that only person.

    Some reason or the other there is going to be failure of swm in cherra this year. Kollur and others in the list have good average of over 1000 mm in august too. I dont think cherra can bounce back by august.

    Rainfall in mm (01.06.2011 to 18.07.2011 – 48 days)

    1. Kollur, Karnataka – 4111
    2. Gaganbawada, Maharashtra – 3320
    3. Agumbe, Karnataka – 3258
    4. Sangameshwar, Maharashtra – 3007
    5. Kadra – 2885
    6. Cherrapunji – 2828
    7. Quepem – 2765

    Quepem rainfall data not available for one day when Goa got battered on 17.07.2011. I think it would have also crossed Cherrapunji’s tally.

  7. Something really absurd or strange!!!

    In todays charts dharmapuri is at a maximum of 41 degrees…but min is at 25c!! …..nearby salem is at 34c(min 23) …and nearby tirupattur is at 33c(min 24c) !!..infact even mausam site is reporting 41 degrees setrday for dharmpuri …Mi8 be a result of some false instruments….since today’s temp(out in mausam) both dharmapuri and tirupattur at 34c, vellore,chennai at 37c and AP at 38c!!!

  8. Agumbe has got 879 mm rainfall in last 4 days

    The following are the rainfall recorded by Agumbe, Karnataka in the last 4 days

    16.07.2011 – 153 mm
    17.07.2011 – 336 mm
    18.07.2011 – 220 mm
    19.07.2011 – 170 mm

    Total rainfall Agumbe got this season (01.06.2011 to 19.07.2011 – 49 days) is 3428 mm and is now second behind Kollur, Karnataka in the race to be the wettest place this monsoon in India. Gaganbawada, Maharashtra till yesterday has got 3320 mm, lets see the rainfall today, it has to get 11 cm to overthrow Agumbe from second position.

    • Some decent rains can be expected definitely today seeing the cloud mass. It is stretching over more than 50 kms.
      Only thing is it should move east without disintegrating.

      Hope the same happens.

  9. The storm is moving east-north east. There is good chance that the tail end of the storm will give rains to Chennai. (At least for central and north chennai). But we’ve to wait for another one hour or so. Let’s see.

  10. @pradeep ,, gaganbawda got 13 cm today so it is still ahead of agumbe,,,,,,can u plz tell wer does mahabaleshwar stand in the list of toppers??

    • Junaidtaj,

      I have compiled it for you

      Rainfall in mm (01.06.2011 to 19.07.2011 – 49 days)

      1. Kollur, Karnataka – 4221
      2. Gaganbawada, Maharashtra – 3450
      3. Agumbe, Karnataka – 3428
      4. Sangameshwar, Maharashtra – 3117
      5. Kadra, Karnataka – 2945
      6. Cherrapunji, Meghalaya – 2934
      7. Quepem, Goa – 2795
      8. Siddapura, Karnataka – 2646
      9 Gerosoppa, Karnataka – 2597
      10.Valpoi, Goa – 2534
      11.Gorkhana, Karnataka – 2520
      12.Mahabaeshwar, Maharashtra – 2497
      13.Bhagamandala, Karnataka – 2346
      13.Karkala, Karnataka – 2338
      14.Ratnagiri, Maharashtra – 2279
      15.Vadakara, Kerala – 2212

      Mawsynram, Hulikal, Amboli, Tamini, Lonavala and many other places would have also made the list

  11. thanks pradeep for compiling the list,,,also i want to ask u why amboli wich is the rainiest place in mah doesnt get rainfall recorded by imd??also iam wid u kollur is really rocking high chance that it wud nt allow chera to reach the top!!!!by the way i live at panvel in new mumbai…..we r getting so much rain here it s been many days since i last tym i saw the sun,,,,,,,,,every day nd night we r getting battrd ,,,,,,,wish u chennai guys have sum luck!!!!!!!

  12. Chemberambakkam(located on the south western fringes) got 5cm yesterday. But redhills got only 1mm. Yesterday’s rains were confined only the south western parts of the city. Hope today central Chennai will gets its quota.

  13. chennai literacy rate is at 91% with male constituting 94% and female 88%.very encouraging indeed

    • Few questions to Kea

      1) Are all posts in this blog related to weather including yours?
      2) Am i the only one to post topics unrelated to weather?
      3) Have you ever questioned someone other than me?
      4) Recent example: How is ” literacy rate in Chennai ” related to weather?
      5) Archive example: Brings back memories of your interesting yet unrelated discussion about steam engines in our site

    • Kea,

      To be precise Cherrapunji got 191 mm rainfall while Kollur got 221 mm in the past 2 days.

      You are waging a loosing battle. This year SWM its Kollur al the way to the end.

  14. Mettur dam is getting good inflows at around 30000 cusecs. This will be a great relief for delta farmers who were worried about the fast depletion in storage. Others can also enjoy this news as it will also lead to increase in hydel power generation..

    Meanwhile Chennai as usual will get some thundershowers today also like the previous two days. Only question mark is which areas are going to get it today. Let’s wait and see.

  15. Chembarambakkam is the area slightly to the west of pallavaram ….guess thats y it has come up with 5cm sterday…..ad sterday Tambaram as i predicted gets 2cm and Meenambakkam 1cm ….nungambakkam Traces…this is absolute normality for SWM …SWM 2010 and june 2011 for nungambakkam was once in a blue moon purple patch for nungambakkam(not to be confused with normality) ….and chennai AP surpasses chennai,wich i bet on my boots will be the case till the year end!! 🙂

    • You’re absolutely correct KR. But your place Perungalathur is much more nearer to the chemberambakkam lake isn’t it. How much rainfall did you get. I think your place does not have a official rain gauge from imdchennai.

      Anyway you would’ve got good rains yesterday. But here onwards Nungambakkam will have its share of rain and luck. Let’s see.

    • Kar, if ap gets more rain than city, then can you explain how normal rain for city is 140 cm and ap is only 132 cm. Something is not correct right?
      Just wait for the NE monsoon, just 3 months away. We will be leading by Nov end.

      And start looking for new boots.

  16. @Kea,

    Please understand the normals used by IMD !!….from the earlier average wich IMD chennai used to have –

    Chennai – 122cm
    Chennai AP – 132cm

    And when the IMD chennai changed the base year to 1980-2010

    Chennai – 140cm
    Chennai AP – 138cm(not 132cm as mentioned by u…it is a mistake by imdhennai in shifting between the old and new normals)

    But the 100 year normal from 1901-2000

    Chennai AP receives more rainfall chennai city…that it is stated that it is the rainiest place in North TN plains! …so let us have no more confusion regarding this matter!

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