163 thoughts on “Typical July weather to continue

  1. “Rainfall activity is mostly confined to East and Northeast India and North coastal Tamil Nadu. In Northwest region of Delhi, Punjab and Haryana, there is a reduction in cloud cover and rain which will resume again in a few days,” said the weatherman at the Safdarjung Met department.

  2. Rainfall around Chennai areas ending 8.30 am in mm

    Chembarabakkam – 35
    Redhills – 32
    Arakkonam – 32
    Gummidipundi – 26
    Meenambakkam – 25
    Kaveripakkam – 18
    Kadambathur – 16
    Madhavaram – 16
    Ennore – 16
    Cholavaram – 15
    Kancheepuram – 15
    Nugambakkam – 13
    Poondi – 9
    ISRO – 4

  3. Whoever be the originaldash he is only adding to the interest quotient of this blog and with no malice.

    So no problem and therefore no need to find him or ban him.
    I think others will agree.

    Posted by Guna at 1:57 pm at the other topic

  4. Evening thunderstorms and rains are predicted throughout this weekend by Accuweather. So another bountiful sw monsoon for Chennai which is now becoming more prominent every year unlike the NEM which is losing its stature as primary rain giver for Chennai.

    Posted by Guna at 1:57 pm at the other topic

  5. Somthing is fishy here. Origonaldashman has not posted since 12:40 pm yesterday. Rains came and went. But not originaldashman. He did have time to come and like this post

  6. “@kea and kar, if you prove me tat im the originaldashman ill quit this blog”

    Lol..jon this is the same thing for super sai ….we proved it and still u dint quit the blog 😛

  7. @Kea,

    It was out of best interest of the blog, that i opened up who was original dashman,which i knew long long back!! …..if u are still gonna be fooled by our jon who loves playing double games like super sai and original dashman…obody can help u!..even i dont bother anymore!

  8. @kar, pls dont believe everybody ere(sure u wont believe me).go and prepare for ur upcoming board exam than wasting time ere for some useless comments.

  9. @kea, only 63 comments till now i thought it wil be more.if kar stays on for some more time it may reach 100 :mrgreen:. im outta here

  10. Kollur cross 3000 mm rainfall in 35 days this monsoon
    It has got above 10 cm rainfall 12 days out of total 3 days and between 8-10 cm rainfall for 6 days.

    Top 5 SWM from 01.06.11 to 07.07.2011 (37 days)

    1. Kollur, Karnataka – 3104 mm
    2. Cherrapunji, Meghyala – 2363 mm
    3. Gaganbawada, Maharashtra – 2256 mm
    4. Agumbe, Karnataka – 2145 mm
    5. Sangameshwar, Maharashtra – 2102 mm
    6. Kadra, Karnataka – 2070 mm

    The lead between Kollur and Cherrapunji is extending day by day. It would be nice to have data of Hulikal and Amboli

  11. Foreca’s forecast for next few days.

    Today – 5 % chance of rain
    Saturday – 85 % chance of late evening shower
    Sunday – 55 % chance of late evening shower
    Monday – overcast with 10 % chance of rain
    Tuesday – overcast with 34 % chance of rain
    Wednesday – overcast with 84 % chacne of rain

    • There is more than 700 mm difference. Seeing the last year rainfall of Kollur, It got significant rainfall in July (1100 mm many days data missing – It topped on many occasion in last year July too) and August

      See the breakup of present Monsoon

      June – 2280 mm
      July – 900 mm till 08.07.11
      Total – 3180 mm

      Cherrapunji –
      June – 1870 mm
      July – 610 mm till 08.07.11
      Total – 2480 mm

      May be Mid August Cherrapunji can overtake Kollur. In July its not possible.

      • Kea,

        I am not doubting Cherrapunji’s credibility of heavy rainfall.

        This year Kollur which has annual average of 500 cm rainfall (around the world it will come within Top 100 wettest places) is awesome

  12. Kea,

    I would be visiting mangalore from July 22 to July 25 for four days. To be honest its a monsoon visit. I visit the coastal belt every year to enjoy the rains 🙂 Any idea how the weather would be along karnataka coast line two weeks from now. Most sites are predicting for only 7 days.

  13. Despite good sunny weather no signs of thunderstorm today for Chennai.
    Foreca’s prediction is bang on target.

    Hope its prediction for Chennai holds true for tomorrow too.

    • Poor Jon..luks like he has been bullied by Kea and co. for the past few days..very childish stuff indeed but entertaining one..only Guna sir was mature (as always) and my new friend allymed to some extent..

      Kea – u started this by posting ur unnecessary opinion – “I don think originaldashman exists”..later u said – “I don care if Jon or KR is originaldahsman”

      hmmm..very contradictory comments!

      Sel – u too againt me ??? 😦

  14. Dashman,u exist or not?? No point of asking against or favour of u ! am havin big doubt over kea? Y he is silent eventhough he knws abt “x”….

  15. hey..who was that Rogobloggo (alias Rajagopal)..and also someone by the name Suma P S who has liked this post….luks like everybody utilized my absence to have fun….

    Naa oru naal illanaa intha blog blog’a irukkadhu..even Owner Kea cudn manage.. 😀

  16. Thanks for the 16 voters who strongly believe that “Dashman” is Original 🙂

    Kea, just create one more poll with only 2 options..

    “Will KR still believe that Jon is fooling everybody”


  17. Jon, it is too early to come to a conclusion about the mystery…
    no reply from KR yet..so who mite be his next victim???

    1) KN (his friendly enemy)
    2) Jon (Mr.Mount..again)
    3) Avadi Sel
    4) thunderjove
    5) Bengaluru Martin
    6) Pradeep
    7) Pulicat Mani
    8) allymed01
    9) Guna Sir (just to fill up numbers 🙂 )
    10) KEA (my choice 😀 )

  18. small cloud clusters are developing now around 100kms west of chennai.
    Some showers are possible today before midnight.

  19. KR please stop this. What bothers you if Jon or someone else is ‘ORIGINALDASHMAN’. Please continue your weather war with KN and only then this blog can get the best out of a wonderful lad KARTHIK RAGHAVAN.

    You’re wasting your time and energy now on a frivolous matter. We all want to see the good weather analysis talent of KR and not this silly detective work. I think your friend KN will also like you to continue your weather war and not this type of war. Hope you take my advice in right spirit. It is up to you to follow or not follow. But we all want to see the best of KR and not this kind of stuff.

  20. Kar,

    your research on IP addresses will not lead u anywhere. Everytime the router starts it gives u a new IP address unless u have a static IP. Every person in this blog will normally have a different IP daily.

  21. @all, aama avaru periya appatakaru!!!!! wat do u mean by the next victim???

    did i mention any name ere??why its bothering kar??

    and again saying im not the originaldashman!!!!!!

  22. Good evening guys! Rains appraching Pondy and Karaikal..and also some small groups of clouds to the west of us as Guna sir pointed out..

    The only way to distract this blog to another entertaining stuff is to renew the silly fights between the “Amazing ‘K’ Kids”….

  23. @jon originaldashman is fun.. plz continue… I am thoroughly enjoying it.. u did a good job in trying to differentiate but unfortunately u used ur slang in dash’s post… dont force us to use the location meter(feedjit advanced version) to say its u… i have worked in cisco… i hope i know abt networking… so dont plot ur own downfall.. just continue ur dash work but dont keep arguing …

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