398 thoughts on “Hopefully a very wet 2nd half of the year

  1. @martin, wat we win 1 you win 1??lol.chennai has got 72mm more than bang this june.chennai at 130mm.chennai a.p and bang a.p at 9cm so no winner there 🙂

    • Lets take the max temp in each hour and sum it all up for the day and compare it. We will thrash Bangalore – every hour, every day, every season.

  2. Can anyone please tell me total rainfall achieved in june for Mangalore, Udupi, Karwar, Mercara, Agumbe , Calicat, Trivandrum and panjim. Have they reached normal rainfall. I am hearing from folks in Dakshin Karnataka[ mangalore, udupi, puttur, sulya] that rainfall was lesser this year in june.

  3. Mixed predictions by Major models for today evening and Night rains for Chennai. But Light rains are sure

    Cola – Light Drizzles

    Foreca – Rains

    Nuwe – No rains

    MeteoVista – Light Drizzles

    Yr.No – Light Drizzles

    Accuweather – Rains

    Intellicast – Rains


    Weather Underground – No Rains

    Weather-Forecast – No rain

    Meoweather – Light Rains

    Weather City – Light Rains

    MSN – Rains

    Weather.com – Rains

  4. Looks like July is going to be a replica of June. Mercury already reached 38 degrees comfortably. Another banging start to July.

    Guess, there is something fussy about the weather forecast in all the weather related websites.

  5. Here is my prediction for the weather for this month (July 1 to July 31):

    Maximum : 38
    Minimum: 29

    Reason for no change in temperature – that is a million dollar question that remains to be answered.

  6. Omg…vellore has recorded 41 max temp sterday…but relief from rain sertday

    Rainfall in Tamil nadu

    Vaniyambadi – 40mm!!
    Alangayam – 30mm
    Tirupattur(Svg) – 20mm
    Gudiyatham – 12mm
    Melalathur – 12mm
    Vellore – 12mm
    Tirupattur – 6mm

    Along with bengaluru at 5mm !!

  7. Top 5 major stations rainfall in TN for the year till 1/7/11

    Coimbatore – 33cm
    Kodaikanal -33cm
    Dharmapuri – 28cm
    Chennai – 26cm
    Tirupattur – 24cm

      • in SRI doppler the thunderstorm is divided into two while in Max z it is a unified thunderstorm. Let’s see what is going to happen when this storm approaches chennai within the next half an hour.

  8. can see other 2 thunderstorms developing NW and S to the major thunderstorms… so v can even get some good extended rains till midnight

  9. Gettin cool and rainy …raining in other place some 200km in the far interior…its raining pretty good in tirupattur…watch out for western VLR dst also tomroro…today TN’s second topper is “vaniyambadi” with 4cm

  10. Note to all chennaities,my kind request…i want anyone in the blog, to update the chennai ,banglore rainfall data daily ..,i dnt knw abt the current status..who is leading at present..?

  11. I have a gut feeling that South Chennai will witness the heaviest rainfall this SWM season so far this weekend..

    A new topic will be created tomorrow to follow this….

    “Monsterous rains to pound South Chennai this Super Weekend-Nostradamus-like Prediction of Originaldashman”

  12. Rainfall recorded at 5.30 am

    Mailam – 88 mm
    Kalavai – 74 mm
    Chidambaram – 52 mm
    Tirupathi – 38 mm
    Conoor – 29 mm
    Pondicherry – 24 mm
    Payiur – 19 mm
    Aduthurai – 16 mm
    Maadhavaram – 13 mm
    Virudhunagar – 13 mm
    Meenambakkam – 11 mm
    Hosur – 8 mm
    Nungambakkam – 7 mm
    Ennore – 1 mm

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