179 thoughts on “A few showers possible this week

  1. Its absolutely impossible for indian team to win the wc with this bowling attack
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    By: jon on February 27, 2011
    at 9:09 pm


    World Cup?? ha ha

    These guys r not goin to win even a single match from today with this bowling attack! Luk at the match..heart breaking!! Hopeless bowling so far..

    Imagine India bowling first..to Netherlands or Ireland..we wud be made to chase 350 easily!
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    By: originaldashman on February 27, 2011
    at 9:19 pm


    It is not goin to be easy if India loses today..we will struggle even against Ireland in the next match..after that? SA, WI and NLNDS!!! Impossible!!!
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    By: originaldashman on February 27, 2011
    at 9:23 pm


    Mark my word. India will win the world cup.

    The WC is not important until the quater final stages. By then the pitches will turn like a 5th day test match.
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    By: keaweather on February 28, 2011
    at 7:36 am


  2. No chance for the entry of clouds 4m NE SIDE unless NE MONSOON SETS IN or system forms in bay…. Actually ,it would have been scattrd so In sat image,clouds pretended to be movd in 4m NE side…TS will circulate ,when it scatters.

    • OMG..Kea has waged a war against me all of a sudden!!! I now doubt whether he was the “DoubleDash” who troubled me and all the members!! He has started “Thooruvarifying” the archives..

      I need to know who all r with me..especially those 10 people who voted yesterday..and also my new friend-allymed01 🙂

      sel, r u joining my team? After ur last comment, my confidence has increased 🙂

      “Kea,i knw abt ur cric predictions!!..u r the awful predictor” 😀

      • oh really?
        Mark my word. India will win the world cup.

        The WC is not important until the quater final stages. By then the pitches will turn like a 5th day test match.
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        By: keaweather on February 28, 2011
        at 7:36 am

  3. All India Rainfall Toppers from 01.06.2011 to 26.06.2011
    Rainfall in cm’s (Min 100 cm)

    1. Agumbe (Karnataka) – 161
    2. Sangameshwar (Maharashtra) – 160
    3. Kadra (Karnataka) – 159
    4. Kollur (Karnataka) – 157
    5. Gaganbawada (Maharashtra) – 147
    6. Valpoi (Goa) – 144
    7. Piravom (Kerala) – 142
    8. Vadakara (Kerala) – 137
    9. Chinnakallar (Tamilnadu) – 134
    10. Castle Rock (Karnataka) -128

    for detailed list visit http://tamilnaduweatherman.blogspot.com/

    Heavy Weights – Buxa, Matheran, Peermade failed to make the cut.

  4. ASTEROID FLYBY: Newly-discovered asteroid 2011 MD will pass only 12,000 kilometers (7,500 miles) above Earth’s surface on Monday June 27 at about 1:00 p.m. EDT (1700 UT). NASA analysts say there is no chance the space rock will strike Earth. Nevertheless, the encounter is so close that Earth’s gravity will sharply alter the asteroid’s trajectory:

    At closest approach, 2011 MD will pass in broad daylight over the southern Atlantic Ocean near the coast of Antarctica. As the asteroid recedes from Earth, it will pass through the zone of geosynchronous satellites. The chances of a collision with a satellite or manmade space junk are extremely small, albeit not zero.

    Judging from the brightness of the asteroid, it measures only 5 to 20 meters in diameter. According to JPL’s Near Earth Object Program office, one would expect an object of this size to come this close to Earth about every 6 years on average. For a brief time, it will be bright enough to be seen even with a medium-sized backyard telescope.

  5. Those who r confused in cloud movement,here is my rply… U have confused with the local TS..1st of all ,undrstand clouds r from w-sw. ….ONCE the TS forms n gets disturbed by lightning n thunder,they gets scattered n move in random direction…tis wat u might hav seen….

  6. Subdued rainfall activity would prevail mainly over Gujarat, interior Maharashtra, interior Karnataka, Andhra
    Pradesh and Tamilnadu.

    Fairly widespread rain/thundershowers would continue over northwest, east & northeast India and west

  7. @dash, there is no cloud mass and all.dont expect any rains unless we have a tstorm.but as usual we can see some storms forming over nw in radar

  8. It’s almost close to 4.15 pm and the temperature is 38 degrees. This can happen only in Chennai. No respite at all from the heat.

    Future forecast:

    8 am to 11 pm – 37 degrees
    11pm – 8 am – 34 degrees

    • precisely the bane of chennai – its not about the statistical highs, lows or the occasional, sporadic downpour – the telling factor is for how long the temperature remains close to the max.

  9. does anyone know yesterdays max and today min offical data for nungambakkam.

    IMD’s internet connection is down. Strange its been down for over 24 hours and its a govt organization.

  10. 33 degrees at 12 AM.. Wow.. very rarely get to see or experience such temp’s.. But i do remember a day in May 2009 when the temp at 22:00 was 34.5.. and the minimum at 6:00AM was 29.5.. it was a blistering day/night..

  11. This will probably continue until mid July with occasional breaks from thundershowers bringing down the temp’s a little…

  12. Nettu rattiri yammaaa…thookkam pochudi yammaaa…

    We can expect a spike in number of babies born in Chennai nine months from now.

  13. Yesterday started cloudy but was one of the hottest nights with no respite from the heat all day. Today, there is no pretense of clouds – the question is not if we will cross 38 again but WHEN the temperature will fall to around 25 😛 Really horrible weather with this super extended peak summer.

    • @Jon – Sure, I will be too happy if there is a fall in the temperature in the coming days because of t-storms.

      Too early to arrive at a conclusion anyways.

  14. @kea, dont worry a new power plant is under construction in north chennai.we wont be having any power scarcity from next year

  15. Kollur, Karnataka is the No.1 wettest spot in India this monsoon

    It has got non stop rain from June 3rd from the date of onset of monsoon

    From June 1st till 29th Kollur has got 211 cm

    In the last 4 days it has got around 70 cm

    It has is the unsung Hero of this monsoon overtaking the likes of Cherrapunji (145 cm), Agumbe (184 cm), Gaganbawada (184 cm), Bhagamandala (149 cm)

    • not a surprise for this time of the year.. And with Just a distance of 60kms between Agumbe and Kollur on the same green belt of high hills on the western ghats.. Kollur records about 5 – 10 % less rainfall than Agumbe on average at the end of the monsoon.. And cherrapunji has its heaviest rainfall in July.. But we could see below normal rainfall from the NE this year as all models have suggested so.

    • Kollur is a beautiful place with the famous Mugambikai temple.
      Now it is going to to be famous for topping the rain charts.

  16. Swm continues to fail for TN…A BRIEF statistical REPORT on tat and also the reason for the rise IN Temp for the past fewdays is published in todays dinamalar paper….imd chennai ,deputy director has given a spl report.

    • I really wonder how low pressures form on land. See the IMD report for today. Low pressure forms over eastern UP and North Madhya Pradesh

  17. Chandru ,its quite common in swm…actually,during tis monsoon,entire india as well as indian subcontinent act as a low pressure area….and tis LP area or a trough over land is the reason for the heavy rain in interiors during swm. U can see the monsoon clouds heading india from s.east ind ocean near australia…tis s bcos swm trough over india….hope u hav undrstood…tis doubt arised for me wen i studied 11th….

    • Thanks Selva. It clarifies.. But how during SWM a low pressure sustains for so long over the land. While during the North East Monsoon it dissipates rapidly once it crosses the South East Coast.

  18. Am sorry, i missed out the main reason for ur doubt and said unwantd things…..the main reason is the extreme heat from our summer,n tat make way for the LP area n so moisture clouds enters and pour over interior.

  19. Its life depends on many factors …may be swm is strong enough to sustain the Lp in land,..even v can c tat in NEM but rare.. NEM is full of Depression n cyclones..no ordinary Lp and all….if it forms,it will boom to a major system in no time in our monsoon..

  20. Low pressures are very common all over the world, In mainland america.. Low pressures and the troughs that form from these areas are the only way that interior areas get any rain… And these low pressures can last very very long.. some have lasted for over a month over mainland US and canada.. These areas are more common in the middle to upper latitudes.. since we live in the lower latitudes closer to the equator our weather is more aggressive and hence even if such areas form are quickly dissipated.. And the one’s that form over the seas either strengthen quickly or dissipate quickly as well

  21. Blistering heat today. Had a tough time negotiating the traffic at 8.45 this morning with the sun beating down mercilessly. Looks like June 30 will be day when history will be rewritten.
    Nothing can stop mercury from soaring in Chennai. God save this city.

    • very normal vj.. beginning of june as the monsoon moves in it gets cloudy windy. when the monsoon sets in over the whole country it gets warm for a few weeks and then somewhere in the middle of july our cloudy weather returns

  22. Just hearing that HAL AP and Varthur areas had a heavy shower for 5 mins.. has reduced to sprinkles at the moment

  23. Current Weather (METAR) For Bangalore International Airport

    All times on the weather descriptions are local

    Observed at 18:13 – (17 mins ago)
    Rain Showers


    Rain , Rain Showers , Rain
    Clouds: Scattered Clouds at 1,500ft, Scattered Clouds at 2,000ft, Few Clouds at 3,000ft, Broken Clouds at 8,000ft
    Wind: 260° at 04 knots, varying from 190° to 300
    Visibility: 4,000m
    QNH: 1010
    Dew Point: 19°C
    Runway in Use: Likely Runway 27
    Sunrise Today: 05:54
    Sunset Today: 18:50

  24. In May, when the sun was at its peak, the temperature even went up to 41 degrees. But the sea breeze was a comforting factor. “It would set in latest by 3.30pm making nights and evenings bearable,” says YEA Raj, deputy director of metrological department, Chennai. This is perhaps the greatest advantage Chennai has over inland cities such as Delhi and Hyderabad where the temperatures remain over 35 even in the night. “During summer, there are hot dry winds that take the life out of you in no time, but in Chennai, howeverhot it gets, I can go for a walk on the beach in the evenings ,” says Nayantara Reddy, a media professional who has lived in Delhi and Chennai.

    But the failure of the sea breeze has made Chennai similar to Delhi in June. In Chennai , the onset of June has made the south westerlies stronger and the sea breeze, which is cooler and picks up moisture from the ocean, much weaker.

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