77 thoughts on “Severe thunder squall and floods to hit Chennai today – originaldashman

  1. Agume 172 mm today. It takes the No.1 spot for most rainfall in the country for this monsoon season starting from June 1, 2011

    Agumbe total rainfall from June 1 to 26th – 1607 mm

  2. Why can’t Originaldashman be right? Depends on how you define “flood” or “storm”. Yesterday a stretch of road near my house got 1 feet deep of water. Is that a flood? At least one santro got stuck and became a “thallu model vandi”. And localized storms are very common for even 5mm of rain.

    He’ll be in trouble if he used numbers…like at least 25mm of rain or two feet deep water in Doraisamy subway.

  3. Sudden rain here in virugambakkam.. sunlight on onse side and rains also at the same time.. what a surprise


    Narela – 72 mm
    Peetampura – 52 mm
    PUSA area – 25 mm

    where ever those places are?

    Palam – 1.7 mm
    Lodhi colony – 1,4 mm
    Safdurjung – 2.4 mm

  5. Hey guys…enjoyed the short super spells of rain???

    Kea, thanks for creating this post! (i know u wanted to prove me wrong..

    Sel, how come only Villivakkam gets hailstorms all the time?? I’m desperate to see the video next time 🙂

    BTW, only heavy drizzles in Adambakkam 😦 Anything can happen in the next 3-4 hours..

  6. Its raining cats and dogs in chrompet ……news from source….as well as NNE luks awesome here and li8 showers here too ….radar shows deep red spot over chrompet/pallavaram/madipakkam surroundings !!

  7. Only in Originaldashman’s dreams 28.57% (12 votes)

    Yes Yes, Chennai will get severe thunderstorms this evening 23.81% (10 votes)

    a few drizzles possible 35.71% (15 votes)

    Thunderstorms yes, but Chennai will be missed 11.9% (5 votes)

    Total Votes: 42

    • Thanks to all the 10 voters..true Chennaiities..today’s superb stuff was a dedication to their belief and support..looking forward to more such support for similar correct predictions in future 🙂

      Let us unite to prove Kea wrong..always! 😀

  8. Original dash,i didn vote in tat poll . Tday though the rain was not widespread,but atleastt the drizzles would have touchd almost the entire chennai……anyway,you WON it man…..

  9. Original dash, Its wrong !! Twice or thrice , kea ‘s predictions may hav went wrong ….yet he is the genuine person in the blog..his dedication is always praised…predictions r just predictions…..so dnt snub him for unwantd thngs…Kea,the real leader..

    • Sel, im sure Kea knows thatz just for fun..theres nothing serious here..everybody knows how knowledgeable and interested he is…i’m one of the oldest (not in age :-D) active members of this blog..even Kea will not b knowing this…some always try to go at him for fun and to keep the blog active….

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