181 thoughts on “Keaweather is back

  1. Frnz, v cant say tat TC is not possible ….weather can change in anytime…until may 31,there will be more moisture push into indian water on behalf of swm.,coming ten days wil b crucial 4 us.

  2. kea, any thunder storm possibility for Chennai in the days to come? Mercury steadily hovering at 37 degrees in Meenambakkam for the past 3 hours!

  3. The Countdown ends today..

    ***** Happy 1st Anniversary for Laila!!! *****

    – The pleasant surprise and the architect of a great SWM for Chennai in 2010!

    Jon – U r a genius! A true WeatherMan too !!!

    Kea – How did u forget Laila? OMG!

  4. Looks like some parts of Bangalore are receiving showers.

    Bangalore 26 deg c at 3.50 pm
    Chennai AP 35 deg c at 3.50 pm

    When can we see rains or atleast some thunderstorm activity……

  5. For the 1st time since 2000 we are going to get a May with no rain. Previous least rainfall in May

    0.2 mm (2007) – extraordinary SWM and a – 19% NEM
    0.5 mm (2003) – normal SWM and a -60 % NEM

    With 3 straight normal NEM’s, a deficit is ahead for 2011

  6. Hi Kea , Welcome back. If you don’t mind telling could you give us the details of your weather station? Model name , how much it costs , where you bought it , etc.

  7. If the NEM is going to be below normal, what about the prospects for SWM for Chennai? Too early to answer my query at this point of time since the SWM has not even set in still???

  8. what is dat LP kind of thing over bengal and orissa? it seems to be entering into bay! will it develop when it enters into bay? experts’ comments please!!

  9. After a brief shower for about half an hour to an hour in the eveining… showers have begun again at 11… a steady heavy drizzle.. feels like the monsoon is already here… not too often that we receive night rain during April/May unless a cyclone is in the bay

  10. It was a cloudy evening yesterday and a cool breeze.Was there any chance of rain for the upcoming days for chennai?Experts comments please.

  11. an overcast, cool, morning in bangalore, and wonderful to see bangalore’s minimum yesterday below 20 degrees @19.3 and HAL AP at 18.6

  12. @seshu, there is no lp it is just an area of severe tstorms.if it follows the same path it may reach chennai.still early to say

  13. kea – No more 40+ degrees and a heat wave please. Already there are no signs of rains in Chennai. So let us atleast escape from the heat wave.

    Chennai AP going steady at 37 deg for the past 2 hours!

  14. Tat thundestorm skipped vizag and now east-s.east of machilipatnam..tracking s-sw….wil tis intensify and cause huge flood in chennai as astrologist predicted flood on may 21 ??

  15. Selva – Jokes apart….when there is not even a drop of rain, how do you expect the predictions to come true and expect floods in Chennai tomorrow?

  16. Kea.i read tat in daily magazine paper on new year..it covered entire page ,as the two of the well known astrologist predicted the same tat too both on the month may ….actually i posted tat on the new year..

    • Are these the same people who remember claimed they got all their predictions right? They used some radio thing.

      Their next prediction went all wrong. They predicted some cyclone close to us to cross India enter Arabian sea and regain cyclone strength and head towards Somalia.

      That never materialized

  17. Hav Anyone noted the direction of cloud movement?? It’s twrds south from morning..i noted tat while i was brushing..and still the scattered clouds moving south.

  18. Arabian sea and bay getting gearing up to hold the swm ..currently,there r two convectional areas ,one near andhra coast in bay and other near lakshawdeep in s.arabian sea

  19. SUPRISING to see Intense LIGHTNING and thunder along NORTH…. good strong cool breeze blowing in….. condition is favorable for some moderate amount of rain…

  20. Are we goin to see rain in Chennai after a long time tonight or is it goin to be just another usual may night!!??

  21. Huge thunderstorm setting in all over tamilnadu….it wil b nice if it organise and move into sea as happened in north bay…wil tis be a big thunderstorm like the previous one???

  22. Its pouring with big sounds….where is tat astrologist??? Am in search 4 him ..if tis rains sustains for another 2 hour, villivakkam, Icf wil b flooded and at tis moment ,these words striked me”We are going through another may without a drop of rain” -These words r thrown into bay..

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