259 thoughts on “One of the hottest summers ahead

  1. moisture also picking up along with the strong south westerlies.. visible very clearly during the early morning hours

  2. It is 4.15 pm and the temperature is steady at 40 degrees? Undoubtedly Chennai is facing one of the harsh summers in the recent years. It is terribly hot outside.

    We need to painfully wait until it rains.

  3. We won’t have any great impact even if the SW monsoon starts by the end of this month. Only the Kerala, Karnataka and Kanyakumari districts will be benefited from these rains.

    We definitely need a Laila kind of phenomenon like last year to beat this heat.

  4. Chennai facing the worst days of tis summer…..tis will continue till june 6 …the only compensate factor is the cyclone tat too unless it tracks N-NE…

  5. some models suggesting heavy rain for bangalore next week on the 16th and 18th.. around 80-100mm on each of these days

  6. and that too about 200mm on 2 days alone which will pour.. and other days will jus be overcast with anywhere from 0 – 40mm 🙂

  7. 2 days 200mm?? 🙂 I dont think its possible since 24hrs record rain is just 16cm and tat too happened long time back 😛

  8. no jon.. i meant combined on both those days… cos bangalore gets about 4-5 days of heavy rain a year.. one or 2 during april/may and 2 – 3 days between June and september.. like last year in august we had 114mm

  9. So about 60mm form Jan – April, 120mm in May, around 540mm in fact from the SWM… and the best month of the year october with 180mm and a total of 270mm from oct – dec for a total of around 980mm

  10. chennai’s so called summer rainfall(sw monsoon) average is app 400mm but for the past few years it has been close to 500mm infact touched 650mm on some occasions 🙂

  11. although chennai receives more rainfall than bangalore… but bangalore has more avg rain days @ 59.8 compared to chennai @ 56.1, and the sunshine hours for bangalore @2366.4 compared to chennai’s 2768.5

  12. between jan to may chennai is really dry and bangalore remains mostly cloudy during sw monsoon tats one of the reason 😦

  13. but much better than delhi at only 39 rain days.. but mumbai really the topper.. 81 long rain days and a whopping 2400mm avg rainfall which it receives more than 2000mm from the SWM itself..

  14. only one place to beat all places, cherrapunji with almost 180 rain days, almost half the year.. woth jul aug and sep with rain the whole month

  15. only one place to beat all places, cherrapunji with almost 180 rain days, almost half the year.. woth jul aug and sep with rain the whole month.

  16. bangalore’s SWM rainfall also has been good over the last 5 – 6 years… above normal and excess rainfall in 5 out of the last 6 years, 1 year with normal rainfall…
    2005 – 841
    2006 – 614
    2007 – 919
    2008 – 722
    2009 – 822
    2010 – 741

    and after 2009 the avg itself was raised from 659 to 672.2

  17. really strong wind here in bangalore, doors and windows smashing and dust getting disturbed, the monsoon is almost here… lot of moisture also coming in, and the clouds a little bigger and higher than last week. have a strong feeling we could have some rain tomorrow or the day after.

  18. I know i said earlier that the monsoon will set in on time and we would not have an early onset.. but i might have to eat my words.. cos by the looks of it.. we might actually have an early onset… probably by 5 – 8 days… really cool winds, smell like winds comin out of an AC..

  19. one thing that is making me stop short is that we a re still waiting for the pre monsoon Low…. hoping that it is sometime next week atleast.. its already the 11th.. no signs of any low at the moment.. cant see any mositure crossing over the equator as well…

  20. Martin, we all know that you are enjoying the weather in Bangalore. It is not fair to compare Chennai and Bangalore’s weather at any point of the time during the year.

    Jon – let us see if the temp drops considerably to some extent atleast in the next few days. Today morning is comparatively hotter than sday.

  21. we need a cyclone in bay to pull up the moisture from arabian sea which wil steady the monsoon flow.no signs of any cyclone for the moment so forget about the early onset

  22. Every year, there will be talks doing rounds about the early onset of monsoon. But it won’t happen until second week of June. This will just add to the existing misery by extending the heat weave conditions in TN.

  23. Martin,

    I hoped to have my station up. I will be back only on 19th. My desktop needs to be switched on, there isn’t anyone capable of doing that at the moment.

  24. Battle starts ….Two convectional areas tracking towards indian waters ,1 from arb sea and another heading twrds bay….as the conditions wil b ideal in upcoming days so,we can xpect a low system….which one is going to lead? Lets c… .

  25. Fine Rk…hope u the same…then the area tat i mentioned was cloud mass tat is east of Northern part of indonesia..,really tis will be a discussion factor in coming days

  26. selvanfun, yes weak low will form in south andaman sea around 16th may which will start monsoon in andaman island but after that low is expected to die becoz of strong north west winds. So there will be no cyclone in bay which normally come between 15th & 25th may almost every year. Next 10 days it will rain only in karnataka, kerala & northeastern state.

  27. Dear All,

    There is a bright chance for formation of low pressure system over extreme south andaman sea and possibilities of movement towards indian coast line. As it is likely to form very low latitude and its chances towards tamil nadu coast is possible by next monday. After May 20th strong south westmonsoon winds can only push the system towards bangaladesh. So another 3 or 4 days are very important.

    There may also be a possibility of low pressure nearer to north tamil nadu coast within striking distance, as the STT is quite high here. Above 31 C.

    Let us see. in any case we need some showers. I remember last time there was a system close to us around May 19 & 20.


  28. Jon, its a kind of convectional area or a disturbance…stil no circulation seen…since v have perfect SST and also a stage has been framed for pre-monsoon bay cyclone,so i hope tis will be a low in s.east bay or in s.andaman sea..

  29. A curious case of climbing a hill

    Chennai – 39c => 30m
    Vellore – 42c => 250m
    Jolarpet(Tpt) – 37c => 380m
    Bangalore – 32c =>950m

    As u travel from vellore,within 80km(jolarpet) there is a fall of 5 degrees and from jolarpet within 150km(bangalore) anoder drop of 5 degrees!!

  30. According to IMD vellore’s may maximum temperature average is 38.2c but that is under big threat if the averages are revoked since vellore in may is a close frend of 42 degrees and even last year when the summer was not so bad with laila vellore’s avg max temp was 39.5c(including a 26c and 27c max temp during laila days)

  31. @Jon even NW and N interior TN hav gud may rainfall

    Dharmapuri – 105.9mm
    Tirupattur – 102mm
    Coimbatore – 84mm
    Vellore – 73.8mm
    Tiruvannamalai – 73.7mm

    South TN
    Tiruchi – 66mm
    Madurai – 55mm

    Only coastal TN has very bad may average of less then 5cm ..that to pondi only 3cm avg!

  32. what a broken thought.. the normals as according to todays imd table..
    Vellore- 38/26

    Wats the big deal? dont try to illusionise others by making them feel that tirupattur is a hill station without ghat roads…

  33. Note to the Interior guys,if you have pleasant, comfort weather in the day time ,at nyt,chennai (coastal) wil have double the thing u had ,in day….i feel chennai is far better than any other interior place at nytes..,continous cool sea breeze wil make the chennai cool at nyt..dont compare anythng with chennai…

  34. Temperature and rainfall predcition from TNAU for vellore distrcit on 13 may

    Alangayam,jolarpet,tiruapptur coolest predicted at 33/34/35 max and 23/24/24 min respectively

    Walajapet/kaveripakkam/arrakonam hottest at 40/40/40 max and 27/27/27 min respectively….

    Rain expected in the extreme west of vellore distrcit!!

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