134 thoughts on “Once in a decade phenomenon dumps 80 mm in driest month

  1. Rainfall upto 8.30 am on 24th Feb 2011

    Kanchipuram – 57 mm
    Redhills – 48 mm
    Kalrayanhills – 50
    Karamadai – 48 mm
    Chembarabakkam 45 mm
    Cholavaram – 42 mm
    Thondamuthur – 40 mm
    Coonoor โ€“ 29 mm
    Vadipatti – 27 mm
    Nagapattinam – 19 mm
    Walajabad – 19 mm
    Ramanathapuram – 19 mm
    Poondi – 18 mm
    Korattur – 18 mm
    Tenkasi – 16 mm
    Kalavai – 14 mm
    Manur – 13 mm
    Nallampalli – 12 mm
    Uttiramerur – 12 mm
    Gopichettipalayam – 12 mm
    Tamaripakkam – 9 mm
    Pechiparai โ€“ 7 mm

  2. The rains are now over for Chennai most probably.
    But the southwest coast will continue to receive them till the weekend.

    That will benefit the tamilnadu river basins because most of the major rivers are east flowing.

  3. Chennai total rainfall is exactly 100mm since 1 Jan 2011.

    What happened to our bloggers. Very few posts today. Just a simple login is making life difficult for them. Very strange.

      • Not that Guna & KEA – it is not that rains have gone – KEA put them (unwanted elements) in a fix, it was going on for some time. I am sure genuine bloggers will come back.

        PS – Definitely some more rains in the next two days you will see – I want history to repeat by achieving 213mm

  4. Temp has come down to a comfortable 30.3c today with these rains!! I wish it stays like this for at least a week now, but i kno, it won’t!!

  5. Monsoon outlook

    Global models surveyed seemed to suggest enhanced probabilities for normal to slightly above normal rainfall during pre-monsoon and monsoon seasons for the country.

    These are early indicators subject to updates on a month-to-month basis and should be viewed with caution, according to independent analysts.

    The La Nina conditions in the equatorial and east Pacific, normally identified with a successful Indian monsoon without direct cause-effect relationship, has peaked over.

    The equatorial Pacific is now expected to relapse into what experts described as โ€˜neutral’ conditions to coincide with the Indian monsoon.

    The fact that the probabilities of much-feared El Nino, whose tenure in the warmer east and equatorial Pacific has often led to suppressed rain over India, may not rear its head is itself reassuring enough.

  6. monsoon would pretty much be a normal one… except that there could be more devastating showers this year, and by that i mean there would be heavier rainfall in short bursts. causing widespread damage to crops. and also longer breaks in between these bursts of very heavy rain. so forget about having rain everyday during monsoon. and this trend would only get worse as the years go by. as global warming plays its part

  7. hey by the way, how many of u guys saw the news yesterday, where almost 40,000 people crammed outside chinaswamy stadium for just about 6000 tickets which were on sale and finally got lathi charged, it was fun

  8. I wonder y Sel hasn’t turned up yet! It should be easy for him to register with his old name since nobody in this world would ever think of using the name ‘Selcyclone’ other than him ๐Ÿ˜€

  9. Interesting info about Hail!

    Hail forms on condensation nuclei such as dust, insects, or ice crystals, when supercooled water freezes on contact. Hailstones are usually from the size of a pea to the size of a golfball.

    In clouds containing large numbers of supercooled water droplets, these ice nuclei grow quickly at the expense of the liquid droplets because the saturation vapor pressure over ice is slightly less than the saturation vapor pressure over water.

    If the hailstones grow large enough, latent heat released by further freezing may melt the outer shell of the hailstone. The growth that follows, usually called wet growth, is more efficient because the liquid outer shell allows the stone to accrete other smaller hailstones in addition to supercooled droplets. These winds hold the rain and freeze it.

    As the process repeats, the hail grows increasingly larger. Once a hailstone becomes too heavy to be supported by the stormโ€™s updraft it falls out of the cloud. When a hailstone is cut in half, a series of concentric rings, like that of an onion, is revealed. These rings reveal the total number of times the hailstone had traveled to the top of the storm before falling to the ground.

  10. Now the original dash has come, so the blog will be active again.
    Only a matter of time Selcyclone also will join the blog.
    But the rains are definitely not going to return for a long period of time.

    The minimum temperatures are going to rise after the end of the incoming easterly wave which is going to affect SL.

  11. Wat has happened!!!…i had a problem with the net for a few days…and i din know until yesterday that Chennai got 8cm!…how is dat possible?….it was so isolated taht i din even hear of it!

    Chennai has got its average august rainfall(8cm) in a single day the driest month of february??…unbeliavable..

    Jus ckhkin out the raifall details doc i was shocked to see walajahpet get its combined july n august average(7cm) ….in 3 days in february?!! ..oh!!

    Something really weird!…blame global warming!! !

  12. During the seminar, meteorologists pointed out interesting activity of the NE monsoon. Giving an overview, deputy director-general of meteorology at the Chennai Regional Meteorological Centre Y E A Raj said the northeast monsoon has been yielding above normal rainfall since 2004. He called this a unique phenomenon as such an occurrence had not been seen in the last 110 years.

    Raj said, “In 2003 Tamil Nadu had deficient rainfall. In 2004 it was above normal, in 2005 there was a 79% positive departure from normal, and it has remained above normal from 2006 to 2009. In 2010, the state registered 42% more rainfall than usual. Such positive departures from the normal rainfall levels have not been seen in subsequent years since 1901.”

    …We are in a purple patch!..but for how long? ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  13. @KR ha ha… i can understand ur profound knowledge of rainfall… vellore,arani,tirutani- these 3 are maximum 35km east south and north of ranipet… we all know these get more than 100cm(definitely higher than that inland tirupattur)… so trivially ranipet gets 35km and its just 100KM from the coast… if imd fails to give data in daily report, who can help it?… atleast note that rainfall in vellore and walajapet, arani and walajapet, tirutani and walajapet are positively correlated….

  14. After a few days from now,, when all this rain and cloudiness is done with, one thing will become more and more clear… the hottest summer temperatures in history. and for bangalore it is sure to break some records

    • every year we talk abt it being the hottest in history. Last year wasn’t that bad for Chennai. We crossed 40 only 5 times, compare this to 08 and 09 with 20 and 26 times respectively.
      Add to that a maximum of only 36.6 in April.

      • I agree with u kea, 2010 was a lot better compared to 2009!! The temp did not even touch 37c in 2010 in any month other than May and June. But in 2009 it touched 38c even in oct, We had frequent rainy/cludy days in 2010, but not so in 2009, we had an extended May till Oct in 2009!! Let us see how things shape up this year!!

  15. Hope the match is falling on pak side …at the same time, lanka has not beaten pak in the wc history…lanka have lost all 6 matches to pak in wc,today it might add up to 7.

  16. Have a look at latest sat image. A large cloud mass is approaching TN. If it maintains the same latitude some wet cover may spread to coastal TN by Tuesday.

    • World Cup?? ha ha ๐Ÿ˜€

      These guys r not goin to win even a single match from today with this bowling attack! Luk at the match..heart breaking!! Hopeless bowling so far..

      Imagine India bowling first..to Netherlands or Ireland..we wud be made to chase 350 easily!

  17. Dhoni done a mistake by giving 49th over to chawla…..yuvi and yusuf have sum ability to bowl (throw) at the last moment without giving any flight….they should have bowled….so that we would have preventd tat bresnan’s six .

  18. The clouds which were dominantly present over the entire bay from Saturday were now located next to Srilanka occupying just a small area. No more chance of rains. From now on hot hotter and hottest will become the norm in relation to weather for next few months for Chennai.

    Fortunately the water levels in reservoirs and ground water is comfortable.
    All we need is continuous power and it there are no power cuts, we can get through this summer unscathed.

  19. In the north the entire Kashmir region is covered by thick clouds. The cloud cover is going to increase and heavy snowfall or rains are going to continue there for next few days as per Business line.

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