277 thoughts on “Confusing forecast for week ahead

  1. THESE kind of unseasonal rain is not good for crops….if it is light rain no problem ..but heavy rain and even winds damages to crops…now a days so many natural disaster happenings… god must save world…

  2. I just returned from Tambaram and got drenched near Vengaivasal.

    Very pleasant to have rains in Feb.

    KR with your permisssion I am writing this.
    If we want to express this rain in the words of KR it will be as follows
    “The myth of Feb. dryness is now broken. I have been saying from the beginning Feb is a month of plentiful rains but only now Kea realises it”.

  3. Besant Nagar, Adyar its blisteringly Hot. No sign of clouds leave alone rain (well maybe a few clouds to the SW) ๐Ÿ˜›

    Guess we will carry Chennai’s reputation on our shoulders ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Hope,chennai suburban getting rain….gr8 nose cut for two persons…., one said”its silly to expect rain in february” ,where is he? I thnk,he is in school.

    • if it rains ice or even ordinary rain for more than 1 hour tomorrow in Chennai,
      I will give away all my riches to you and will change my name from Richyrich to Paltrypoor

  5. Hi Sel, Richyrich..Good Morning..

    Luks lik there were a lot of โ€˜dashโ€™ posts-including one โ€˜Fantastic 4 Dashโ€™ having fun when i was away for the weekend and ‘Double dash’ today!

    ..and now..the original dash is back! fyi..im d one who shares weather info along with Vijay info to Sel

    BBC predicts another easterly wave next week..any idea on that?

  6. HI FRNDS….

    HOPE ALL ARE WELL AND FINE…..Sorry for not posting a long time….but i used to read …..

    Selcyclone —- i really appreciate you to keep this blog always live ….

    Why our Radar is down…i am seeing for the past 1 month that its down for annual maintenance… ITS VERY VERY UNFAIR…..

    By seeing the Machilipatnam radar, its shows rain is battering over there and rain clouds are reaching chennai…

      • “Confusing forecast for week ahead” ๐Ÿ˜€

        No confusion at all! The whole description of this topic will be proved wrong tomorrow! All Tamil news channels will flash breaking news about the unusual heavy burst of rains accompanied by occassional small hails throughout Chennai tomorrow afternoon ๐Ÿ™‚

        Record rains for Feb can be expected in the coming days (during the “driest time of the year” :-D)


    Scattered rain/thundershowers would occur over Rayalaseema, south Interior Karnataka,Tamilnadu and Kerala during next 24 hours and increase thereafter.


  8. hi richyrich …. about alankati mazai if it happens it will be only few mins only …it my knowledge …not one hour… comments solicitaed from all blog members…

  9. Double dash

    Myself and ‘-‘ are not connected in any way. But both of us know how to read,write and speak in English. That is the only similarity between us.

    Only one person in the blog don’t understand proper English and I think he must be the ‘–‘. Also whenever someone talks about his langauge skills he will only retaliate without understanding that they point out mistakes only for his own improvement.

    Hope ‘–‘ takes this message in good spirit. And by the way he is most active blogger for several months but when it comes to temperament always falls short of expected levels.

  10. Just made a mistake.

    My message below is for double dash and instead I have used single dash in quotes.
    Typing error. All my info is for double dash only.

    Single dash is a well matured guy with good knowledge and is well disciplined.

  11. “rain in tambaram..train services disturbed โ€ฆsource SUN NEWS and KALAIGAR NEWS”

    was it this news the news channels were flashing??

  12. double dash’s postings and one of our blog members postings bear 100% similarity that is both use improper English and tamil wordings.

    Single dash is a completely different guy.

    But this dashes bring some sense of interest during uneventful days with their playful postings which are far better than the weather war between KN and KR which I feel is very childish and very self centered i.e. they never bother about other blog members in their postings and post only between themselves. SMS will be a much better option for them rather than using this public blog.

  13. Extremely sultry days bak!!…chennai at 25min!!….and as usual the coolest min temps in TN prevail in Tirupattur and dharmapuri at 21c…..even banglore is warm at 21c!…….hell that tondi near ramanathapuram is at 27c min for feb!!….!!

    • SEL & OTHER FRIENDS – a small suggestion – just ignore whether single/double “-” focus on weather and weather related infor and learn from other knowledgeable members – only cowards will hide themselves

  14. first rains for bangalore this year, it started at 6:00 with a slight drizzle and then got heavy for half an hour and back to drizzles again now. Finally a chance for all the dust to settle in bangalore. easily about 20mm in the 1 hour of rainfall v had here

  15. The rain was so isolated that in my area around 2.5km W of tbm..there has not been a drop of rain….the R/R was indeed heavy …if the radar was working it shud have been decked with a maroonish blot….but i wonder how that rain affected train services…strange!

  16. Richy

    You’ve not completely seen the bashings between them. It may appear childish but the weather data and weather records they post are collected with lot of effort .
    They present these data in a very interesting and informative way.

    Also they are just a bit cautious when they see strangers. But both are very energetic and very intelligent boys. KN is doing his MS while KR is a junior doing his pre-final year schooling.

  17. How can train services be affected by passing showers. Even during heavy monsoon showers unless the track is flooded trains are never stopped. May be sudden rain after a long time may have caused some power fluctuations.
    But the tamil news channels as usual exaggerated to get viewers attention and immediately attributed the disruption in trains to rains.

  18. It has rained very heavily in Coastal Andhrapradesh today.
    The rainfall figures for the 9hr period ending 5:30PM is
    Vijayawada 60mm
    Kakinada 53mm
    Machilipatnam 52mm!!!

    • shear is low over that area so it will produce only normal thunderstorms..if the shear increases multi cell thunderstorm maight form which has longer life than ordinary one..

  19. The reason why there are thunderstorm activity to the west of chennai is due to formation of shallow low during morning due to extensive heating..Thats the reason the thunderstorm most of the times skip the places very close to sea like triplicane,royapuram etc..They form few km inland..You can see that they are always concentrated to the western suburbs of chennai..

    • Vinod

      Some questions for you. If you are not sure other experts can also answer.

      why such things(formation of thunderstorms) happen only during a few days.
      Why the shallow low is not happening in march and april when the heat is much more. By the way today morning some rains fell in Minjur which is very near to coast. The posting by Mr.Mani confirms this. Why the shallow low formed near the coast in Minjur but away from the coast in Chennai.

  20. Dear Vinodh

    What friend list. Do you mean friend list in college or office or blogging sites or facebook. If you are telling about facebook.
    I never use facebook. I have bookmarked a link which was posted some months earlier by KN in this blog about his experiences in monsoon. I browsed through the photo albums using that link.

    Being a lecturer I have certain restrictions and that’s why I have never joined facebook. Also I don’t have time. My dealings with everyone in this blog is only through this blog and you cannot find me in any other social networking site.

    May be in the future if time permits I will try to join facebook.

  21. Dont make it a habit to paste tpt’s avg temperatures in every page of kea blog…n dont make ppl know that u are from the dirtiest place in TN again ๐Ÿ˜€

  22. As u see the temperate places in plains of TN …Coimbatore n Tirupattur have an avergae of 33 in the later part of feb ๐Ÿ™‚

  23. Am in melmaruvathur….thick black clouds approaching …presence of moon in the sky igniting thd light …so clouds are clearly visible..

  24. news 9 and met dept confirms, areas in and around bangalore cantonment region receiving heavy showers, between 6 – 8 PM, other places in bangalore a little less, and some areas also getting nil rainfall, while CITY met station recorded 11.8mm uptil 9PM, the rainfall in the areas around the cantonment region was said to be much higher. those with access to news 9 channel can have a look at the rainfall and the flooding witnessed in this part of town.

  25. and rainfall has started again and has been raining for the last half hour in bangalore although not as heavy as the evening’s shower

  26. The metro with the best climate in India alias Bangalore has got 23mm ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚
    Hosur 11mm
    North madras rocking too Ennor 23mm,Madhavaram 29mm
    Chennai city 6mm

  27. Bangalore hosts the highest number of matches for the world cup in India ๐Ÿ™‚

    Colombo -7

  28. KEA – atlast rain rain rain everywhere. Around 1 am heavy thunder woke me up with heavy rain in Chrompet that lasted for 30 minutes, iam sure it would have rained in Nungambakkam also, once I reach office will inform you – probably if Guna can inform/post info before that it will be good. Which means after nearly a decade once again rain in February????????

  29. Mr Bhaskaran

    Even I am in Nungambakkam staying in Loyola college Hostel. The rain here must be around 2cm. But KEA’s rain gauge reading is not showing anything.

    I think there is some error in online update from the gauge. In manual update we ourself enter the data. But in automatic weather stations like KEA’s there is always the this problem of errors due to sensor faults or other hardware faults possible.

  30. Bhaskaran & richyrich, Kea’s equipment is having downtime.. it is stuck on 2:30PM of yesterday, check the date and time at the bottom

  31. Gud morning…finally ,the history has been changed…though its not a surprising rain,its surprised some members in the blog…hope it continues tday..

    • I think it shud hav surprised only Kea..i’m eagerly awaiting his reply..he must have been shell-shocked after knowing about this! ๐Ÿ™‚ Leave it Kea..it happens! just enjoy the nice n ‘surprising’ weather ๐Ÿ™‚

      My prediction and Sel’s wish have come true..its Green everywhere!

  32. “But this dashes bring some sense of interest during uneventful days with their playful postings which are far better than the weather war between KN and KR which I feel is very childish and very self centered i.e. they never bother about other blog members in their postings and post only between themselves. SMS will be a much better option for them rather than using this public blog”

    Nice feedback about the ‘amazing kids’! Well said Richyrich!!! ๐Ÿ˜€

  33. Something happening near south of cape comorin….those cloud mass showing the way for upcoming rain ,ready lash the sw coast.

  34. 22 mm at minambakkam. Something is abnormal in the weather these days. I am expecting 34’s by next week and 35-36’s by mid March.

    Mark my word. 2011 will be the hottest summer for Chennai in many years

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