188 thoughts on “Gradual increase in night time temp

  1. Wat a match yday! I don think the authorities had allowed the audience without tickets since it is a practice match..so they cud have given atleast something as MOM to Chawla as a recognition of his performance..wat to u guys say?

  2. Business line says rains are possible for the week ending 20th.

    Most parts of India are going to benefit from unseasonal rains this week.

    After a break of about two months this rains are going to be extremely beneficial for agriculture and also for improving drinking water reservoirs.

    But Chennai is not going to get any rains. If we are lucky we may get some rains too.

  3. In april/may ,due to excessive heat,we will get convectional rain .,..we cant say rain is not possible ….cyclone in april is damn sure.

    • only twice in past 11 years we have got more than 10 mm in whole of April. Thats says much about the chances of rain in April.

      If you remove those 2 years, the total is 10 mm for 9 years. Average of around 1 mm.

      Chances of rain in May is more, but in the latter half. The heat builds up only by then.

  4. Winds have turned now in s.andaman sea..even tamil nadu coast is having steady easterly winds with light N.Easterlies..it may turn completely E-SE BY TOMRW….

  5. Dhoni has already found an excuse if India does not win the world cup.

    He is saying players are tired becuase of long cricket season.

    SL captain saying his team lacks match practice because their stadiums are not ready yet.

    I think this is the most open world cup ever.

    • but something tells me India will win.

      When cricket was dying, India won the T20 world cupan d brought interest back.

      now 50 over cricket is dying and I think India will be made to win it to keep interest alive.

  6. The minimum temperature will hold on to further low levels if the expected easterly wave doesn’t occur.

    The climatic conditions are now increasingly becoming unpredictable. Don’t be surprised if the winter persists till end of March.

  7. SI karnataka could benefit from some thundershowers in the next one week as temperatures begin to rise. The official end of winter for southern india. Can already feel the difference in the atmosphere. feels like summer is already here in bangalore.

  8. Easterlies are fast approaching….cloudy day wil prevail for tomrw and the isolated rain is expected in TN/ANDHRA border coast from 18th.

  9. The area tat stretches from N.EASTERN coast of lanka (sw bay)to s.central bay will push moisture into TN COAST…..and even clouds formation is possible in those areas.,

  10. for the first time this year & after 3 long months, I can finally see some thunder cell build up over the skies of bangalore… hoping for some rains in the next 2 days

  11. The weather is a bit humid today with pleasant temperature. From saturday the easterly wave may unfold.


    What happened ,your posts are reducing day by day. Are you got bored off posting too many times.

    The other richy (who is your close friend) also is not posting after I have changed my name to Richyrich.

    If your friend is not going to post tell him that I will use the name Richy from now on. 😀

  12. The Chepauk stadium is quite unrecognisable..beautiful white canopies, very Adelaide style, over the stands..huge gaps between the stands to allow the sea breeze to come in and aid swing. .

  13. T.Cyclone carlos tis is a peculiar cyclone ,formed close to the N.coast of australia and still intensifying, eventhough part of it is interacting with land…it formed in the waters in the closed region like gulf of kutch ,or gulf of mannar wat we have.

    • It always happens in the northern australian coast where the shear is very light and warm waters will make the system to intensify even it is partly over land..conditions are exceptionally good there..Almost all cyclones which form close to Darwin goes an explosive intensification in an small area of sea..Cyclone monica is an example..

    • cyclone nisha gained depression status when it was partially over north srilankan land this happens only when conditions are extremely favourable..

  14. Look at the latest sat images.
    Massive clouds over the entire north and adjoining northeast.

    But all the cloud mass lie just out of the country’s borders

  15. The western disturbance associated with the cloudiness is moving across the borders and going to combine with the easterlies.

  16. The schedulers have been been a bit sane with regard to kochi.. only 1 match in May..On the other hand the 1-rainy day in May Chennai hosts 8 matches ….

    However they are taking a risk of 4 matches in bangalore in May

  17. Low clouds movement seen from E-SE. chillness is fairly reduced ,but i could see some dew drops here and there.have a gr8 day.

  18. Today early morning was fairly warm and sticky compared to the earlier weeks..Is it the end of the good weather in Chennai and startup of the “near eternal summer” for the next 7 months?Or does it augur a light -rain filled week starting saturday this week..most models seem to converge on this prediction.

  19. Ayyayo..no studies and all Now only i got up 4m sleep …now 6th hour is going, (mokka class)am just waving in sleep with cool breeze from window.

  20. South eastern kerala is going to benefit from rains this week. So also the Wayanad regions. Cauvery river can get considerable inflow if heavy rains occur in wayanad region.

    A bit of economic news
    The present storage level in major dams of TN are in a satisfactory level.
    Thus agricommodity based inflation will remain within single digit because these dams are crucial for most major crops and also for vegetables.

  21. Usually gals dont have interest in weather related stuffs ..they just love rain and love to play in rain,but they dnt knw how it happens? When it rains?? ….i am not sure whether divya is a female gender?….

  22. One simple question 4 yo divya madam….In WHICH FLOOR OUR COLLEGE CSC DEPT ROOM IS SITUATED?? If u answer, i will agree with u.

    • Hi SEL just focus – studies – concentrate on weather postings – have u not heard wonderful song by Pattukottai Kalyanasundaram எத்தனையோ மேடுபள்ளம் வழியிலே அத்தனையும் தள்ளபாற்கும் உன்னை வழியிலே

  23. Now 10 pm,pleasant weather prevailing in chennai,Lot of cloud movement seen with mild breeze…wind from E-SE ,clouds towards west -northwest…..gud ni8 frnz

    • fyi..I think u mite know this since u an ardent fan of Vijay..another movie confirmed with Mani Rathnam-Ponniyin Selvan-200 Cr by Sun Pictures..along with Vikram and Vishal!

  24. Chennai is not going to get any rains in near future.
    Only the South Western peninsula comprising of kerala and south coastal karnataka and to some extent south interior Karnataka have some chances of getting showers in the coming week.


    Divya madam and the ‘-‘ are one and the same and they are from a place nearby Pallavaram. I know the exact name but the actual person won’t accept it and will say this is childish.

    Many times in the past his mask is clearly broken and he has had a nice nose-cut.
    But still out of his interest for the blog he is continuing in the alias names.

    Any way you continue your blogging whether somebody is teasing you or not.
    Because you are the life-line of this blog during non-rainy days.

  25. Just now I realize that people post in fake names only out of their interest in the blog.
    They have a certain image associated with their regular names and hence cannot post all their playful queries using regular names.

    So no harm in doing so. I am sorry if I have invariably ended up hurting ‘-‘.

    • hey Richy..i have been posting msgs for a long time as ‘-‘ only..i wont use any other name..there were a couple of other ‘dashes’ also last week whom i feel r very popular members of this blog only..and the latest is Divya madam 😀

      and btw, im not anywhere close to Pallavaram! 🙂

  26. Again and again,i am telling .,i am not the one ,who is playing in the name “dash”…..am from villivakkam,not from pallavaram…..am not a coward to play in other names….

    • I am Sorry braveheart I think from now on no body will disturb you.
      They are just playing with you because you are a very lovely chap with unending interest for weather. As usual continue your posting.

      once again sorry.

  27. Mr”-“:Ya..ya..i came to know that ,through fans club bulletin …but they not yet confirmed ….they are not the official one….am eagerly waiting for official news …

  28. by the way ,frnz dont go for the film tat released tday and dnt loose ur precious money…..on the whole:total collapse… psycho killer veera rockz…….

  29. Omg…minimum temperature have risen sharply..bengllor 3 degress above normal at 20….tirupattur and hassan at 22…tpt 4 degrees above normal..hassan 7!….n see wat Cbt is at 35c…surprisingly hootter than vellorE!

  30. cyclone dianne is slowly intensifying and would reach a major cyclone strength..Seventeen is intensifying rapidly any slow movement of the storm will delay the storms movement over cooler waters which might make it to a major storm..

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