297 thoughts on “dry weather to continue

  1. hey guys! howz it going? long time no see..btw lotz of new faces – sel,vinod,guna,baskaran,seenu n many more! KN,Kea,John-how r u ?

  2. Supersai

    This blog is a weather blog. So even in non-raining days people can post their weather observations. Others who don’t have time can know about the weather from this postings. Selcyclone is just doing that.

  3. Current satellite pictures look pretty impressive. But the cloudiness is far away in the sea and by the time the cloud mass reaches our coast it may dissipate.

  4. Lanka to get heavy rain for next 2to 3 days on behalf of trough lying on south of lanka….extreme south tamil nadu can also expect some rains. …n.andaman sea is also under watch.

  5. lets be realistic. We should be lucky if we get rain as early as April.

    Mid to later part of May still looks like the best bet for our next rainsl

  6. The extreme southern districts are battered now for the past 2 days.
    Many dams are now overflowing due to this. The Manimuthar dam is letting out a huge volume of 18000 cusecs into the sea.

    Chennai may also get some showers by thursday. The NCEP precipitation forecast is predicting rains for chennai for the past 2 days. Todays chart is even better than yesterdays. Lets see what happens.


    • If it were October or November I would be exited. But this is February. This month and next month are the driest months for chennai

      • Kea

        This is IMDCHENNAI forecast for friday & saturday

        OUTLOOK FOR SUBSEQUENT TWO DAYS: Increase in rainfall for Coastal Tamil Nadu and Puducherry and commencement of rainfall for Interior Tamil Nadu.

  7. Tirupattur resurrected in the table..as usual it is the coldest place in the plains with minimum 16c 🙂 .. just a notch below normal for this time of the year…n average rainfall falls from 102cm to 95cm ….wich i think is for the 30 year period from 1980-2010 🙂

  8. The Yelagirs n the Javadis around tirupattur makes its wetaher quite pleasant…that its may average minimum temperature is 24.1c…wich is lesser than chennai’s october!!!

    • 1. the reason is funnel effect
      2.to experience the funnel effect
      walk below the chrompet bridge
      even in a warm day
      3. another reason is north of tirupattur, vellore Dt is start of Deccan plateau
      4. What happens is the air flows down the plateau towards the gap between the two hill ranges and gets cooled leaving the pleasant feeling once it exits the funnel or gap, it is already warm and still gets warmth due to open landscape or radiation from small hillocks.
      5. During winter, the area will be very very chill due to same effort as already the air from Deccan is cooled by cool land and once it reaches this area, still it is cooled, air that exits behind the funnel will be less chill!

      • Thank u!!…i was raring to hear a reason for the pleasantness of tirupattur weather!..but always knew that the hills had a part in colling tpt’s temps

    • Sel

      It has indeed attained the category 5 hurricane status or Super cyclone in our terms. Its current sustained winds are 125 knots gusting to 145 knots.

      In Australian meteorological terms they call it a severe trophical cyclone and not a super cyclone.

  9. suddenly blog active. Lets follow cyclone Lasi (or whatever its called) there are lots of live personal weather stations in Cairns. hopefully they r not down tomorrow.

  10. cyclone Yasi yet to reach a category 5 status ..winds are still 120 knots below threshold level of cat 5 storm..For a cyclone to be called cat 5 storm the wind speed has to cross 135 knots and not the wind gust..It would achieve that status in few hours.

  11. The wave has shown some development and is now being monitored as 91b.invest.Development into a organised storm is unlikely as it is very close to srilnakan coast and in an area of moderate shear.

  12. It has reached cat 5 status by australian scale and not by standard saffir simpson scale..still in cat 4 by saffir simpson scale..

  13. even the bay system clouds looks comparitively more organised then it was some few hours ago..Potential of development is less as it is interacting with srilanka.

  14. United states is affected by a huggggggggge blizzard storm…. cyclonic winds and heavy snow… emergency declared here in Madison near Chicago…. its very strong… one of the largest land formed system till date in the US

  15. The sat images look promising.

    Bhaskaran Sir

    After Selcyclone you are the next most frequent blogger in this forum.
    Though you are not posting in your name I still know it from your postings that it is you.

  16. Hot News of the hour

    Aamir as villian in Dhoom-3
    CBI arrests Raja
    We will win World Cup definitely-Dhoni
    Philips to buy Preethi-South Indian consumer appliances company

    • Friend you are most welcome to hide your name, but do not spam this blog with all kind of stuff, please respect Mr KEA’s word this blog is meant for Weather and Weather related info only. Trust you will take it in right spirit

  17. The rains may be just some 300 odd kms away. Good chance for Chennai to get a few spells of rains before saturday. The current satellite images are showing clouds at the same latitude of Chennai with a cloud mass nearing the coast.

  18. Just seen a silvery object in the sky. About an hour ago on the way to work. Was on the outer ring road looking out the cab window towards the NNW direction. And there it was, a silvery object, it was not moving at all… stagnant in the sky. watched it for about 5 mins. but then suddenly vanished.

  19. I doubt very much if it is some sort of alien craft. I rather feel strongly it could be some sort of chinese spying machine. probably keeping an eye on bangalore before the aero india show cos thay were not invited

  20. Someone using fake account of richy…wat the hell is tis…kea,its ur responsiblity to find…kindly point out tat “male”

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