127 thoughts on “Normal winter conditions to continue

  1. Tday’s weather highlights:,Trough of low pressure in s.andaman sea and sst in s.eastern bay is 26* c. .and sst in s.bay is above 27*..,temperature is little high,and above expected…tis will ignite the convectional low clouds in bay….

  2. Upcoming easterlies is expected to be stronger and its again going to precipitate more over lanka …and Tomrrow ,there will be considerable rise in temperature over coastal TN, that will boost thunder cells in bay….sst in s.bay is favourable for circulation.

  3. There is already considerable rise in temperature which is denoted by formation of cumulus congestus towards the west around evening.

  4. coming thrusday state wide bus strike by six trade union afffiliated by variouus political party…except dmk -congress …source.. DAILY THANTHI news paper

  5. Nasa terms ongoing Indian winter as β€˜deadly’

    The US National Aeronautical and Space Administration (Nasa) has termed as β€˜deadly’ the 2010-11 winter bearing down on north India.
    The cold even reached the city of Agra, where the mercury plunged to only one degree above freezing, Nasa said in a recent report.

  6. India second in world for natural disasters: UN

    Geneva: India ranks second in the world for natural disasters after China, a top UN official has said underlining that unplanned urbanisation and failure to address the issue of climate change pose a grave threat worldwide.

    The two rapidly growing countries in the world, China and India, rank first and second in the number of reported natural disasters. While China witnessed 22 natural disasters, India came second with 16.

    About 373 natural disasters killed over 296,800 people last year. The estimated costs of natural disasters in 2010, in which an earthquake in Haiti killed over 222,500 people and the Russian heat wave caused around 56,000 fatalities, is
    around $ 110 billion.

  7. Vino: wats the reason for abnormal clouds whirling near madagascar? Was it due to high shear? i think,now the anti-cyclone region is just 350 kms south of madagascar southern tip…

  8. Clouds close to madagascar is a trough which has some potential for development but moderate to high shear is the problem..there is no big rotation in the cloud it is just the cloud organisation which cretes an illusion of a rotating clouds

  9. KN, i did see some photo on your facebbok profile..i am not sure whether you have taken the photo or you have commented on your friendss photo.

  10. Due to imd gfs prediction of cyclone in SE BAY on jan 29/30,indian weatherman blog is active and those members are eager in tat….little strange!!!

  11. Trough in s.andaman sea is adamant .sst is favourable for system,…and by the way,did we have a cyclone history in february?

  12. Bhas sir: yes,.no cyclones so far….Is la nina targeting for new history?? and la nina making aussies and new zealand worry ..continous disturbance forming over ring of fire pacific basin.

  13. Trough in s.andaman sea is more active than trough in sw bay..To my surprise,lot of clouds approaching SE BAY…ITS ENCOURAGING..BUT STILL CLOUDS IN SW BAY IS STRUGGLING TO MOVE above 10N.

  14. oh sel cyclone ji… why do u expect rains in febraury?.. only in march we can start seeing some action from kerala.. for TN its may that too only from kanyakumari,krishnagiri,dharmapuri districts

  15. Some rains are possible in the coming week. Let’s hope it does occur.
    NCEP is stating most of the precipitation over bay of bengal but still some rains may spill over to land. If the rains don’t occur during the next seven days then they may not occur till april or may.

  16. Oops,cloud mass started to move into cool waters ….WE CANT EXPECT ANY SYSTEM,AM NOT SURE ABOUT THAT BUT lanka can get benefited…even S.TN CAN GET SOME RAIN….AND AS USUAL CHENNAI T’S HAVE TO SEE THE CLOUDY DAY..

  17. Still the system is active over s.andaman sea..now its dragging clouds from s.bay…at the same time,gfs still sticking to its prediction of cyclone.

  18. Chance for the disturbance to track west-southwest as per convergence analysis….even the cloud mass near indonesia can be dragged.

  19. Yes..all the cloud masses from China, Australia, Africa and even Antarctica are going to be dragged to BOB and then to TN next week..huge super cyclone expected..blah..blah.. πŸ˜€

  20. Is the temp really 27 something as shown in kea.metsite? I have my own doubts it should be 29 – 31. Very sticky and sultry even inside my house.

  21. IMD evening bulletin

    Fairly widespread rain/thundershowers would occur over Andaman & Nicobar Islands and isolated over
    Arunachal Pradesh and extreme south Peninisular India.

    So rainfall chances are remote.

    The post by “NEW” appears to be very familiar and I think the age of the person must be above 50.

  22. Kea,due to disturbance in bay,am expecting rain other than that ,..i want to know whether u will post or not,if it rains?

  23. Latest weather.com sat image is looking superb. After a fortnight the bay is buzzing again. Vinodh and Selcyclone is there chance for any system formation?

  24. chennai will not get rain from this current system but south tamilnsdu coastal may get rain but srilanka will get heavy rain..

  25. Seenu: you r right..tis system has whirled w- sw towards lanka..but if u see this image, it has been precipitated with some red dots…lanka will get another floods

  26. S.bay along with s.andaman sea will produce more clouds as day progress…even s.eastern bay,east of andaman will bloom clouds

  27. It will get hotter and wetter in India

    New Delhi: Dont let the cold winter this year blindside you to a contrary phenomenon that is creeping up upon us.Temperatures in India are set to get higher higher than what the country has recorded in the past 130 years.The monsoon too is going to change;it will rain as much,perhaps higher,but in short,intense bursts,heightening the risk of floods and crop failure.
    These are some of the grim findings of prominent meteorologists at the Indian Institute of Tropical Meteorology,a government-funded research centre at Pune.IITM scientists K Krishna Kumar,S K Patwardhan and B N Goswami,along with scientists from France,the US and Thailand have concluded that higher temperatures have a strong probability of coming true.
    Day temperatures will be higher and there will be less respite from the heat at night,says their research paper.The band of high-temperature days will get longer than now.In turn,these changes could result in higher heat-wave deaths,apart from impacting crops.
    The average annual temperatures across the country could rise by 2 degree Celsius by the middle of this century and by 3.5 degree Celsius by its end,the scientists said on the basis of several scientific and mathematical formulas that were used in tandem to predict the future.One such model suggested that temperatures could rise by as much as 6 degree Celsius by the end of the century.
    If green-house gas emissions are not reduced or controlled,the average daily maximum temperatures before the onset of monsoons would routinely stay above 45 degree Celsius.And rains across the country could increase by 8-10 % by the end of the century and come down with higher intensity,increasing the risk of floods and bad crops.


    At 3,200C,this planet is hottest in the universe

    Astronomers have claimed that a planet discovered last year is the hottest ever found in the universe,where the temperature is a scorching 3,200 C.The scorching temperature of exoplanet,WASP-33 b also known as HD15082,is explained by its close orbit around its star,itself one of the hottest planet-hosting stars at 7,160 C;it’s 380 light years away in the constellation of Andromeda,the ‘Daily Mail’reported.It’s temperature is 900 C hotter than what was formerly the hottest known planet in the Milky Way Galaxy WASP-12 b.

  29. Guna sir,really amazing post..nice future threatning article.,.at the same time,india will be facing more and more natural disaster in coming years…not only india,even whole world will face the same graveyard…

  30. Just got fed up with the winds over the bay and cloud motion track.,..as per upper level winds,the trough associated clouds will track west-s.west which is not favourable for us….yet chance is ther for S.Tn….

  31. IMD forecast

    The IMD forecast said scattered rain or snow would occur over Jammu and Kashmir.
    It will be isolated over Himachal Pradesh and Uttrakhand, but increase thereafter.
    Scattered rain or thundershowers have also been forecast for Punjab and isolated rain or thundershowers over north Rajasthan, Haryana, Delhi and Uttar Pradesh.
    The European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasting has said that a follow-up western disturbance with better attributes could sail into the northwest around February 6.
    This system would facilitate not just a second round of welcome rains for standing Rabi crops in the Northwest but also send in some piloting showers for east India and parts of the northeast.
    This is even as international models see the possibility of isolated to scattered heavy showers along the Tamil Nadu coast and adjoining Kerala early next week.
    The outgoing long-wave radiation (OLR) values are forecast to be growingly negative (indicating presence of clouds) northward from equatorial Indian Ocean. Southwest Bay of Bengal, Southeast Arabian Sea and the waters surrounding Sri Lanka could slip under cloud cover in this manner and the resulting rains penetrate extreme peninsular India.
    This is a likely extension of the active Northeast monsoon conditions prevailing over the Gulf of Thailand upstream of Bay of Bengal.
    A few models suggested that the rains may propel north along the Tamil Nadu coast as also into the interior besides adjoining Kerala. But the IMD has suggested the possibility of only isolated rains in the region.
    The latest IMD agri-met advisory bulletin said that during the last week, minimum temperatures have ranged between 5 to 10 deg Celsius over most parts of northwest India; 11 to 15 deg Celsius over central, east and northeastern States; and above 16 deg Celsius over the rest of the country.
    They were above normal by 2 to 3 deg Celsius over parts of east India and extreme south peninsula.
    In Faridkot division of Punjab, low temperature conditions have brought cold injury to standing Rabi crops. Farmers have been advised to apply frequent and light irrigation to protect them.
    In Gurdaspur and Hoshiarpur divisions, light irrigation may be applied to vegetables. Farmers in these states are advised to monitor the crops and arrange for smoke around the field to manage low temperature effect on crops.
    Weather condition is favourable for sowing of summer groundnut in North Saurashtra region of Gujarat and potato in mid hills and lower regions in Himachal Pradesh.

  32. Nice post,..feeling like as if i re(a)d a newspaper..lol!(dont take it as serious)….hats off to you for ur contribution. ..

  33. Dear All,

    After nearly 4 weeks, i am back to this site – not because i am busy, but because no healthy formation of weather system over bay.

    now the latest satellite picture reveals a developing low pressure over south east bay. it has to be watched. both shear values, sst and ridge too far away from the core disturbance abotu 14 north latitude.

    we can hope from this monday chances of showers over coastal tamil nadu.


    • Thank you Mr SS, I was confident about this development, but kept quiet since I saw KEA’s reply to my posting saying No Chance,I have not lost hope, though past history shows least chances of rains in Feb, but in today’s context with so much changes happening in the climatic conditions – we cannot go by past history. As rightly said we need to watch the development, but symtoms as of now positive

    • KEA has very clearly said we need to post only weather related info,why are you spamming this by posting film songs, please desist from this, if you have nothing to post just watch and read what others are saying and learn from it

  34. Its really unbelievable to hear that Saudi arabian city cant able to manage these much rain……how flash flood would occur in these rains??? Quite strange….

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