170 thoughts on “Dry weather for next few days

  1. Very cool here…temp mite be around 18deg…hey guyz wen will d next rain arrive in deltaz…i think nem over for tiz yr…..winter started..rainy season ended….

  2. In Hyd again – temps apparently are lower than in recent years – min is below 10! It doesn’t feel bitterly cold like Delhi though – just very pleasant wintery weather, except of course for the dryness.

  3. Finally everybody has leart a lesson, not to take GFS seriously, except ofcourse Ramanan. Still saying increase in rainfall for us since yesterday. So according to him rains should start by Saturday.

  4. Showers coming up for S-E Tamilnadu and for Central Tamilnadu coast in next 24 to 48 hrs…

    A LPA will form near sriLanka

    chennai can expect moderate rain on Monday

  5. I was just reading Kea’s post yesterday of skiing in -70 °C. Just shocked to read that. In such temperature you would be frozen to death in no time. I checked wiki and here is the list of coldest temperature ever recorded.

    The lowest temperature ever recorded in the USA is −62 °C in Alaska.


    May be because Kea was a young boy at that time, somebody would have told him the temperature reading wrongly.

  6. vijay: even the same thing, i was tellng from the begining of dec 2nd week…..if a system forms above nagai or somethng like tat, then the system wil track North for a while ,likely it will bye passes chennai and then surely it may track towards bangladesh/myanmar coast….at the same time ,the formation of cloud over arabian sea,indicating tat mild westerlies creeping….if these westerlies dominate, then the track wil be more or less, same as i predicted..tis is my own view,and i didnt consider anti-cyclone factor….

  7. Thanks Jon

    Now I understand. If it is wind chill temperature of -70 then the actual temperature might be around -45 to -50. It is indeed very courageous of Kea to do skiing in those extremely freezing temperatures.

    I think no one in our blog would have experienced such extreme temperature. Kea’s record is unbeatable at least here in India.

  8. Endhiran

    Scientists belong to a different category. They have access to the best weather gear and with that they can survive on temperature less than even -60 degree celsius.

    I don’t know about the temperature in Dakshin, the Indian post on Antartica.

    But the temperature usually is very low in Antartica because it’s geography is such that heat is always driven out of the continent and so it always holds the record for coldest place on our Planet.

  9. more clouds forming below lanka…anyway tis wil not affect us.,but incase if a low pressure forms above or east of lanka,it might be a weak Lp…

  10. @ guna
    i quote from wiki
    “The average winter snowfall is 10.5 m (35 ft) and temperatures can dip to −50 °C (−58 °F). Including all tributary glaciers, the Siachen Glacier system covers about 700 km2 (270 sq mi).”
    Further to compound the problems, high winds induce severe wind chill factor and not to mention about oxygen deficiency.
    But as a civilian (i presume), kea must be holding the record.

  11. guna,

    yes Jon is correct. -70c was the wind chill. It was a very windy day with heavy snow. I still cant believe we went skiing that day, hoping weather would clear.

    Even with 2 layers of gloves and 2 layers of socks, i got frost bite. I was not the only one though.

  12. @ guna
    in siachen, Temperatures drop to as low as -40°C in non-glaciated areas and -60°C in glaciated areas. Beyond 5,400m, temperatures as low as -70°C to -80°C have been experienced. The wind in the valleys can blow at 70-80 knots, accentuating the wind chill factor. At heights, these winds take the form of blizzards that bury tents, shelters and weapons emplacements under heaps of snow. Blizzards lasting for over two-three days and burying shelters under 2.5-3m of snow are not an uncommon phenomenon.

  13. @ Kea

    I think like Sachin’s record, your record also will not be broken.
    Because I think now a days they won’t allow people to ski in such extreme temperatures.

  14. @ kea
    very true kea. but all them have gone on their free will (mostly in quest of knowledge) to antartica and are not exposed to harsh conditions for a long duration unlike our soldiers who are duty bound to be there with nothing much personal to achieve.

  15. An ex army Col was telling that soliders stationed at Siachin have to go the posting which lasts 18 months.
    6 months at base camp for acclimatisation, 6 months posting at Siachin, 6 months de-acclimatisation. After the posting at Siachin soliders it seems loose nearly all of their memory to the extent of forgetting their loved ones.

  16. In the US all temperature is recorded in Farenheit and not Celsius.. So if kea says -70.. it was only -56 C.. and again if u take the wind chill into account it would only have been -25 to -30 C…

  17. and dakshin gangotri / maitri temps are updated everyday on IMD site itself if u guys want to have a look… although it is summer there now.. but temps should still be pretty low..

  18. Bangalore AP minimum 9 degrees.. ooo 🙂 perfect status msg by my friend in Murugeshpalaya(bangalore AP).. “Morning misting afternoon burning evening chilling nite freezing 🙂 wat a climate bengaluruuuuuuuuuuuuu !!!”

  19. Isolated rain or thundershowers has been forecast over Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Lakshadweep. But rainfall may scale up over Tamil Nadu from Friday onwards, the IMD said.

    Hmmm, today is Friday. Not sure which Friday IMD meant

  20. Wow! Nice cloud mass over north srilanka and Southern most part of TN. Appears like weather might be turning wet in the next 2 days.


    Major Feature of Weather Forecast (upto 0830 hours IST of 27th December, 2010)
    ♦ Scattered rain/thundershowers would occur over Andaman & Nicobar Islands and

    Extended forecast
    Weather Outlook (upto 0830 hours IST of 29th December, 2010)
    ♦ Fairly widespread rainfall would occur over parts of south peninsular India.
    ♦ Mainly dry weather conditions would prevail over remaining parts of the country.

  22. Dear All,

    the latest satellite picture reveals a good cloud mass over south central bay of bengal covering north srilanka, south and sounth central tamil nadu from pondy to nagpattinam belt.

    we would be in for showers from tomorrow.


  23. KEA.

    what is your forecast for chennai from December 25th to December 31st. My intutuion says we would get not less than 10 centimeters of rain from 25th Dec. to 31st Dec.010.


  24. Already radar picked up showers over karaikal region. this might spread to other northern parts of tamil nadu by tomorrow. even IMD delhi has forecasted increase of rains over tamil nadu from tomorrow.


  25. Suresh,

    Nothing more than 5 mm. Foreca is very erratic. Dont be fooled by it. THis morning it said 100 mm starting on Monday. Now its forecasting around 30 mm or so.

    I still go with BBC forecast for this time of the year.

  26. KEA.

    I rely on your words, as mostly you tend to give a right prediction. but latest satellite picture is very much encouraging even for chennai. The tail of the cloud mass just over pamban and nothing below pamban. So i feel intense spells would be for karaikal-pondy belt and the slip overs of few spells over chennai. We will be in a position to know by tomorrow about the real intensity.


  27. @ Omkar, i know this link and i even checked it to see if u’ve taken the data from it, but it didn’t work then , so thought u could have got it from somewhere else!! Anyways thanks for the link!

  28. KEA.

    Your wind guage cotinues to show east and north east winds are prevailing over chennai, which could pull the moisture from bay of bengal. tomorrow we can hope some raise in the minimum temperature to more than 21 C as we could feel warmer air from bay instead of steady land breze which can reduce the min. temp.


  29. There is an circulation close to srilanka.I dont think it will become an organised one but Tn would get heavy rains from it as it moves in a westward fashion.

  30. kea: sat image showing signs that are against ur prediction..even am against ur prediction..NE is not yet over…but tis wil be the last system of tis monsoon as per current situation….and tis will be depression, i think.gud nyt

  31. leaving for the airport in 15 minutes. hopefully i will be proved wrong this time. Lets cross 400 mm for the month. and hopefully no power cuts longer than 1 minute.

  32. on the flight waiting for take off. Minambakkam observatory said 20.7 c at around 6:20. (not sure what time it was updated) It didnt feel chilly compared to previous days. Maybe good signs for the system next week.

    Will be back next week sunday but will be active in the blog.

  33. Minimum temperatures slightly on the increase. Hopefully easterly winds could push the minimum further by tomorrow. Chances of rains still bright for chennai – may be from tomorrow.


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