202 thoughts on “No signs of end to NEM

  1. for 5 minutes there were heavy showers in anna salai. only western chennai covered by heavy showers for more than 15 minutes. places close to coast not much.

    very strange and funny weather is prevailing in chennai for the past 4 days.

    but today become warmer compared to yesterday.


  2. Radar signals yet an another showers approaching chennai city within 10 to 15 minutes. hardly 10 KMS north east of chennai port.


  3. Dear weather bloggers!!! Can someone forecast when Chennai will experience the Normal….,the always very pleasant …dry , cool December …(or will that have to be January!!)…coz…i’m missing it (too bad)….could somebody do the honors!!!

  4. KEA.

    If we see the raifall intensity diagram and if we found red or blue or yellow lines within 20 KMS east or north east definite rains for chennai city. Now for the past 10 Minutes there were heavy showers in anna salai and now it would have spread to other interior parts of chennai. It is really an irony no proper forecast from IMD.

    Now slightl dirzzling but going by radar we might get one or two showers again before noon.

    let us see. this could be more than 10 Millimeters within 10 minutes.


  5. Vijay.

    where r u ?? no rains there. in chennai city we would have received not less than 2 centimeters in the last 2 hours.

    just few minutes back it rained so heavily.


  6. Satellite picture reveals lot of cloud formation east of srilanka. There is an upper air cyclonic circulation which has to be tracked and there may be a possibility for formation of low pressure system about 750 to 1000 kms east of pamban.


  7. The radar is clear now.

    NEM is keeping everyone on the guess this time.

    Initially the rainfall trends, were making us worry for a deficient NEM. Then December came and all the deficits are wiped out and now it is going to turn into a surplus NEM. Now no one knows when this will end.

  8. Rainfall ending 8.30am in mm
    Neyveli – 50
    Chidambaram – 22
    Pondicherry – 16
    Karaikal – 14
    Coonoor – 13
    Madhavaram – 11
    Ennore – 10
    Chennai – 7
    Chennai AP – 1

  9. vijay.

    for a change this time no rains in your area.

    chennai hit by 2 spells of rains from 8 to 10 and one was heavy.


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  11. The clouds are cumulonimbus,it obvious that city will be warmer..Only in warmer air these types of clouds form..this one is expected as the warm moist winds are blowing from the sea..i dont find anything strange at all.

  12. vijay, i cant find any depression there.There are no closed isobars to indicate the depression..but still chances are there ..lets see how the upper level winds behave in coming days..

  13. Vindoh.

    today is almost normal weather. but my concern is why IMD is not forecasting any significant rains over chennai, but on the contrary we get showers. In fact there were 2 heavy spells this morning in city. In fact today is some what warm.


  14. suresh, imd has said scattered thunderstorms..We are getting scattered thunderstorms only..The temperature will increase as the warm moist air is blowing from the sea.

  15. A request. It would be useful for amateur weather lovers like me if experts here could
    teach us to interpret the radar charts especially rainfall intensity.
    It would be nice to know the places abbreviations mentioned in the radar charts expanded.

    Thanks in advance.

  16. While rains are welcome for sufficient supply of water for the city throughout the year, torrential rains are of no use to anyone… So, i wonder why many of you want rains, rains & rains all the time which sometimes does more damage than good. Look at the plight of many farmers in southern Tamil Nadu whose crops have been battered by the continuous downpour down South in this NEM.

    Also spare a thought for the home-less and the less-privileged who already suffer enough in the winter cold and if it pours incessantly their day to day life becomes even more pitiful.

    So, don’t get too excited about rains all the time…. I think we have got enough of it this year already. Too much of anything is good for nothing

  17. I didn’t say we can stop nature’s gift (or) fury but I just felt there was over-excitement anytime it pours πŸ™‚ Hope you get my point.

  18. rekha,

    as if what we wish comes true. We are just a bunch of people who like to see rains in chennai. We have 10 sunny months in a year. No harm in hoping for rains during NEM

  19. By the way, Mr.Kea .. or whatever is your name πŸ™‚ you are doing a good job. Keep it up !! This site is very useful.

  20. Even I like rains…. but just feel for those less-privileged, that’s it. Sitting here in the comfort of my room and driving out in my sedan it doesn’t affect my normal life but feel for those people…….. that’s it

  21. By the current weather systems in the Bay I think there may be one or two heavy spell for Chennai in Jan 11 also. Will it happen ?

  22. Pujara and Murali Vijay should replace Laxman and Raina and Ojha at the cost of one fast bowler for the second test. Then only we may think of any win in the remaining matches.

  23. how can we take 20 SA wickets with this bowling attack. We need not change the batting order. Why replace Laxman? Have you forgotton what laxman did to the aussies couple of months why leave raina and dravid in the team?

    If we drop laxman or dravid,they should be left out permanently. India is going to suffer royally in a year or two, when these greats leave the game. India should plan now and retire them 1 by 1.

  24. Kea, it has rained 7mm upto 8.30 am in the morning and another 7mm after 8.30am till now. so totally 14mm from this trough in Nungambakkam

  25. Sat images are indicating this wet weather is going to increase from tomorrow. If a low pressure forms then Chennai will break the all time rainfall record for this month.

  26. Pradeep

    The rain gauges say only 1 cm . But as Kea has rightly pointed out it may be more than 2cm at least.
    The roads were flooded absolutely and only now some normalcy is returning in the traffic level which was thrown out of gear by the sudden heavy burst of rains. The intensity may be well near 100mm/hr

  27. A sad end to the test match. In the 2nd Innings our boys played better. But our batting collapse in the first innings was so bad that no way we could have saved the match. I have very little faith we can draw even a single match, leave alone winning. Raina needs to be dropped for the next match and replaced with pujara.

    Lets get back to weather now πŸ™‚
    There seems to be some weather system buildup in south west bay of bengal. Hopefully it should move west.


  29. selcyclone.

    There is no way any system reach bangladesh in december. Both SST & anticyclonic effect would not allow the coast beyond machilipatnam. it might weaken in cental bay maximum.


  30. I dont know much about the forecasting science but I do know that the general market onion is selling at Rs. 98 per kg. If that is not high what is then ?

  31. guna:today only my 6th sem classes started,..i went for college.There also i thought only of our blog members,and system development.,i wont miss u frnzz…. I wil b active guna ..cheers! Guna

  32. ssuresh: ya,i came 2 knw from u and vinod,tat some natural factors like anti-cyclone may disturb the system track and intensification etc..but some thing kept on striking me,that the upcoming system may recurve aftr reaching s.central and central bay…..anyway ,nature is not in our hands…lets see,at the same time,no system headed north of tamil nadu except previous DD…

  33. selcyclone,a large area of subtropical high existing above latitude 30N.This high will be there positioned near mongolia for more than 5 monts or so causing north east trade winds apart from this there will be local high pressure systems forming just like cyclones due to local heating and cooling of land.currently there is a high pressure located in central india with its circulation extending southwards thats preventing the movement of any cloud over north but these high are pretty stubborn and they will exist till jan since the winter season is going on in north india which will make the cold air to sink inturn fuelling these high pressure.

  34. selcyclone,during last cyclone it was postioned furthur north which allowed the depression to move bit northwards but currently the high sinked bit southwards from the previous position..still systems has potential to track northwards only if there are some weakness in the anticyclone systems.

  35. Suresh,

    I am going with BBC forecast this time. Nothing much for chennai this week. But something like this mornings heavy shower cannot be ruled out. 6-10 mm until Sunday.

  36. kea: dont lose ur hope…its looking promising..but the problem is no unity in cloud formation,wait it wil not cΓΆntinue…dnt go with bbc,they wil change often …our blog members r doing xcellent job in predicting ,we r far better than imd too.

  37. Rains continuously battering since 5pm,with lightning,thunder & strong winds,flooded again everywhere here in KMB…!

  38. no halo in the moon.,speed of the cloud movement is also reducing…with the current conditions,no chance of any system formation…

  39. Chilly weather to continue for a few more days
    The chilly weather prevailing in the city will continue for a few more days as the favourable upper-level winds are set to bring rain or thundershower in some parts of Tamil Nadu and Puducherry.

    According to officials of the Meteorological department, coastal districts, including Chennai, would get rainfall, which may occasionally be heavy, in the next few days. Nungambakam and Meenambakkam registered 7 mm and 1 mm of rainfall during the 24-hour period ending 8.30 a.m. on Monday.


  40. Today is Summer Solstice for Southern Hemisphere and Winter Solstice for Northern Hemisphere. Also, 2/3 of the globe will see Total to partial lunar eclipse. Next year on 16 June 2011 (some countries it is 15) we have a total lunar Eclipse. This one is the longest of the millennium.

    From tomorrow, Sol will climb up. As it is climbing up, water and wind currents will start to change direction towards south to equator as part of natural cycle. Water and air that flows south, gets heated and again start to travel towards north to pour as SW / North Monsoon. From January till April, Equatorial belt will be having North – South Monsoon. Timor, New Guinea areas will get torrential rains during this period.

    I generally see drop in rain over here, may be some stray showers or few weak so called easterlies may sneak in.

    Technically as per Astronomy – Earth today completes one full round around Sol. Today we are on the back side of the Sol! and also close to it i.e. Perigee on 21st June we are at Apogee or farthest from Sol.

  41. i am in college so couldn’t post actively…..coming to rain,no chance of rain for n.tamil nadu,.but .heavy rain may start to lash from tday in south tn……

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