215 thoughts on “Strange weather to continue?

  1. tis wil persist until next week….some clouds spreading over s.andaman sea and SE bay,tat wil be the main factor for upcoming week.

  2. ♦ Scattered rain/thundershowers would occur over extreme south peninsular India, Lakshadweep and Andaman
    & Nicobar Islands during next 2 days and increase thereafter. 🙂

  3. Venus and Moon are quite favourable for producing rains and we may be in for wet christmas and new year. Venus transiting to watery signs during the first week of jan. promise more wet spells. This monsoon session could last long till pongal.


  4. yes vijay we have the probabaility of rains but most of the rains will be concentrated in south TN rather than north TN siince we are close to the high pressure so majority of clouds will move southwards.But still it migh produce some moderate showers to chennai.

  5. Vinod Kea.

    still chennai has not experienced any northerly dry winds and anticyclone still not below hyderabad/kurnool latitude. bay becomes active for the past 48 hours, and we can expect a final system for this year by 25th of dec.

    there were occasions even cyclones crossed coast around 31st dec.


  6. The rains will be mostly moderate to occasional heavy as the clouds currently in bay is not cumulonimbus but nimbostratus type clouds.

  7. @Siva yes tpt not exactly lik CBE.. little worse… but karthik goes to the level of comparing it with Palamner(685 m) 🙂

  8. suresh,the bay surface temperatures seems to be above average as usual but i am not sure of the upper level winds it may cause some hindrance to any development in future.currently favourable winds prevailing in andhaman sea but upper level winds are very high in central bay for any development.we are not sure of future shear values as there are no site showing the long term shear values.

  9. suresh, yes we had many systems that formed even in month of january as well but most of the systems will be of low latiitude..

  10. Heavy snow and ice bring travel chaos across UK

    The snow is forecast to continue in many parts of the UK, with up to 25cm expected in some areas of England, and a number of severe weather warnings are in place.

  11. Winter a REport not in Chennai or in this part of the world It is Russian winter LIVE report At leastlet us enjoy by viewing

  12. SST IS pretty favourable and sustaining so sw bay along lankan coast may host another Lp before 23rd …..the disturbance in south and sE BAY moving twrds Lanka wil hold the key for it….central TN coast and delta districts wil get batter by tis Lp….chennai also wil get its share

  13. Wow…got the exact averages of tpt…and yes Mr.siva TPT is similar to CBT….very gifted place…wen it is surrounded by some hot places like salem,Vellore,tiruvannamalai all at a distance of 90km in different directions 🙂

  14. Alangayam at an altitiude of 583m is very much comparable to that Lol hill station in AP palamner(680m) ..n tpt-alangayam has no much differenc ein temps 🙂

  15. Tpt – Max-min(average)-This is followin the 2007 pattern exactly

    Jan – 29.5/17.3
    Feb – 32.5/17.5
    March – 35.4/19.6
    April – 36.5/23.1
    May – 36.5 /24.1
    June – 34.9/23.7
    July – 32.9/23.0
    August – 33.4/22.9
    September – 32.9/22.3
    October – 30.6/21.5
    November – 28.9/19.4
    December – 28.4/17.6

    Max Avg – 32.7
    Min Avg – 21
    Avg – 26.85

    Especially for ppl to whom the july-aug rocks in ranipet..he must be in loss of adjectives for tpt weather 😛 …wow an average of 17c for three months …and in the worst month of may an average of 24.1c…wich is still better than chennai’s october (24.3C)…..

  16. Though april/may days mi8 be hot….immediate relief in the form of thunderstorms/hailstorms …with an average of 15cm for premonsoon(10cm in may alone)

  17. CBT

    Jan – 30.0/19.0
    Feb – 32.2/20.1
    Mar – 34.9/22.2
    Apr – 35.4/23.6
    May – 33.4/23.4
    June – 30.9/22.4
    Jul – 29.6/21.8
    Aug – 30.3/22.0
    Sep – 31.2/22.0
    Oct – 30.8/22.0
    Nov – 29.7/21.0
    Dec – 28.9/19.7

    Max avg – 31.5
    Min avg – 21.6
    Average – 26.55

  18. Salem

    Jan – 31.8/19.5
    Feb – 34.4/21.0
    Mar – 36.9/23.2
    Apr – 37.9/25.6
    May – 37.5/25.3
    Jun – 35.3/24.5
    Jul – 34.2/23.9
    Aug – 33.7/23.5
    Sep – 33.7/23.3
    Oct – 32.5/22.9
    Nov – 31.3/21.7
    Dec – 30.6/20.1

    Max avg – 34.15
    Min Avg – 22.88
    Avg – 28.51 😮 😮

  19. Typical delhi weather over chennai, though the minimum not dropped below 23 C. It signfies the fact that still easterly winds are quite stronger and complete cloud cover not allowing the sunshine, consequently maxmium temp. not stepped up. We need a sunny day or two to get good rains.

    already there are some indications in bay for some disturbance. even latest radar picked up few showers over bay of bengal not too far away from chennai, but hardly it moves close for the past 2 days.


  20. bhaskaran sir: by seeing the recent imd image, i can say tat the dramastic change happening over chennai coast…change in wind pattern too…xpect some gud changes in next 6 hours…at the same time weak low level circulation have formd near lanka coast….interested members,kindly send ur views ..ssuresh,vjay,vinod,dinakar,guna,kea n richy am expectng ur views

  21. as long as dry northerly winds are not operating and anticyclone still sits over central andhra pradesh a weather disturbance not ruled out. i feel easterlies are still quite strong and SST over bay of bengal is quite high. we might get few useful spells of rains till 31st of dece.


  22. selcyclone a circulation has already formed in south east bay and that is causing all these clouds to build up..main focus of rains would be south TN but chennai would get some rains.

  23. kea ere also drizzle started ..but wind direction somtimes from west ..kea ..please ur comment about… is there any easterly wind?

  24. SST is moderately favourable..upper level winds also favourable currently in south bay..not sure of long term shear values.. there is a lack of cloud organisation which clearly visible so chances of any organised system is unlikely for next couple of days but there would be lot of disurbances affecting TN..

  25. me from mmda colony near 100 ft road.. i went long walk 1 hr before around CMBT AND koyambedu market winds blowing from west to east /… somtimes north to south…./ ,,, Is any anti-winds for NORTH EAST MONSOON?

  26. For the past 10minutes, drizzling started. now we culd feel north easterly winds gathering in strength. Due to peristnet cloud cover without sunshine makes the wind so chill particularly if it blows from north west.


  27. KEA.

    radar picks up red lines south east of chennai.

    from your observations what is your views about this weather pattern for the past one week. this is very strange to chennai, no sunshine and contineous high clouds without backed up by any strong disturbance over bay. more over this pattern restricted to hardly 100 KMS around chenai.


  28. suresh,chilly winds are due to the movement of winds from the land.The lower level winds are from land but upper level winds are from differenet direction.

  29. vindoh.

    it is still strange for chennai. there should not be much variation when we are very close to coast. As you said land breeze is strong and upper level winds do not penetrate land breeze, which continue to blow from east. That is the main reason still the minmum is between 22 and 24. Today i think could be a record max temperature. now the temp. is 22.5 which is very less. even during heavy rains the temperature would be above 23 during day time.


  30. suresh,the temperature are moderate in parts of TN and in other states it is dipping slowly so the land gets cooler than before since the winds are blowing from land we are getting a drastic dip in temperature.

  31. Yes kea

    It was really very cold yesterday night.

    One small correction
    In your website please change the date for monthly highs and low temperature. The date was given as 19/11/2010 it should be 19/12/2010

  32. Hi Vinodh

    I read in newspapers that easterlies are preventing the spread of cold winds below the latitude of south AP. Thats why the region below that is not facing the fury of those chill winds. (but still we are seeing dip in temperatures)

    What will happen once the easterlies give way to those chill winds from the north. Is there any chance for that to happen in the near future

  33. guna,there are lot of clouds moving from bay towards land indicating easterly winds until it takes full control we will face the temperature dip will continue ..If the easterly gives way to those winds from north then temperature will dip furthur but i dont think it will happen as easterlies have started to strenghten.

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