107 thoughts on “Overcast and dry conditions to continue

  1. Karthik Naryan it was really great rain in Kuzhithurai 24cm on 8th and 14cm on 9th. But we got that 38cm continously. Thats why people here say it is the greatest flood here after 1992. Kuzhithurai is got nearly 215 cm now. Chennai is no way to catch it now.

  2. I dont know. Probably due to that small cloud cover in Sat image. But nothing yet on the radar. Looks like some shower might develop west of us. It might dissipitate by the time it reached here

  3. KEA.

    Latest satellite picture taken at 11.30 IST indicates huge cloud mass develeoping at about 8 North & 90 east just east of srilanka.

    it might develop soon.


  4. @Keaweather glad to see weather desktop up and running. Perhaps you should put some google adsense in your blog, might help to pay for a powerful one ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. KEA.

    s. of course westerly winds are prevailing still but i feel the intensity had gone down compared to yesterday.. let us see.


  6. KEA.

    I also note it is raining near ponneri/sriharikota pocket.

    but your weather station says still westerly winds are blowing.

    in that case we can not expect spread of rain from north.

    but we do not know how the upper level winds operate.

    let us see.


  7. Congratulations on restoring your system and thanks for continuing to provide the service.

    Thanks too for every one who provides observations and forecasts on the blog. It was really useful following the blog over our recent rainy days

  8. Gaps have been made in the stands at the Chepauk to let the sea breeze blow across the ground. That will be a huge change in conditions for the greenhouse that the stadium becomes in the hot and humid Chennai weather

    Simon Doull doing the pitch report on air under overcast skies says it looks like a bat-first pitch, but he wouldn’t be surprised if the side winning the toss opts to field. Rain is forecast later for the evening

  9. KEA.

    Right from the morning very high clouds continue to persist over chennai resembles like a developing system over bay.

    we might get back wet spell soon. already some showers noticed in bay.


  10. Today is the last day for the rainfall prediction. It will be great if some rains occur. The cricket stadiums rain preparedness also will be known only if it rains.
    They said yesterday unless it rains very heavily the match will not be abandoned.

  11. India sure winners -question is by how many wkts

    India innings (target: 104 runs from 50 overs) R M B 4s 6s SR
    G Gambhir* c โ€ BB McCullum b NL McCullum 0 0 3 0 0 0.00

    PA Patelโ€  not out 26 0 34 3 0 76.47

    V Kohli c Taylor b Vettori 2 0 8 0 0 25.00
    Yuvraj Singh not out 19 0 21 4 0 90.47

    Extras (w 5) 5

    Total (2 wickets; 11 overs) 52 (4.72 runs per over)

  12. Though India may win this match, still the swing is quite huge and we should be careful in selecting the balls to hit. The absolute thick overcast skies favour bowlers. still i rate 50 50 chance for both the teams.

    Any one know what is this weather at chennai. Today absolutely no sunshine and as if a dark thick blanket on sky. very strange for a coastal city without any system near the area.

    However this could be a prelude to heavy rains coming soon.


  13. So Chennai at last successfully hosts a ODI during NEM without being affected by rain.
    To cap it,India is scripting a complete whitewash against the kiwis.

    Cheers to Chennai and the Indian cricket team.

  14. Top 3 for the rainfall prediction which ended yesterday. Rainfall received was 185 mm

    1) Ganesh โ€“ 183 mm
    2) grully โ€“ 100 โ€“ 200 mm
    3) Arjun L V โ€“ 200 mm

    Winner is Ganesh

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  16. Sunshine is back and still no sign of revivial of easterly winds. this can temporarily cause thunderstorms if the temperature goes up to 33 c which is quite possible, as we could feel dry westerly winds are inforce.

    may be the west pacific system would spread waves to bay which can take at least another 3 days to come near bay.


  17. In the weather page of The Hindu Businessline it was mentioned that according to various international models there will be above normal rain for T.N Coast for the period Jan- April 2010. Is it possible?

  18. Huge nimbus clouds over North Chennai! BBC shows Easterlies from now ๐Ÿ™‚ due to clock-wise movement, the clouds from AP will reach Chennai to give rains by Thursday

  19. Thunderjove, for january it shows above normal for south TN only. For Feb, above normal includes north TN as well. IRI is quite reliable. It is pretty warm for december is it because of high SST?

  20. Thunderjove, another interesting thing in that they predicting below normal temperatures for march april may which is a surprise package.

  21. Bhaskaran,Nice pictures.
    first picture is cumulus pileus comes.it comes under cumulo nimbus type.
    second one is a gust front.It is a cumulonimbus cloud.
    third one i never seen anything like this.am not sure about this particular cloud type.
    fourth picture looks to be cumulus incus.It comes under cumulo nimbus type.
    fifth picture is cumulus mamatus.
    sixth picture I think it is cumulus lenticulus.These tpye of cloud mostly form dye to some interaction with the mountains.
    seventh is either cirro cumulus or alto cumulus.
    eight one is again gust line
    ninth one is again cumulus lenticluus.
    last one comes is a cumulo nimbus cloud.Not sure of its type as only top view is visible.This particular cloud was taken in africa.

  22. A very good cloud cover developed over south andaman and south east bay. though still easterly winds have not reached tamil nadu coast,but it has really recommenced over extreme south east bay coincdiing with a devloping system over west pacific.

    for the past few hours winds also changed to south east.

    morover it is quite warm and no chill winds from north. so revival of monsoon winds just around the corner. could be in next 48 hours.


  23. VINODH – The purpose of posting these images are achieved, this is exactly I was looking for.

    When there is a lull in monsoon activity we should learn some thing like this usefully. I am also looking for information on Port hoisting flags indicating different type of numbers during cyclone, Cd someone explain on this

  24. Today sky was mokkai! It is was foggy and hazy right from 5 pm. It was like a summer evening today. The sky is laden with fine dust from the eroded roads.

  25. Bhaskaran,the port warning signals differs on the intensity and distant of a particular system from port.
    Distant cautionary signal -1 is hoisted when there is a disturbance or a depression far away from the port.This is used to indicate the ships departing from port about the danger lying far away in the sea.
    Distant warning signal-2 is hoisted when the disturbance or depression has intensified to either deep depresion or an cyclonic storm.
    Local cautionary signal-3 is hoisted when the port is expected to get some squally weather from the cyclone far away even though it may not get the actual storm center.
    Local cautionary signal -4 is hoisted when the storm shows some signs of moving towards a particular part or the port may have higher probabilty of getting some effect of storm.It also refers to storm intensity.
    If LC-5 to LC -11 is hoisted it means the port is great danger and as signal increases it also denotes the intensity of the approaching system.

  26. radar is showing 2 hour back status right from yesteday. I think some one has to tell IMD about this. it is clearly proved none from IMD observe this. it is a pity.

    dull weather with high clouds which can only bring overcast conditions.


  27. @Kea
    OMG!!!!!! no sytem for the next few months thats impossible…………. ๐Ÿ˜ฎ ๐Ÿ˜ฆ ๐Ÿ˜ dec end jan onwards above normal rainfall predicted……. ๐Ÿ™‚

  28. what if the above normal rainfall itself is 10mm??? ๐Ÿ˜€ it doesn’t require a system! btw..wat is the avg for Jan, Feb and Mar?

  29. KEA.

    Though GMT & IST always maintains 5 and half hour difference, the UK standard time actually shifts the clock behind by one hour by December 11th to March 26th.

    The radar actually interlinked to BBC weather channel and possibly due to time shifting it appears as if it is delayed by one hour. now we have to add 6 and half hours from the time shown in the diagram. so radar is working correctly, as i found for all the radar stations, 6-1/2. hours time difference is uniform.

    So i think till 26th march midnight we shoud reckon time differene as 6 and half hours instead of 5-1/2 hours. But satellite picture can be assumed as 5 and half hour as it is always linked to GMT.

    I can prove my statment as correct when we get some showers which could be an ample evidence about winter and summer time set by UK meterology. Even in USA the same pattern is followed for the period october to march.


  30. Suresh,

    The Daylight saving time starts on last weekend of October and ends on last weekend of March. I dont know why will the radar show the difference now and not earlier.

    During summer months the time difference between UK and India is 4 1/2 hours and winter is 5 1/2 hours. GMT remains unchanged throughout the year.

    As I am typing the radar time is 12:20, which translates to 5:50 pm India timem thats 2 1/2 hours slow.

    Change of time has nothing to do because GMT never changes and British time changed almost 1 1/2 months back.

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