740 thoughts on “More rains from this amazing Low Pressure

  1. On Monday, schools will remain closed in 10 districts, including Chennai, Kancheepuram, Tiruvallur, Vellore, Puducherry, Tiruvannamalai, Salem, Cuddalore, Villupuram and Tiruchi.

  2. Hi Guys,

    Good Morning. It has been raining wonderfully yesterday and I am sure that Chennai AP must have made up for the deficit. I think this time KEA’s prediction has come true.

    Believe that the rains will continue till the end of today.

  3. i think its already the highest spell of chennai AP… if it crosses 11cm, it would beat the Laila record… can december push august to 3rd place? we have to wait and see

  4. @Guru chennai AP gt 82mm till 5 30 and crosses its normal rainfall in style 🙂

    And teh only day where a goverment holiday to schools made sense after a looooong time 🙂 🙂

  5. Yes Jon, I predicted purposefully, expecting that we should get good rains atleast from this system.

    Glad that this rains have not cheated Chennai.

  6. Yes, Karthik, Chennai AP has crossed the deficit in style. Intermittent showers since yesterday.

    Big thanks to the Rain God.

  7. Pondicherry-Cuddalore combine loses power to Chennai 🙂 🙂 🙂 just 2cm or so 😀 Even arid areas lik tambaram can pull off a surprise

  8. Guys i feel chembarambakam will be filled very soon and ppl could see the adayar gushing out lik 2005 and 2008.. phenomenal year for state as a whole…

  9. Jon, KEA,

    I am just surprised by the constant downpour from this system. Looks like there is no break even for a minute since yesterday.

    Hmmm Interesting!

  10. Yes Jon, this is quite interesting.

    Just like uninterrupted power supply in Chennai, the rains have been incessant. And now looks like it has gained more strength.

    Hats of to this system 🙂

  11. these ppl have thoroughly wasted our money…. wats the use of paying these ppl.. they should consider future exceptions… simply based on current sat picture they blabber something lik west bengl chatisgarh… government would have been prepared had they informed properly.. now if it rains 15cm who will take the responsibility? Cuddalore can take it(its small), Mangalore can take it(it is designed for it).. Chennai simply cant 😦

  12. A very cool nice Monday morning

    The rain amount prediction chart now will contain only half the original names.
    I think by evening most of the others also will be eliminated and only the top 4 myself,KR,selcyclone and thunderjove will remain.

    Lot’s of hype was made during Jal for rain prediction but nothing happened.
    This time the reverse is happening.

    Don’t know whether they’ll declare holiday for colleges as well.

  13. WINDS FROM NRTH AND NORTH WESTERELY,……CLOUDS MOVING SOUTH SOUTH EASTERLY..HERE IN light rain and light winds blowing…. nice weather

  14. As usual tambaram topped for chennai region sterday hopefully the usuality prevails today also…its porin,porin and porin! 🙂


    Awesome rains for the whole night! This system seems to be tailor-made for Chennai and North TN..places like Nagai are getting only lite drizzle now 🙂 The system is almost stationary over and east of Chennai and the radar too is not simply ready for any change 😀

  16. In Nungambakkam. surprise to hear from you

    All over Chennai it is raining heavily. But you say only light rain in your place

  17. @Kea,

    Now whose prediction has come true?….i always had my doubts on Jal..and i knew this Lopar is gonna pound chennai…bcos chennai is the only rehion with deficit rains….we saw the delta region clearin it in style..so chennai had to do the same…that bull shit statisticla co-relation of excess SWM- deficient NEM is thrown to bin 🙂

  18. It was pointed out in the research article it may not hold for exceptionally limited number of years.. as pointed out by learned members of this blog.. 2010 is an abnormal year with august topping the SWM charts being the only normality 🙂

  19. but continus rain from my woke up here 5.30 am…sometime light …and speed picking up then slows down and again pickinng up …some time winds blowing..i went to terrace looking up ..seeing clouds movin south south easterly….

  20. @Kn…lol don speak like nonsense…thte last one is he biggest abnormality…mr.siva was laughing about ur comment on fone 😀

  21. Kea, still red spot even after 100km radius over ese once it nears the coast it wil get bigger.so no need to panic as of now

  22. yess sat pic seems to turning the tables again… last leg of the system for chennai the next few hours… can nungambakam beat Laila 11cm and August 8cm?

  23. Kn,

    Pls dont degrade ur respect by sayin abt august again pls….mr.siva has the statistical knowledge of rainfall for a long time and he was laughing at august..sayin it was nonsense..as always, as everytime Purattasi(Sep 15- oct 15 ) is the rainiest SWM period for Tn…Tamil tradition says it …nobody mistaking it 🙂

  24. Slowly system is moving to a favourable shear value.currently in moderate shear and it has to move continously in a northeast fashion for strenghtening to take place ..still there is no organisation in clouds but shear has dropped to 20 knots from 30 knots .Another 5 or 10 knots drop will make the clouds to organise near the center.

  25. I have numbers for 100 year chennai AP favoring august.. and ALL the sites saying number of rainy days in august is more.. and the lakes last 10 years 7 has august more rains.. do u have? 😀

  26. tradition has it that ippasi has the highest rain.. i think u know whats been happening in last 4 years… Karthigai is having the lead.. so u would say karthigai is the rainiest month of chennai? not quite 🙂

  27. ALL sayin september gets heavier rain than august, Last 10 years(My peak obsservational years, september 15cn, august 9cm) ….chennai AP is a one off(Thta exactly was mr.siva said)….pls dont degrade ur respect 🙂

  28. wat crap.. no one speaks of purattasi.. its a waste month… “aadiyila kaathadichaa ippasila mazhai adikum” 😀 ippasi-karthigai combine are the only best rainy times in TN as u can see 🙂 ippasi and karthigai rock 🙂

  29. omg…lol..pls dont even more dgrade ur respect..if u din know karthigai is almost ZERO for interiors 🙂 …purattasi can match with ippasi for the rainfall in interiors …don joke..stop degrading u respect 🙂

  30. A mild high pressure area lies over north kerela and interior TN so the system will take more north eastward track from here on so intensification is on charts after it gians some latitude.

  31. oh is it…ask anyone in the blog abt NEM…most will say the peak period is oct 20-nov 10(wich happened in 2009 also, n u say in 2009 karthiga was rockin, loL, ur observation is proven) ….anybody willl know rain fall reduces drastically after nov 15…

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