153 thoughts on “Dry weather till end of month

  1. it looks like still bay is very much disturbed with clouds. the extreme south east bay needs to be watched as we can expect a good system within 24 hours. due to good monsoon winds, a shower or two may be possible during late evening or after midnight for chennai.

    considering the bright sunny weather back to chennai, by the middle of this week, wet weather will be back to coastal tamil nadu.


  2. KEA.

    you are not agreeing. 10.30 Am satellite picture reveals a circulation in extreme south east bay / south andaman sea. as sea surface temperatures up to chennai are touching nearly 28 c a system is possible. hopefully by coming thursday chances of system is certain. moreover new moon is approaching fast and moon, venus conjoined always thre could be sea disturbance. bay of bengal always have a very great impact on planets.


  3. karaikal and nearby sea areas lashed by heavy showers as per radar. east of cuddalore inopen sea showers can be seen. again rains concentrating below cuddalore. very strange.

    going by the bright sunny weather chennai might be in for a good passing shower afternoon.


  4. latest satellite picture very much encouraging for chennai as a big cloud mass near chennai coast.

    lot of thunderclouds seen over nagai, cuddalore and some of the interiors as well and that is why it is raining there.

    already a disturbance over south east bay getting further strengthened which to be tracked.


  5. machlipatnam radar tracks heavy showers in open bay of bengal at about 100 KMS south east of machilipatnam. so even it moves south, it would have impact only in nellore.

    so there is an indication good north easterly/esterly winds prevailing in bay as the ridge would have further moved up.

    for the past 3 days the ridge was placed at 14 north which had considerably hindered the northward progress of clouds. now up to ongole the ridge zone may not pose further problems. But very strong north westerly winds are also prevailing which can at the best impact up to vizag latitude.


  6. I saw light clouds en-route to Madras over sea from Air, but radar of central AP shows some scattered built up. There was some clouds after take off from Calcutta!

  7. No predictions please. For a change, let us say that even the next depression will give more rainfall to interior parts of TN and not Chennai,

    Then let us wait and watch what happens.

  8. Dismal performance as far as rains in Chennai are concerned for Nov month.

    This time the real winners are Tanjore, Nagai, Cuddalore Puducherry, Trichy, Ariyalur etc.

    Chennai is the BIG LOSER.

  9. again good rains over karaikal region. reflected in radar.

    tomorrow morning surprisingly chennai may wake up with good rains.

    extreme south east bay to be watched as there are lot of encouraging signs.

    the ridge has gone out of south andhra, as i could see contineous showers over sea area east of ongole.


  10. kea.

    easterly wave is concentrating karaikal, nagapattinam & ramnad regions contineously for the past 4 days. however the latest satellite picture continues to be encouraging.

    one more week is very crucial and after that normally system formation & crossing would be normally down south even down karaikal.

    strangely machilipatnam areas are getting mild showers from afternoon.

    let us see.


  11. sad that these rains have created loss in delta districts.couldnt be happy seeing all these sufferings.let there be a lull in rain to protect the crops.

  12. Scattered rain may occur over south coastal andhrapradesh (For sure chennai is a part of south coastal AP these days).. its too much… the coastal north of chennai and south of chennai have got 70cm+ rains.. y was chennai alone left

  13. We can expect good rains al accross thanjavur orathanadu vallam tiruchi dindugul palani…

    Kodaikanal has been getting daily rains this november

  14. The large monsoon trough is now extended below diego garcia.The system in south indian ocean is slowly organising as shear is moderate.most of the converging winds is slowly shifting southwards this indicates a slowly sinking inter tropical convergence zone.

  15. There is an circulation in troposphere ,not extending above tropopause of the coast of sumatra which is causing thunderstorms in south east bay.

  16. Vijay,i wont bid too much on rains tomorrow.We can expect some light or moderate isolated showers.i mean it can be very isolated .

  17. Kn,it seems that another midlatitude storm coming towards your area.It has a cold front and occulade front in north and warm one in south.

  18. only 15% chance of rain today according to foreca.

    This increases to 80% tomorrow and 95% for the whole first week of december.

    Lets wait and see how the week shapes up.

  19. the high pressure zone had already given way to north and north east. as long as we get bright sunny weather for 2 days we can still have better rainy days for this week commencing from wednesday. already there is an indication another esterly wave is approaching TN coast with in 48 hours.


  20. radar reading reflect heavy showers between nellore and ongole. the places beween kalapkkam and nellore / corresponding western district left high and dry.


  21. According to TNAU (which usualy reports a little less rainfall)

    Thiruthuraipoondi(thiruvarur dt) 233mm
    Thanjavur city 161mm
    pullambadi(trichy dt) 181mm
    Tutcorin city 75mm

  22. KEA.

    One strange aspect this year observe is still dry north/north westerly winds not even touched central india so far. winter is yet to commence fully in extreme north india due to lot of moisutre incursion from jal and followed by easterly winds. So we can expect extended rainy spells even in January for chennai.

    normally by november 20th, chennai would experience chilly weather which is totally absent so far this year. it could be a good sign for extended rainy spell.


  23. after 5 contineous days, radar is very clear south of chennai. it is quite sunny up to nagapattinam. still some showers near pamban.


  24. kea please tell when did Chennai get rain from these week please tell only delta gets excess rain and south Tamil nadu get rain these north east monsoon,why Chennai did not receive any rain.please tell immediately

  25. for more than 2 hours, showers continue near nellore coast. some drizzling persists in bay of bengal towards north easts of chennai. let us see whether it cause any impact to chennai by evening.


  26. Imd has announced heavy rains for TN & south coastal from tomorrow. In the meanwhile the ridge has moved to 16 North & clearly above machlipatnam which would pave a way for the rain bearing clouds to reach coastal andhra as well as chennai.

    any views on this KRA??


  27. pl. look in to south central bay of bengal. west south west of andaman islands. looks like some serious disturbance and consequently formation of a healthy system, about 800 KMS south east of chennai.


  28. KEA.

    Latets radar picks up showers south of nellore in open sea. right from the morning showers slowly spread from south coast andhra towards north tamil nadu. i think this is a healthy sign, normally chennai gets rains from north east synchronising with cloud movement. in fact in patches there were lot of red lines.

    let us see some change in the evening for chennai.


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