145 thoughts on “Heavy rains forecasted from Thursday

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  2. sai: rain is behind us…most probably aftr 9 am,we wil start to receive rain…i wish to be a heavy rain,but i thnk, this rain wil not be with us,for a long time,may be till evening it wil sustain…..clouds moved more westerly towards central part..and also showing fast movement…

  3. @ Super Sai..
    If ther is eastern ghats near chennai just as how western ghats is ther for mangalore, i guess Chennai would have an annual rainfall slightly higher, but most of it would be form NE monsoon… PM+SWM+NEM would be 10+20+115 = 145.. But again if the NE monsoon fails, the annual rainfall would be drastcially low that year!! And one more intersting thing…chances are that if thiruvallur or arakkonam are at agubme’s position, would they get more than 200cms in just a course of 2 and a half months?? (Because of orographic effect)?? Would be very interesting!!

  4. selcyclone,yes the clouds are organising but vortex are slightly interacting with srilanka that would inhibit development .As far as rain is concerned the entire coastal TN will get very heavy rain especially the southern districts even northern part is going to get good rain as it moves in west-northwest direction.

  5. DAMN SURE!!!! tis low pressure wil make south TN TO FLOAT…ESPECIALLY Delta districts will b worst affctd….now its showing sign of developing ,convective clouds r organising…,isn’t it vinod?

  6. Conditions are becoming favourable for the south indian cyclone season to start.The trough is now lying from south bay to parts of arabian till south east indian ocean.Thats a favourable conditon for cyclogenisis in south indian ocean so by early december or by november end cyclone season will start in indian ocean.For north indian ocean the focus should be south bay and southwest bay.

  7. Yessss Vinodh.. This time all of KR’s claim collapsed into pieces

    a) Ramanathapuram is extremely dry
    b) September is the wettest SWM month of Chennai
    c) Kuzhithurai will struggle to cross 130cm
    d) Tirupattur is a 100cm+ station
    e) Tambaram is much rainier than city and airport and much much rainier than sriperumbudur
    f) Ooty is unimaginably more awesome than Kodaikanal
    g) Vishakapattinam is a waste during NEM

  8. If eastern ghats are close to chennai and tall… then

    a)Chennai would get catastrophic rainfall for an easterly wave….

    b) delta would be washed off of its fertile soil.. and it ll become laterite like kerala and coastal kk… suitable only for coconut and low quality rice…

    c) The rich 1st most urbanized and 3rd most industrialized state in the country would have taken a back seat

    I have never felt Chennai receives less rainfall.. I have seen the high temperature as the negative not the rainfall… that s where bangalore scores

  9. The large trough has caused another low pressure area in south indian ocean.This will track slowly in southwest direction towards maritius and madagascar but the verticle wind shear is very high so it is unlikely it will intensufy furthur.

  10. Halo, dont necessarily signify rains .It signifies only the weather system which is either approaching a particular area or closeby.In our case it is signifies rain since system is approaching towards us.

  11. Halo, dont necessarily signify rains .It signifies only the weather system which is either approaching a particular area or closeby.In our case it is signify rain since it is approaching towards us.

  12. vijay,halo signifies the cirrus clouds in the sky .Most of the time cirrus clouds will accompany weather systems.In our case it is low pressure.

  13. If the eastern ghtas is going to be as big as western ghats then SWM will be very minimal.NEM rainfall will increase.Cyclones will cause extraordinary amount of rainfall.cyclones dont get repelled by mountains only thing is that LLC sometimes wont survive but for that too the horizontal length of mountain should be huge.

  14. jon,
    wat’s the advantage of huge halo around moon,i often heard in this blog

    super sai
    really i forgot all my geo which i have studied in my school also im weak in geo sry to give this statement!

  15. sai:if eastern hats is taller, then also interior wil score more than chennai.,….the possiblities of recieving gr8 rains 4 chennai is tat chennai should lie in machilpatinam zone tat too coast should stretch to west central bay…….if so ,all cyclones will sleep with us,cyclone will form in front of us.,sw monsoon’s bay branch wil batter us,wil strike directly,,chennai wil b the wettest place in the earth….lol.

  16. @ Super sai : coming to your question on height of Eastern ghats. Eastern ghats is high in sections of AP, Orrisa, Chatisgarh. also they are high in erode, salem, Vellore and nilgiris districts of TN.

    If they are high enough:

    1. Central TN to vindyas would be desert
    2. You wont have any major rivers
    3. Much of South India will be arid and unfit to live
    4. Cyclones when hitting a high mountain range will get diluted
    5. Mountains make their own weather! that may repel the cyclones.

  17. @sai
    i follow JON comment dat chennai DIFFICULT TO TOUCH 100CMS.but NEM monsoon falls in 3 months 100cms r more.dat difficult to manage chennai life…floods traffic..lol!

  18. @ Super sai and all: I think I have to post my long old Geography lesson over here ( I last studied Geography in 1992!)

    1. Eastern Ghats, Western Ghats, Vindhiyas, Himalayas etc belong to mountain range called continental divide.

    2. India was formed from islands and merged to form a section of Gondwanaland. Later this land was struck with Asia to form Himalayas. India was close to Antarctica

    These several collisions, resulted in submerging of west coast just after the Western Ghats and tilting of the south India and emergence of Deccan and Vindyas.

    Even now Vindyas form a barrier to cold and rain reaching in full force either side of it as it is folded mountain! Western arm of SW Monsoon never crosses vindyas. Only Eastern branch reach north Indian plains also climate, soil, flora and fauna all different behind vindyas. Rivers from that mountain range mostly flow towards the north or west depending on the side they originate. I am going into all these.

    Due to stopping of plate activity, these mountains except Himalayas stopped growing altogether. Hence, what we find now is a fixed permanent feature.

  19. Super sai, i think chennai wil struggle to reach even 100cm in the presence of eastern ghats since it may block the sw monsoon rains during july,august and sept

  20. Jon,vinod,kea,sel,guna,kr,kn,dhina,rajkmr,gta,thunder,vijay,rich and all others .
    What are your views?
    Would chennai be a rainier place if the eastern ghats were as high as the western ghats or not ? :)
    Supa sai

  21. supersai
    on the contrary if the western ghats were absent one of two possibilities may occur

    1] rains over west coast will decrease.rain over eastern half of peninsula may increase.however all rivers flowing in the peninsula will cease to flow.

    2] rains over west coast will decrease .rains over east may remain the same and the whole of the peninsula may become semiarid .the moisture from the arabian sea may just flow over the peninsula without precipitating and paradoxically rains over northeast india may increase

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