144 thoughts on “Easterly wave to bring in some rains this week

  1. business line has predicted deficient rain for the interiors.. lol.. as usual palani,gingee,thally,kallakurichi,watrap will get rains 🙂

  2. ooo Uthiramerur 82cm before NEM 🙂 total 137cm till now.. awesome.. my grandparents used to say our fields get water from the rains and the borewell that is ever recharging by the rains 🙂

  3. KEA…u are wrong with ur blog….its the last week of october and he first week of november that is normally the wettest ..

  4. Now only i got up and i came to knw 4m my mom,tat the rain picked 4m 6.30 am….now mild showers with black clouds in east and good clear blue sky with some clouds in north…

  5. as vinod,told extreme s.bay and s. Ind ocean is pushing more clouds towards sw bay …..more clouds gathering in s.w bay near lanka……so chance for low pressure setting in sw bay i think…….

  6. Pradeep if u are free…could u please send chinna kallar pics to my email?… i went in febraury, so it wasnt great… august should have been heaven.. i chose to go to north kerala and coastal karnataka this SWM.. dint have time for valparai…

  7. selcyclone, yes there would be some system in southwest bay it may not be a low pressure but it would give good rains in coming days.clouds from south indian ocean wont affect bay .i said that due to large mosoon trough positioned in south bay which extends till south inidan ocean will enhance the system formation in these areas.In north the system formation would be in south bay and south west bay and in south (below equator ) the system formation would take place close to south east indian ocean.

  8. The vorticity in south bay is increasing and looks like a mild trough from that large monsoon trough now lies over southwest bay and parts of srilanka So we will be getting good rains.

  9. Chennai city has been lashed by heavy showers for nearly 45 minutes. Most of the roads are waterlogged and rain stopped at 8.00 AM gave some relief for road users.

    The rains recorded at KEA weather observatory a paltry 21.6 milli meters, but actually it could be more than 40 milli meters. Probably KEA recoding mechanism needs retuning, as always IMD also differs in rainfall figures, though both observatories are placed less than one KM from each other.

    In kodambakkm, the rain fall would have been more than 4 centimeters.


  10. ok vinod,..clouds in s.E bay near andaman was scatterin now…early it was circulation in vietnam…it gave 145 mm in 12 hours for Ho-chi-min city of vietnam…..now western pacific looks active to push some thing to bay.

  11. Suresh,

    The data provided by my weather station is just an indication. Its not any official record or anything, nor is it any sophisticated weather station. This is done just as a hobby. Moreover the rains received in Chennai is never same all over. It can vary upto 50 mm within Nungambakkam and Adyar too.

    FYI rainfall received until 8:30 this morning is

    keaweather – 21.6 mm
    IMD nun – 20 mm
    IMD min – 17 mm

    I dont know where you got your 40 mm figure from.

  12. KEA.

    I go by my own personal experience. when it rained moderate for 45 minutes, the rain fall should have been more than 3 centimeters. More over the drinage gets slowed down at my back yard when rain fall touches more than 3 centimters. today for 5 minutes there was a total block and most of the roads also indicate rainfall of more than 3 centimeters.

    Probably kodambakkam is 2 KMS away from your observatory, and there may be a differnece in rainfall.

    It also surpised me that IMD nungambakkam has recorded just 2 centimeters which is hard to digest.

    Any way thanks for your explanation.s


  13. I track both NE and SW monsoon over the southern peninsula. NE monsoon is very erratic and highly unpredictable. Overall you get about 10 to 12 rainy days after the monsoon sets in. Thats it. Genuine rain lovers should spend about 15 days every year in the west coast from Kasrgoad[North coastal Kerala] to Ratnagiri [South Maharastra coast] every year during the SW monsoon period. Boy it rains like mad. Non stop and heavy. I had the fortune of spending time in mangalore during sw monsoon. The rains are torrential and non stop.

  14. There are 2 circulations tracked in the recent NRL cyclone page.

    11.4 & 93.5 east of andaman islands. this would not going to cause any impact to indian coast line.

    7.0 North & 103.2 just in the tip of gulf of thailand. showing movement towards bay of bengal.


  15. Vijay.

    actually south west monsoon blowing from the equator and from the more hotter zone. That is why the winds are stronger and gives abundant rains when the summer is at peak. The north east monsoon winds blows from the cooler zone and only due to warm waters of bay of bengal, it can sustain some mosture to bring rains only to south coast of india. Even south west monsoon are not that much stronger when it reaches in land and it only gives thundershowers. The west coast roughly around 500 KMS from north kerala to maharashtra/gujarat normally gets good rains, which again due to western ghats blocking clouds.

    SO the comparison is not justifiable. Still when bay of bengal generates a powerful weather system, it can as well match with SW Monsoon in terms of rainfall and its widespread in nature.


  16. suresh)…as u mentioned,the circulation east of andaman wit thick clouds capable of bulging wen it reaches bay ….I thnk tis wil make impact for us,..and i am not sure abt the circulation in gulf of thailand,it may touch the tip of lanka ….

  17. Vijay u are right.. thats y I visited coastal karnataka and goa in mangalore-madgaon passenger this july.. it was awesome 🙂 real hard rains… that day i was lucky whole of coastal KK received on the order of 20cm rainfall…

    I also went to kozhikode in june.. that was also awesome… kozhikode received 18cm and 12cm on those days.. went to wayanad… vythiri also received 12cm and 18cm those days…

  18. @Vijayanand u are right.. thats y I visited coastal karnataka and goa in mangalore-madgaon passenger this july.. it was awesome 🙂 real hard rains… that day i was lucky whole of coastal KK received on the order of 20cm rainfall…

    I also went to kozhikode in june.. that was also awesome… kozhikode received 18cm and 12cm on those days.. went to wayanad… vythiri also received 12cm and 18cm those days…

  19. @ Kea / Ssuresh,

    I have also experienced such ‘anamolies’ in rainfall figures.

    In 2008, Oct. end when we had morning downpours, my mottai maadi reading at our west mambalam residence (near ayodhya mandapam) was around 7 cm and the same day reading at Nungambakkam (4 Km away?) and Meenambakkam were around 2-3 Cm.

    This happened over many days during that season.

  20. Did not find any report about Palani rainfall in Hindu.

    TNAU figure for Palani yesterday was 10 cm and IMD (via PWD / revenue department) was 31 cm.

    I doubt the latter, if a town recieves 31 cm then flooding / casualities would have made news.

  21. Suresh….thanks for sharing your thoughts. Yep its true that the winds blowing from warmer Indian Ocean and the western ghats are responsible for heavy deluge on the western coast during SW monsoon season. I see no reason why we cannot compare these two monsoon and their relative performance. NE monsoon is strongly handicapped as it starts off after winter starts setting in. Moreover the cyclonic systems forming over bay of bengal totally disrupts the system.
    SW monsoon on the other hand is lucky to start of during the summer season. As we know cyclonic system are much lesser in arabian sea. That helps.
    80% of the country gets rain from SW monsoon. The rains do not just cover coastal belt but also central and north india. If SW monsoon happens to be as erratic as NE it would be chaos for the country.
    We learn so much by studying both these systems.

  22. the latest satellite picutre is quite encouraging. good cloud over south bay east or srilanka in association with easterly wave and this might as well trigget a low pressure area within 24 hours. let us hope for the best.


  23. South TN has rocked(mainly kanyakumari district)

    Pechiparai dam 83mm
    Perunchani dam 98mm
    Manimuthar dam 80mm

    Sholayar dam near chinna kallar 38mm

  24. KN: You should have had a 4th option for Poll:

    ‘Its in Kerala’s genes or talai ezuttu to get rains all the while, even in supposedly TN’s NEM. So no point being happy / sad. Its a fact of life’

  25. Dear All,

    that’s a gr8 news for a LPA to form over sw bay in the next 24 hours.. hope
    chennai to get good rains from this system atleast for 3-4 days

    Also heard NEM is going to be there till 10/Jan/2011…. This is really great

  26. Alapuzha 3cm.. Kochi,Tv puram,Kottayam 4cm… Thrissur 5cm.. Punalur 8cm…

    surely Valparai,Chinna Kallar would have got decent rains 🙂

  27. Kodaikanal records 55mm and becomes the first 150cm+ annual rainfall station in Tamil Nadu to get more than its normal rainfall !!

  28. On dec 2007.. the interior usuals(Palani,Gingee,Thozhudur,Orathanadu) got heavy rains 🙂

    Orathanadu in Thanjavur district and Dharapuram in Erode district recorded extremely heavy rainfall of 31 cm and 27 cm respectively during the 24-hour-period that ended at 8-30 a.m. on Wednesday.

    Perungalur (Pudukottai district) and Thozhudhur (Cuddalore district) received 24 cm each, Panruti (Cuddalore) and Gingee (Villupuram) – 23 each, Natham and Palani, (both in Dindigul district) – 22 cm each

  29. Most probably the TN rankings for this year would be something lik

    1. Chinna Kallar
    2. Valparai
    3. Devala
    4. Kodaikanal
    5. Thally

    Incidentally all are high altitude places !!

  30. KN,
    Central TN belt of Dindigul / Southern parts of current Coimbatore / Tiruppur districts and Karur districts get heavy rains when L is the Pal Straits.

    The heavy rains of Nov 22-25, 2005 (best ever rains for TN since…?) and Dec 2007, these regions topped the rain charts.

    No wonder Amavathi river carried around 1 Lakh cusecs at Karur in 2005 during the bout of heavy rains.

  31. Posting the rainfall report of Nov 24, 2005…One of the best days ever. Average rain for this day for TN was 80 odd mm.



    The well marked low pressure area move westwards and emerged into Southeast Arabian sea.

    Under its influence, northeast monsoon has been vigorous over Tamilnadu and active over Rayalaseema.

    Rainfall occurred at most places over Tamilnadu and Lakshadweep, at many places over Rayalaseema and South Interior Karnataka and at a few places over Kerala. Isolated rainfall occurred over North Interior Karnataka and Coastal Andhrapradesh. Dry weather prevailed over Telangana and Coastal Karnataka.

    The following stations recorded heavy to very heavy rainfall in Centimetres:

    Panruti (Cuddalore dt) 32, Kallakurichi (Villupuram dt) 31, Sholavandan (Madurai dt) 29, Virudhunagar 28, Palani (Dindigul dt) 27, Dindigul 26, Thanjavur and Vallam (Thanjavur dt) 25 each, Thozhudur (Cuddalore dt) and Perambalur 24 each, Mayanur (Karur dt) 23, Vembavur (Perambalur dt) and Pullambadi (Tiruchirapalli dt) 22 each, Chettikulam (Perambalur dt), Peraiyur and Vadipatti (Both Madurai dt) 21 each, Tirukattupalli (Thanjavur dt), Viralimalai (Pudukottai dt), Karur, Lalgudi and Musiri (Both Tiruchirapalli dt) 20 each, Arvakurichi (Karur dt), Ariyalur, Thuraiyur (Tiruchirapalli dt) and Natham (Dindugul dt) 19 each, Pudukottai and Mettupatti (Madurai dt) 18 each, Tirukoilur and Ulundurpet (Both Villupuram dt), Karambakudi (Pudukottai dt), Erode, Kadavur (Karur dt), Karur Paramathi and Nilakottai (Dindigul dt) 17 each, Kattumannarkoil (Cuddalore dt), Alangudi (Pudukottai dt), Tiruchirapalli Airport and Chatrapatti (Dindigul dt) 16 each, Cuddalore, Srimushnam (Cuddalore dt), Tiruvaiyaru (Thanjavur dt), Mayiladuthurai (Nagapattinam dt), Kodavasal (Tiruvarur dt), Tiruvarur, Ramanathapuram, Thammampatti (Salem dt), Yercaud, Thogaimalai (Karur dt) and Tiruchirapalli 15 each, Mangalapuram and Paramathi Velur (Both Namakkal dt), Kulithalai (Karur dt), Jayamondam (Perambalur dt) and Tirumangalam (Madurai dt) 14 each, Tiruvidaimarudur (Thanjavur dt), Valangaiman and Needamangalam (Both Tiruvarur dt), Sirkali (Nagapattinam dt), Pappireddipatti (Dharmapuri dt), Mulanur (Erode dt), Valapady (Salem dt), Melur and Usilampatti (Both Madurai dt) 13 each, Virudhachalam (Cuddalore dt), Villupuram, Orathanadu and Papanasam (Both Thanjavur dt), Sanakarankoil and Senkottai (Both Tirunelveli dt), Namakkal, Attur (Salem dt), Dharapuram and Perundurai (Both Erode dt) and Kodaikanal 12 each, Parangipettai, Nagapattinam, Rasipuram (Namakkal dt), Marungapuri (Tiruchirapalli dt), Chittampati (Madurai dt), Andipatti (Theni dt), Karaikal and Kollam 11 each, Chidambaram (Cuddalore dt), Kovilpatti (Tuticorin dt), Salem, Vedasandur (Dindigul dt) and Cherthala (Alapuzha dt) 10 each, Kumbakonam (Thanjavur dt), Mannargudi and Tiruthuraipoondi (Both Tiruvarur dt), Aranthangi, Perungalur, Tirumayam and Keeranur (All Pudukottai dt), Kumarapalayam and Tiruchengode (Both Namakkal dt), Omalur (Salem dt), Bhavani (Erode dt), Thathingarpet (Tiruchirapalli dt), Madurai Airport, Tiruppuvanam (Sivagangai dt), Poondi and Redhills (Both Tiruvallur dt), Kovilankulam and Mavelikara (Alapuzha dt) 9 each, Sankarapuram (Villupuram dt), Harur (Dharmapuri dt), Sendamangalam (Namakkal dt), Udumalpet (Coimbatore dt), Gobichettipalayam (Erode dt) and Sivagangai 8 each, Tiruvallur, Arimalam and Illuppur (Both Pudukottai dt), Tiruvadanai (Ramanathapuram dt), Sivagiri (Tirunelveli dt), Dharmapuri, Sankaridurg (Salem dt), Kangeyam (Erode dt), Ilayankudi (Sivagangai dt), Watrap (Virudhunagar dt) and Cholavaram (Tiruvallur dt) 7 each.

  32. The then Amaravathi floods:
    Flood warning issued in Karur, Tiruchi districts Tiruchirappalli Nov 23. (PTI): A flood warning has been issued in Karur and Tiruchirapalli districts, as 96,000 cusecs of surplus water was released from the Amaravathi dam early this morning.

    Karur District Collector A.Karthik issued the warning and asked people living along the river banks to move to safer places. Schools in Karur town will remain closed today. Schools in Tiruchi and Pudukottai districts will also remain closed for today.

    About 68,000 cusecs (of 96,000 cusecs) from Amaravathi river, besides the surplus waters from Palaru, Parapalaru, Varadhamanathi, Kuthiraiyaru would reach Thirumukoodal and enter the Cauvery river.

    Officials expect a surplus of one lakh cusecs to reach Cauvery river by this afternoon and for the water to reach mukombu in Tiruchi district in the evening.

    All the water would be diverted into the Cauvery and Coleroon rivers.

    Tiruchi District Collector K.Nandhakishore has made arrangements for flood relief operations and warnings have been issued to the people in low lying areas.

  33. The heavist rainfall city in the east coast for the whole year normally occurs in orissa or westbengal coasts. either paradeep or calutta dum dum harbour. South west monsoon season actually gives higher rainfall in these two places.

    however only very few years the highest record could vary. for example in 2005, chennai has recorded 257 centimeters even higher than Mumbai. But out of 30 years, this could happen once or twice not always.


  34. s.andhra to nagapatinam,cuddalore belt of south east coast recieves heavy rainfal..,for entire east coast hooghly basin in kolkata receive highest in sw monsoon.

  35. so far no signs of any sinificant weather system. but we have to see the 5.30 PM satellite picture and to keep track of this every 6 hours.

    chennai city is absolutely bright sunny weather right from 8 AM and in between low clouds passing thru from north east.


  36. ssuresh: according 2 me,when low medium clouds started 2 move 2wards south ….tis s sign of formation of LP or Circulation in south ,….we can xpect some thng bfore night…

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