101 thoughts on “Dry weather expected today

  1. towards eastern coast of srilanka a low pressure formation is likely in another 24 hours as per latest satellite picture.

    always radar picks up rain signals between mahapalipuram and kalpakkam/pondy belt for the past one week especially during morning. but chennai no such reading.


  2. There is good amount of water flowing on the Adyar river at Manapakkam… Has the Chembarambakkam or other reservoir being opened? Please let me know.

  3. Low pressure area forming over north srilanka and south coast of TamilNadu. Infact this morning 5.30 am picture showing up substantial cloud mass building up over north srilanka and extending up to nagapatinam. Some good rain on the way over south TN.

  4. @ chandrasekar : The reason for flows in Adyar and coovam is due to local storm water drains and feeding from local catchments.

    In regard to Adyar, its main starting point is just east of guduvanchery. The lakes close to the source are highly silted and even a few cms of rain will make them brim. That inflows flow on to the creek and till Kishkintha – these type of flows prevail.

  5. The sat images are now looking great for the entire tn especially South TN.

    From Sunday onwards the wet conditions are going to increase as per the latest IMD forecast. 😀

  6. But nothing is said about the low pressure which Suresh has been mentioning since yesterday.

    Only easterly wave is mentioned.

    Any way all we want is only rain 😆

  7. IMDCHENNAI can give its forecast daily after receiving the IMD midday bulletin.

    At least this will serve some purpose.

    But mr Ramanan will give his forecast based only on the outdated morning 8.30 observation.


  8. easterly wave would bring good showers to coastal tamil nadu including chennai from tomorrow afternoon.

    still chances of formation of low pressure east of srilanka is likely in the coming day or two.

    let us see.


  9. BBC has revised prediction for today- from heavy rains to Sunny intervals and clear nite within 4hrs..losing my confidence on them

  10. Just see the IMD sat, there will be continuous rain almost every day in souther TN – chennai as usual on & off எப்பொழுதாவது விட்டு விட்டு பெய்யும்



  11. now the depression in arabian sea moved towards the warmer part of the arabian sea…………chance of cyclone forming over arabian sea………wind shear 2wards mumbai, 4m the system………….

  12. The Somasila Reservoir which is a part of the Krishna Water Project is full now and the excess water about 20000 cusecs is let out into sea through seven crest gates.

    source: Deccan Chronicle

    What a waste of precious water.

    Till last week for about 10 days there was a stoppage of Krishna water to chennai, because the inflow was meagre in AP reservoirs.

    Now with sudden heavy rains in catchment areas the dam is filled and no place to store the water.

    What a irony ?

  13. The precipitation outlook by NCEP is also not promising much for Chennai.

    The bulk of the rains are forecast over the sea and southern TN. Chennai can consider itself lucky if it gets 10 cm for the coming week 🙄

  14. Accuweather forecast from 26-Nov – 3rd Dec looks superb with rains predicted for all 7 days.

    We can be happier if at least half their prediction comes true. :mrgreen:

  15. 17.11.10:- Tambaram, Uthiramerur, Chembarambakkam, Tozhudur, Maniyatchi-06

    Tbm 6cm on 17th…remember IMD gave as 4cm! 😡 ..this was rhe dya wen my RGs read 63mm

  16. The wave is presently over srilanka which is associated with another circulation close to ITC zone.
    There is some other vortex showing near andhaman sea too.The cloud over the srilanka and adjoining is showing poor spin so the low pressure formation seems to be low now if it could hold down in the same area for some more days then some possibility of low pressure holds good but the the wave is continuing to move inland that will act as a detrimental process for low formation. The other circulation in south andhaman sea will move westward, this one has a good chance of developing into a low pressure or more due to low upper level winds and good SST.Currently the mild circulation in andhaman sea is hardly visible.

  17. I request all the posters to post in proper regular English. As many including me not conversant with sms type English. Unless it is in proper language, your posts’ won’t reach the targeted audience.

  18. Any development of the wave from andhaman will be possible only next week.i am not sure if it is a wave or not as there are no convergence is going on and it doesnt seem to show wave like pattern.It is just showing some mild circulation.

  19. KR,yup halo around moon is always indication of an system nearby.They form due to the reflection of light from cirrus clouds ice crytal which always accompany the system.

  20. @ Vinodh : Halo around the moon may not indicate a system. But it may indicate a high level of water vapour content in the upper stratosphere.

    Usually the halo is caused by the ice crystals as you told scattered by them when they are in 22 degree to the light source. These 22 deg ice crystals act like a prism.

    Still this is to be proved when a halo forms, it will rain or a system will form etc. But certainly they form only when there is high humidity and ice in upper atmosphere.

  21. latest satellite image looks promising for N.tamil nadu…circulation and its associated cloud mass have moved slowly and trackd more north direction than northwest…..so no doubt of getting showers 2mrow if it advances n develop slowly…

  22. Dhinakar,yes it is the water vapour whic causes this…high amount of water vapour is called cloud.The cloud which carries ice crytals are cirrus clouds.The cirrus clouds are the one which comes along with a weather front.In our case the wave is in south bay is accompanied by cirrus clouds.

  23. thunderjove,There are no defined low level circulation in bay presently thats the reason nrlmry is showing no system in bay or arabian but some cluster of cloud in the arabian is showing some promising signs of development.

  24. waves,troughs,cyclones or any systems are always accompanied by the cirrus clouds . i mean the outermost band .This you guys can verify it.just observe the sun or moon before a approaching cyclone you will come to know what i mean.Most of the time you can see some amount of slim halo around the sun or moon.”Cyclones are capable of creating halo around sun” since they produce very dense cirrus clouds.This i observed in 2003 cyclone,cyclone pyaar,fanoos,1999 orrisa cyclone which produced halo around sun in chennai etc..the list is very large…
    Cirrus clouds sometime dont accompany a weather system but as i observed till now whenever there is a halo around sun or moon in chennai there is definitely a system in any part of bay of bengal..sometimes it does not hold true but in current scenario there is clearly a wave in srilanka.

  25. frnz,i lost hope in bay 4 a while ,no circulation seen till the xtreme east.an s.east..tis lankan circulation is also too weak..we cant rely on tis for rain…now bay is also not as warm as arabian sea…

  26. keep an eye on the system over arabian sea….it shows sign of developing to TC….thick clouds organising and also it is in warmest part of sea..tis s enough 4 development..,by late evening we can see arabian sea actions,…

  27. Seems like a south west monsson rain wind directionn also seems to be from south west
    Also rain has been veery continuous and bevy from almost 6 am not much breaks .

  28. selcyclone,parts of bay are very warm to support the development especially southwest bay.The mild circulation from andhaman is the one we need to watch out for in coming days.

  29. vinod: plz go to hurricane zone.net website..in tat select indian ocean menu and then north indian ocean….and then select sea surface temperature..and see for ind ocean and s.china sea..,i thnk central arabian sea s warmer vino…

  30. yes,central arabian is warmer and did you see the south west bay it is warmer too.If arabian sea is warmer than bay of bengal it doesnt mean that no system will form in bay both seas are conductive for development :)..the SST is more than the treshold level in both seas.Infact bay is has more favourable upper level winds than the arabian sea.The system in the arabian sea is currenlty under low to moderate shear.It has too fight the high shear as it moves northward that will slow its development.

  31. The wave is now lies over west srilankan coast .The vorticity is very slim.It should slowly fade away.one in andhaman sea showing slight increase in convection compared to yesterday.

  32. Even that broad trough in extreme south bay is to be watched for some slim development,It is slowly moving westward which would enhance rain for srilanka and extreme southern peninsula as it moves westward.It should be very slow in movement.

  33. Perfect LA Nina ..warm waters in western pacific ,atlantic and relatively cooler water in eastern pacific.
    selcyclone,you can also get SST values in accuweather.

  34. Heavy rains not properly supported by radar and so it would stop within 5 minutes.

    it is raining quity heavily in arcot road, kodambakkam.


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