344 thoughts on “Heavy rains from Cyclone Jal expected today

  1. @ Omkar : You can’t listen to Madras Radio on your regular Broadcast Receiver. You have to break the Air capacitor to listen also you need to know Morse!

    You try to tune in sanyo (Preferred) Kachibo sets in FM the jumped broadcast of VOMM!

  2. Dinakar, I have built few radios and for FM it is easy to adjust the RF coil. But for MW I dont know the frequency, that is why I asked. Can adjust trimmer capacitor to some extent. Morse code is boring 😦 No recorded voice?

  3. It is down pour along the coast of nellore district.
    Sea also came 200 mts on to land. Meny fishermen lost their boats and nets. Being shifted to safer locations. God only knows what next

  4. @ Omkar : Below Broadcast frequency only Morse. Also, now those frequencies are absolute due to GMDSS. Which is a satellite controlled and automatic.

    I think the frequency is 445 Khz! It is quite a long time since I went to that frequency say 16 years!

  5. In case of electrical shock, residents must switch off the mains and inform the nearby TNEB office. Residents may contact the helpline 28521109, 28524422 and 155333 during emergency.

    Several government agencies are gearing up to tackle the situation. The Chennai Corporation has set up a 24-hour control room. Apart from the Corporation’s toll free helpline 1913, residents can contact 25386386 or 25619336 for assistance.

  6. Chennai-Pulicat landfall according to JTWC



    12 HRS, VALID AT:
    070600Z — 12.5N 82.5E

    24 HRS, VALID AT:
    071800Z — 13.8N 80.2E

  7. no.rain.,nly.drizzling…….some.people.driwed.away.d.rain.by.placing.bid.on.d.rain….one.said,25.cm,anodher.said.45.cm..,,.sema.cmdy.ah.poach….

  8. Very mild rains now in Chennai AP and nice squally winds. The weather is excellent out there.

    But is this what a cyclone is all about? No heavy downpour at all.

    Need to wait for the experts – Pradeep, Jon, Kea to answer to the query.

  9. Thx guru for the posts. I don’t understand it either.

    Based on past experience with cyclones though, the heaviest rain and wind are usually only for a few hours either side of the centre.

    The weather gets worse and worse throughout the day, and as the core of the storm approaches, the clouds move at incredible speeds and there are sudden heavy bursts of rain which are hard to see because of the wind.

    In case of Jal, I hope the storm moves slow enough to deliver plentiful rains. Winds are cool and all, but does no one any good. What we need are the rains!

  10. PDC n cdl mi8 have got atleast 5cm eaach…n cloud s movin from NE in radar…so some more rains for chennai comin..n i feel he heaviest raisn will start only after JAL goes north of us..

  11. Speaking of timing, IMD’s 2:30 update is yet to occur and it’s almost time for their next one. I can understand during regular days but this is crunch time. They really need to step it up. The state and local governments receive official word from IMD and base their actions on the reports they receive. They really need to be proactive now instead of playing the blame game after the damage is done.

  12. May be jAL is just a cold cyclone.. I have seen this some years back when there was a cyclone that never gave much rains

  13. Kea,

    should this system not be producing atleast some decent rains and winds by now.. Looks like the system is pretty close and dense cloud cover looking at the sat pic ??

  14. Kar, this is a very severe Cyclone, this is just 1 notch below super cyclone.

    I dont think Chennai has ever got a Severe cyclone before. This is going to cross not too far away from us. Expect floods this evening

  15. The ppl in this blog expect too much too soon.

    Until last nite, ppl were complaining its not raining. And when it starts raining, ppl r complaining its not heavy. Probably when it turns heavy there will be some other excuses.

    Enjoy the cyclone, it is a once in 15 years thing for Chennai.

  16. That being said, the centre is still ~400 km away from Chennai. That is a long distance! It’s been moving consistently at 12-15 kph, so we are at least 24 hours away from the centre. There is still a significant time frame for the heavy rains to occur.

    Conservative estimates of, say, 10 hours of on average 1 cm/hr, plus 6 hours of on average 2 cm/hr, that’s still more than 20 cm.

  17. Thx sriram for the link. Couldn’t see an update on their website (both IMD and IMD Chennai) for some reason. I guess they’re not totally napping after all 🙂

  18. Hi to everyone, atlast we got it, heavy winds blowing , continous drizziling cool breeze and coconut trees swinging heavility in chrompet.

    However it appears flight operations seem to be normal at AP

  19. The landfall would be exactly chennai…….it cant go above that……….JTWC would soon change its forecast……..its cos it has moved west than north west

  20. hi.
    i am seeing a heavy wind & thundering after a long break in chennai. V ENJOYED THIS WEEKEND WITH FESTIVAL CRACKERS & NOW WITH A BEAUTIFUL NATURE GIFE “THE RAIN”

  21. KEA – i too have apprehensions with 60 to 75 kmph – with so many cell phone towers on the roof top in and around chennai

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