Cyclone Jal less than 500 Km away from Chennai.

Rain/thundershower with Squally swinds reaching 55-65 kmph gusting to 75 kmph would occur at most places with isolated heavy to very heavy falls from Saturday morning. The intensity would increase with heavy to very heavy falls at a few places and isolated extremely heavy falls (≥25 cm) from Sunday morning. Winds may increase to 120-130 kmph gusting to 140 kmph during landfall

287 thoughts on “Cyclone Jal less than 500 Km away from Chennai.

  1. Kea Website Records (Single day posts)

    Without any rains we have crossed 550 posts today…..i think we will cross 700 posts today

    Cyclone Jal –
    Approx 550 posts still continuing on
    November 6th 2010
    Rainfall received that day 0mm

    Cyclone Jal –
    Approx 550 posts on
    November 5th 2010
    Rainfall received that day 4mm

    Cyclone Laila –
    Approx 450 posts on
    May 19th 2010
    Rainfall received that day 190mm

    Cyclone Ward –
    Approx 425 posts on
    December 15th 2009
    Rainfall received that day 83mm

    Cyclone Phyan –
    Approx 375 posts on
    November 7th 2009
    Rainfall received that day 138mm

  2. It will be better if it is not taking a direct hit on Chennai. Because we want only the rains and not the associated wind damages.

    All of you have a nice sleep tonight because tomorrow night will not be conducive for good sleep if Jal batters Chennai as predicted.

  3. If jal lands 100 kms north or south no issues
    chennai will be battered

    also as per satellite images currently we will receive rains only after midnight like Laila

  4. As per latest JTWC report, this is likely to cross about 100 KMS north of chennai. now it is placed in 11 North and 84.5 east roughly 475 KMS south east of chennai. Any further movement of this, would cover the entire chennai and kanchipuram dt. under rain belt.

    North westerlies now slowly replaced to northerly winds in tune with the movement of storm.


  5. @ Chandru,
    I’ve had such experiences too..
    Wen i say i’m interested in checking weather, most ppl ask me ‘wat wud u do knowing tat?’

    Some say, it is strange to see a person like this..
    Wen i keep takin abt weather wit my family members, they would ask me to stop and say it is too much to analyse weather this detailed…

    But i’ve been like this for the past 7 – 8 years!!

  6. If thiruvarur gets rain, i think may be in another few hours, chennai would be covered. what i feel the south winds blowing towards the system can bring the moisture from srilanka. in any case north tamil nadu would have a heavy downpour may be after midnight.


  7. Cyclone will cross Chennai on Sunday evening around 30 km north of Nungambakkam at 8-9 in the night.
    Heavy rains expected.

  8. I feel rain will start pouring in only when the centre of the cyclone is 300 kms from chennai. So we may get rain only by tomorrow morning and that too the direction is purely west-north-westerly.

  9. Normally if it moves towards land the northern part of eye would have lot of rain bearing clouds. possibly this would transform soon. little bit strange still at chennai north westerly winds are blowing.


  10. Will u allow an American to join the discussion? I have been living in Chennai for 3 years now and I have been so board with the weather. Loved Laila, and loving Jai too. Snowing at home now, and hoping to see Hurricane force winds here in Kilpauk.

  11. Mr. Gopal/

    This is the table given for ship captains. please do not follow this strictly. they would normally give extra margins in their report to the captain of the vessel in high seas. let us rely on normal JTWC report and IMD reports.


  12. In order to get rains from north east, first we must get north easterly winds. now north westerly winds blowing which can only drive the rain towards sea only. let us wait for another 2 hours so that movement of system can totally change the wind pattern.


  13. So will Nungambakkam receive more rains than Chennai AP this time because of Jal? So at how many kms distance does the system lay centred now?

    Jon what’s the latest update from your end?

  14. Mr. Gopal.

    AFter new moon day yesterday, moon started coming out from the cusp only tomorrow morning. Moon is a big significator in bringing rains, could change the weather pattern. i think from midnight we can expect moderate showers and picking up in strenght by early morning.


  15. Evacuation process going on here in pulicat……..
    Goverment officials going to each village and the deadline of evacuation is setted as 9am tomorrow morning……
    The villages which are very close to the shore has a deadline as 11pm today night…..
    situation is suddenly changing here… :-/

  16. Hai all…No signs of rain yet in south chennai.It is still a dull breezy kind of weather. I am not sure of this Jal….Kindly let me know their general behaviour style of these kind of Jal-cyclone.

  17. Hey a small suggestion , u have seen new traffic to your site right , i suggest you put up an introduction or self help page describing weather terms to newbies and explain how the radar works and pressure factors . i am sure it will help a lot of us

  18. So many new entrants to this wonderful weather blog because of Jal.

    But strange that Jal is still no signs of entering Chennai. Absolutely ridiculous

  19. Friends IMD report would give a clear picture of landfall…..CYCLONE JAL is for us…JTWC has changed its forecast in its last three updates….May be who knows they even would change the forecast again to chennai…… lets not loose confidence

  20. @balagi,
    jal cyclone ll hit chennai or N of chennai by tomoro mid night which moves in a N-W movement and expected to land at pulicat.

    near tbm means?

  21. i checked gfs rains are delayed than expected but surely coming. here in tambaram winds has been strong from evening im still hopefull…All the best!!

  22. Guys,

    Any one noticed, Kea say’a Category 1 Hurricane JAL ina flash on the home page. Is it declared as category 1 Hurricane. NO news on it yet. Any updates??

  23. no rain in chennai so for since yesterday. where is jal? is it realy moving towards chennai or stationery. any chance of changing its path away from chennai. can anybody tell?

  24. It appears Jal seem to be testing patience of everyone, The prediction from Ramanan that it may yeild 250mm rainfall, let us see

  25. People evacuated from Kalpakkam, Puthu patinam, Mahabalipuram, Kovalam coastal areas. Sea water has inundated those areas.

  26. Y the sattelite images are still not showing any ‘eye’?
    and the centre seems to be at the corner of the cloud? ccan some one xpalin?

  27. UW – CIMSS
    ADT-Version 8.1.1
    Tropical Cyclone Intensity Algorithm

    —– Current Analysis —–
    Date : 06 NOV 2010 Time : 143000 UTC
    Lat : 11:15:19 N Lon : 84:33:46 E

    CI# /Pressure/ Vmax
    3.1 / 989.6mb/ 47.0kt

    Vmax 47 knots is the lowest today. weakening flag is On as yet. However, the satellite picture does not show weakening. There is some mismatch between reality and theory. Let us see the update JTWC.

  28. @Sharan – IMD data has changed from its last bulletin. In line with JTWC data, the landfall is now north of Chennai, near Nellore. But I guess even if this happens, Chennai should get copious rains – less the devastation, which should still be good for us 🙂

  29. Stupid NW wind is keeping JAL away from TN.Rain is going to tear apart Andhra once again.I feel sorry for both tn and ap.

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