286 thoughts on “Northeast monsoon active over TN

  1. Cant come to any conclusion now.but lets hope it makes landfall just south of chennai either big or small doesnt matter.fingers crossed.

  2. Monsoon has really started atlast, it is pouring right from 2.30 onwards sometimes heaviliy in chromepet, it appears the Chennai it is pouring

  3. 50mm over my place in Velachery road. Clouds moving from North to South, North looks darker and only heavy drizzles at present.

  4. Omgggggggggggg

    Why is this year so biased towards all states except TN?

    Guess what till 8 30 AM

    Kavali 110mm
    Nellore 129mm 😦 😦 😦

    why are we soooo unlucky this time.. hope this doesnt become the favorite stretch of NEM 😦

  5. @Jon is Chennai region getting all this 13 cms and 14cms.. i dont think so… may be that usual interior cuddalore ll get (Chidambaram,Thozhudur etc)

  6. most of the open sea ( about 150 Kms to the north east, north, east, south and south east full of rain bearing clouds). please see the closed range radar which reflects good rains over sea.

    in fact if you see the machilipatnam radar which says almost up to kakinada coast rains were seen.

    i think throughout the day chennai would continue to get drizzling and in between some heavy showers.

    Till this moment about 8 centimeters below average for october which i hope would be surpassed before tomorrow evening.


  7. Usually Nellore gets rains once in a blue moon let it get its share.but still t.n as a whole rocks.remember sivakasi 21 cm :wink:.and chennai too rocking for the past 2 days

  8. Cant wait for the Nov 5th Cyclone if it is really gonna happen. I would atleast want a Cat-3 Cyclone brushing the TN coast..

  9. only blue, white and little bit yellow spots can be seen near chennai coast. red spots are visible after 50 KMS.

    so we can expect only drizzles for another 2 hours.


  10. I dont believe what this guy Ramanan says..
    Its standard to say this ‘ Heavy to very heavy raifall’ possible along TN and south Andhra Coast.

    And that heavy rain might fall somewhere 400 kms below us.. This is not prediction.Its guess work..

  11. radra continue to reveal lot of rain bearing clouds towards south andhra pradesh coast and most of them in open sea.

    this is the real irony. we can say places beyond pondy virtually no rains for the past few hours.

    any opinion. if the same trend continues, tomorrow there may be good sunshine here.


  12. Normally during day time NE monsoon never be very active unless there is a strong sea based system. Only when the nearby sea heats up and produce moisture in the form of clouds which normally gets the required coolness only after mid night. Hence always after midnight and up to early morning NE monsoon winds produce rains.

    The bay of bengal towards north and north east of chennai still showing lot of cloud mass up to 200 KMS away from chennai coast. All possibility it would rebuild its strength during day time and usher more rains tonight covering chennai also.

    Clouds right from morning just being stationed almost in the same position hardly moves 10 to 20 KMS.

    We can expect reasonably good showers during night as we got it in the last 2 days.


  13. there was a non stop rain here in pulicat from yesterday nite…….there was a heavy water logging in ponneri and busses were stopped to pulicat……..
    rain may be easily be 10-11 cms till now….

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