81 thoughts on “Onset of NEM expected sometime next week

  1. There is a huge cloud mass in North East Bay and also one cloud mass just south off the coast of Mumbai.

    Idhellam thevai thaana ippo ???

  2. Retailers in Chennai must be praying for a dry week. Last thing they want is rain now during peak Diwali shopping time. Ranganathan theruvila mandai kaanjaalum shopping panna varuvaanga muttaal koottam.

  3. Super typhoon Megi heading towards Guangzhou, the host of Asian games in 3 weeks time.

    If it was India, all the blame will be put on the poor Typhoon.

  4. @Vijay , MGRoad is no comparison to Ranganathan street! Manitha tsunami thaan athu. 36 degree veyilla , kottara mazhaiyila , enna earthquake vanthaa kooda antha theruvila koottam kuraiyaadhu. My parents stay on Rameswaram road just off Ranganathan street. They have stopped going to the temple near the bus stand just because of this crowd.

  5. This is not a forum to discuss about Ranganathan street or about the crowds assembling there irrespective of whether it is a hot day or a rainy day.

    The topic has deviated from the onset of NEM. We know about the links to access the Hindu newsdaily. No need to post any specific links.

  6. @guru , cool it man , this is a blog , it has deviated off topic many times in the past , that is the nature of a blog. Since Vijay raised the topic I was just replying. I started by saying that at least one set of people , the retailers , are going to be happy with a delayed monsoon. THAT is hardly off topic.

  7. super typhoon Megi lashed philippines with winds gusting upto 225 km per hour wind.

    Its heading towards china now. No chance of entering BOB.

  8. omg.. this is second half of october..and bangalore is holding that condition(min max temp)..this is really bad..

    chennai 35 27
    bangalore 27 19

    it should be becos of dry westerlies..has the wind changed guys?

  9. super typhoon megi huge storm..wind was near 305 kmph ,gust of 350 kmph and pressure of 885 mbar during its peak ie some 12 hours ago.very intense storm..still not clear whether it made landfall with 300 kmph winds or lesser.Will be clear in post storm analysis.It became one of the few storms to make a landfall with high intense.

  10. At this rate it looks like the NEM will set in only by the first week of November.

    No trace signs also at the moment..Dry westerly winds, low humidity.. Nothing promising yet

  11. Guys be prepared.. I feel 2010 is going to be horrible for us..
    May be worse than 2003 ??

    Even if the NEM sets in by end of October or Early November, the MJO dry phase wouldnt let any meaningful systems to develop until 15th November. By then 60% of the NEM period would have been over already… Mid to Late november will only bring one or 2 systems. Of that the probability of systems going to Andhra or Orrisa or even WB is there too..
    December max 1 system.. might bring mild showers.. By then the anti cyclone would have extended down south ceasing rains across chennai latitude..

    Monsoon Katham 😦 I really hate to be saying all this.. And i sometimes get dam frustrated at the fickle North East Monsoon.

  12. Chennai yesterday 😦

    Maximum Temperature(°C) 34.9
    Departure from Normal(°C) +4
    Minimum Temperature(°C) 26.5
    Departure from Normal(°C) +3

  13. For some days it will be from South due to some low over AP. Today very slight rain over Velachery just to enough to wet the ground.

  14. Last year we had predominantly NE winds from Oct 15th, but our first meaningful rain did not happen until Nov 3rd.

    change of winds alone does not matter much.

  15. for past two days I am seeing a big cloud mass from China moving towards us! I hope that will be the seed of the NE monsoon. As expected the low which crossed Orrisa, crossed maharastra and now in Arabian sea and will form a system and cross near Karachi!

  16. KEA.

    IMD has announce a formation of low pressure area in east central bay of bengal. Will it singals the commencement of NE monsoon within 2 days over south peninsula. The chances of this sytem moving towards north and north east are very remotes, as already wind pattern has changed over andaman / north bay of bengal.

    any opinion ??


  17. Good that the depression is not going to stay in Bay or proceed towards AP/Orissa but will move back to Myanmar..the strong winds from South are pushing it back!

    But we will get rains only if winds come from SE.

  18. narayanan
    thanks for that link……. 🙂 actually it looks really promising for entire november………. 😉

  19. Phew chennai is one hot humid desert.. Come to my mangalore where we yearly cross 350-400 cms nearly 4 times chennai rainfall !!


  20. @Shravan i had been to mangalore.. yes its a neat city and i came during this july so it was rainy and verdant as well.. with netravati flowing all along the south border.. i really liked it.. but chennai is always better.. u wont get nicer people, splendid north east monsoon,metropolitan atmosphere and better law and order in mang…

    My friends from mangalore and udupi have always said they prefer Bangalore to mangalore… becos
    summers are untolerable there and bangalore is more overcast according to them till november…

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