156 thoughts on “Sunny, Isolated showers possible

  1. chennai runners ECR half marathon tomorrow. Hope we get a drizzle tomm early morning to make it a comfortable run

  2. Very heavy rain here in Virugambakkam.

    Can this be considered as the North East Monsoon setting in the state ?

    The wind direction is North East. There is no Low pressure and the satellite pic doesn’t indicate any dense cloud formation..
    Still there is rains characteristic of North East Monsoon

  3. @chandru,

    For declaration of the setting in of NEM,

    a)Most places in coastal TN shud record 3cm


    b)Most places in the interiors shud record 2cm

    thats how IMD defines it

  4. Jon,

    The wind direction is vacillating between North East to East to South East.
    It is just the typical transitional period

  5. Chandru, but stil cloud movement should be from ne and it should persist for more than 4 days atleast to declare the onset

  6. Yes JON i understand that IMD has certain specs that needs to be satisfied for declaring Onset.
    But i feel as the rains are caused by Moist winds from the NE or E or even SE this is the season beginning.
    Whether we call it NE monsoon or not…

  7. Kea,

    I feel the sunny weather on Tuesday and Wednesday may be because of the developing system in the Andaman sea moving over to North AP or Orissa coast..dragging away the moisture along with it

  8. somethings really gone wrong with kodaikanal.. 15mm again.. i think its been raining everyday for last 10 days or so

  9. All the stations in coastal Karnataka have crossed their annual rainfall..

    Mangalore, Magalore AP,shirali,karwar,honnavar all are done for this year..

  10. The rainfall (in mm) in KK district for this Saturday, the Second October 2010 ending at 0830 hrs IST are given below:

    1.Kuzithurai :92.0
    2.Thuckalay : 82.0
    3.Mylaudy :76.3
    4.Kallkulam :76.0
    5.Agastiswaram : 63.5
    6.Eraniel :43.5
    7.Kurunthancode : 41.0
    8.. Colachel :26.4

    from a Anonymous person in Indian Weatherman

  11. if the system moves nw then the moisture will not be there for our nem?????????????? 😦 😯 aiyyyyyooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😡

  12. I was in Taramani today and it was hot. No where was the temp 32-33. It should have been 37 or 38.

    Regarding the LPA, I dont rule out affecting anywhere on the Indian coast. It could even come to TN or go to Andhra or even Orissa. It should become clearer by tomorrow evening or Monday

  13. @thunderjove,

    don worry..latest prediction from GFS suggests no clear landfall of this system..entire east coast to benefit from this system..moreover north TN going to get very heavy rains from Oct 10 🙂

  14. Coonoor darling the only 200cm scorer in the leeward side of the ghats.. is getting good rains atlast.. SWM was disaster.. it should have got some 70cm+ but ended up very less.. coonoor has been getting around 200 consistently for last few years

  15. imdchennai worst… so many times they are missing so many places.. yest they missed bhagamandala which appeared in imd bangalore site

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