109 thoughts on “SWM withdrawal has started, wet phase for south

  1. lot of organised convection in south west bay..it may be a wave..even in arabian sea there are pretty unorganised large area of tstorms which aslo looks kind of wave.

  2. @su
    i think we need to bear it!!!!!! 😦 otherwise if it pours during next five days then we might have bad NEM!!!!!!!!! 😦

  3. Karthik is in all praise for bangalore overcast weather.. atleast now he understands which is better in terms of weather and development…

  4. thank you pradeep… but a bigger insult will be given by september 2010… so no worries 🙂

    omg late september for chennai stands at ZERO .. september for whole tambaram stands at ONE 😛 😛

    btw ppl what happened to sept 24-25 peak for chennai as mentioned by karthik? 😦 😦 😦

  5. omg jon wat happened to u??????????!!!!!!!!!! 😦 😯 😮 😡 we need a deficient sept.!!!!!!! for gud nem…………… 😦

  6. @shyam there is nothing like that :)..good sep = bad nem..i dont know how you came to this conclusion..it is not related…maybe sometimes it may have occured but it doesnt mean always that september month affects NEM 🙂

  7. Meanwhile there are lot of clouds close to kerala coast..shear looks moderate and conditions are somewhat favourable in south east arabian sea for development of this clouds..In south bay the condition looks pretty good with warm SST and low shear but unfortunately could not see any organised cluster of tstorms there.

  8. south africa did not chose Jacobs in any of their teams for the forthcoming tour.

    Can IPL add him in the auction, and and hopefully CSK can get him. imagine Vijay and Jacobs opening.

  9. vinodh,

    its an impressive start for the warriors. But CSK’s spin attack is impressive. They will put the brakes.

    Did you see the match vs bushrangers. I lost hope and slept as it was very easy. Spinners almost won the match for Csk.

    And as i am typing this ashwin has won the match for chennai

  10. ehsan , The whole IPL tournament is crap..i guess there are story writers working inside ..it is same WWE..:( ..After sharad powar came as icc president something has gone wrong with cricket.

  11. its unfortuante that imd is always missing sri .. rains in k puram,p malee, korattur, chemba yesterday .. how can it not rain in sri?

  12. KN, this september is pretty different the kate september rains would be starting in early october..SWM is retreating slowly thats the reason for less rain in september.

  13. Looks like carribean should go for battering early october..serious of storm expected to erupt from left over of hurricane mathew..La nina is at the peak sst in atlantic,west pacific is above normal..east pacific sst is below threshold level..The temperature in bay also above normal..most part of bay is warmer and with less shear..Bay wont be quite for many days..The bay should be active once the south china sea gets active.

  14. @Vinod september dismal performance.. if this continues it could turn out to be the driest month this season.. lets hope for the best…

    if retreating rains come in october its better .. it could compensate late NEM onset.. unlike last year where oct stood 7cm 😦

  15. KN, i am also hoping for good october.I think more than october we have to watch for early november for good rains…hope any major cyclone dont spoil the NEM for TN :(..btw la nina always produces one major cyclone..some of them really caused below normal NEM due to removal of moisture content in atmosphere.

  16. KN,did you had any severe tstorms last week?..There was a big collision between the cold air from canada and warm air from south..it could have produced severe tstorms in wisconsin.

  17. Kn,dont worry the condition should improve as the storms are expected this october in gulf of mexico and this should push warm air to north till wisconsin 🙂

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