117 thoughts on “A dry weekend ahead

  1. Ponneri and Cholavaram (both Tiruvallur dt) 2 cm each,

    Cheyyur (Kanchipuram dt), Redhills (Tiruvallur dt), Parangipettai, Srimushnam (Cuddalore dt), Tindivanam (Villupuram dt), Valparai and Gudalur Bazar (Nilgiris dt) 1 cm each.

  2. syam,

    I am not sure if the NEM will be normal or not. chennai cannot expect any NEM rains in october. A lot needs to be made up between november, december and january(though jan officially does not count as NEM rains)

  3. I have a feeling 2010 NEM is a repeat of 2007. SWM was similar in 2007.
    We received 677 mm during SWM in 2007
    We have received 630 mm until now in SWM 2010

    SWM started withdrawing only by Sep 30 in 2007.
    It is not much different in 2010

    Our first heavy rain from NEM was on 28/10 in 2007

  4. “@KR my sincere apologies for mis understanding what u meant by peak during sept 19-20”

    lol….im sorry that u don have proper eyes to see a graph … 😛 …

  5. “Total – 27cm with lots of lots of days missed when it rained in vellore”

    Why is IDM gonna miss, they are fair and sqaure :P…anyways eastern vellore distrcit shud get very much lesser than vellore city

  6. low dak clouds movin in fast from SW…i heard that it was sunny in bangalore too..i expect north TN,SI ktaka to be under a wet cover by evening

  7. eagerly waiting for this boring month(or a risky month if it accidentally rains) to pass by 🙂 to see north east monsoon…

  8. IRI’s recent history

    2009 – predicted 40-45 % above normal (+18 %)
    2008 – 40-45 % above normal (+23 %)
    2007 – normal (-19%)
    2006 – 40-45% above normal (+16%)
    2005 – 40% below normal (+173%)
    2004 – 40-45 % above normal (-26%)
    2003 – 40% above normal (-60%)
    2002 – normal (+28%)
    2001 – 40% below normal (+40%)

    Jon, any conclusion from this? These are all Septeember forecasts and the only time they predicted below normal rains we got 40% above normal and 173% above normal.

  9. Fierce competition between Chinna Kallar,Devala and Valparai to catch the first place in Tamil Nadu this year 🙂

    Chinna Kallar- 299cm
    Devala – 272 cm
    Valparai – 262 cm

  10. loll..hahaha…from wer did u get that IRI’s record…its like KN sayin august is the wettest SWM for TN…n another bright spark of dis blog sayin july is better than Sept for Tn 😛 😛

  11. Omg…2005 had a cyclonic storm in AP in sep same time of the year!!

    Rainfall ending on 20/9/05
    Kunavaram and Koida (both Khammam dt.) recorded exceptionally very heavy rainfall of 49 and 48 centimetres respectively.

    The following stations recorded very heavy to heavy rainfall in Centimetres:

    Kakinada 28, Khammam 24, Dowleswaram (East Godavari dt.) 21, Rajamundry (East Godavari dt.) 20, Madhira (Khammam dt.) and Visakhapatnam 19 each, Narasapur 18, Nandhigama, Eluru (West Godavari dt.) and Tuni 17 each, Satenapalli (Guntur dt.), Visakhapatnam Airport and Gannavaram 16 each.

  12. The second part of september is the rainiest,with hottest days, as well as the coolest ni8s……temp shud cross 37 , to produce some really wonderful thundersqualls

  13. oh then thundersquall in august 😛 …btw last year sept 25 ..wen temp touched 38.7 in ngbkm

    Chennai – Heavy rain, latest satellite shot taken at 3:30pm.. http://ping.fm/HH0Oh
    Posted by WeatherMan at 9/25/2009 04:16:00 PM 0 comments

    Chennai – Saidapet getting heavy rain with high winds.
    Posted by WeatherMan at 9/25/2009 03:37:00 PM 0 comments

    Chennai – Dont go outside … ROADS are dusty and more high winds and rain on way.
    Posted by WeatherMan at 9/25/2009 03:28:00 PM 0 comments

    Just last year a thundersquall 😛 …

    @jon..rofl 😛

  14. @jon why you beleive that thunder squall wont occur in september?..Thundersquall can happen in most part of the year ..It is not confined to any month.

  15. @Jon…i saw a IMD reoprt on the next day that a Thundersquall passed thru chennai AP with winds at about 45kmph 😛 😛

  16. “even a big thunderstorm is rare in sept for chennai”


    24 Hrs rainfall in sep

    1996 – 17cm
    1999 – 14cm
    2001 – 5cm
    2002 – 6cm
    2003 – 11cm
    2004 – 8cm
    2006- 6cm
    2007 – 7cm
    2008 – 5cm

    ROFLMAO…spetember is not know for even a heavy thunderstorm!! ..hahha..

  17. @jon…rolling on the railway tracks laughing 😀 😀 :P.. u know what is the ATR 1901-2000 24 hour record in August ??? 😛

  18. sry 1901-2010 …guess wats the Highest 24hr record in the 100 year old history of chennai in august(the rainiest swm month according to soem experts :P) ?????

  19. September 2003…

    Rains due to some heavy thunderstorms

    Kanchipuram 16, Korattur (Kanchipuram dt.) 14, Chennai 11, Chembarambakkam (Thiruvallur dt.) 9 and Chennai Airport, Red Hills (Thiruvallur dt.) and Vandavasi 8 each.

    outhwest monsoon has been active over Rayalaseema and Telangana.

    Rainfall occurred at many places over Rayalaseema and Telangana and at a few places over north Tamilnadu, coastal Andhra Pradesh, coastal and south interior Karnataka. Isolated rainfall occurred over south Tamil Nadu, Kerala and north interior Karnataka. Mainly dry weather prevailed over Lakshadweep.

  20. @jon the records from the 1901 – 1990 cannot be trusted for accuracy..many sophisticated technology came only in mid 90 ,precisely after 2000..Past records probablity of accuracy are highly doubted.

  21. @jon…wat crap..show me the proof that 1996 n 1999 was from things other than tstorm 😛 …wen some plces can get 16cm n 11cm from 2003 tstorms…somebody ere said SEP is unknown for heavy thunderstorm …rolling on “——–” laughing 😀 😛

  22. @jon Past year record concerns are raised by many american metrologers…Many of the data which are recorded past years are now quite unreliable according to them and not by me.

  23. @vinodh..LOL…”guys , you have to accept that september is the month where chennai gets maximum precipitation among other swm months..””

    well..said…ppl who blabber will continue to blabber 😛

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