152 thoughts on “A wet start to Eid

  1. Kea, what 50% right?i told we wil get rains only around early morning never told that we wil have rains at 5p.m yest eve since precip chance was only 20%

  2. Well if I remember correctly 5 pm it also said rain, i dont remember the percentages.

    Okay this is for today,
    11 am – 25 % chance
    2 pm – 60% chance
    5 pm – 60 % chance
    8 pm – 90% chance
    11 pm – 55 % chance

    According to this it should start raining from 2 pm and continue till last night

  3. Kea No forecast in d world is 100%accurate but we can see foreca is more reliable yesterday ther was rain in tbm at 5pm,n if it says overcast and rain then its intermittent rain throout, today oly local storms

  4. dats not the actual rain report i feel.. soem comedy.. definitely not correct because Kodaikanal 2cm according to IMD… and Madurai 2cm.. something wrong

    and some station is 25cm which is quite rofl 😀

  5. Heard of very heavy rain in poomle n extreme rain in velur last ni8..my uncle hu came to tpt from chn said so..ere it has rained heavily for a while in ni8..it is stil drzlin ere

  6. according to business line, due to active El Nino conditions the SWM rains can last until october. It also predicts very heavy rains for the south east during the winter period(NEM?)

  7. shyam, basically what is is saying that in places like mumbai will be getting rains in oct. Swm takes 30-45 days to withdraw completely. It hasnt started yet. Whatever chennai can accept lots and lots of rain until end of year.

  8. 😦 i dint say anything abt it na 😦 btw this time i was planning to go lik bangalore- agumbe – udupi – goa – bangalore… since my parents decided to come with me i had to choose bangalore-mangalore-goa-bangalore this monsoon…

    the windward side of western ghats in karnataka popularly known as Malnad are really good it seems.. i couldnt quite go to proper Malnad lik Agumbe, huilkal, kammardi or kottigehara.. dunno when can i go in future 😦

  9. Shyam,

    y is that wxmaps mre bad news?

    This is how I see it. According to that map next 1 week is wet for chennai. Propbably we will get around 100 mm. Our year total will reach 900. Another 50 for the month will take us to 950.

    SWM will exit only Oct end(believe me) October we will get 150 mm minimum, thats 1,100 mm. November and December and January will be super active. We will get 400 in Nov, 300 in Dec and 150 in Jan. We will end 2010 with 1,800 mm.

    Still not happy???

  10. tirupattur-tiruvannamali route was damn awesome!!…u can see the javadu hills on way..i started by early morning 5…it was so chill!..ppl were using some clothing to protect their ears

  11. the rainiest SWM for tamil nadu started to rock.. 🙂 …watch out for vellore n tvmalai districts in the comin weeks…with october all set to be a SWM vigorous month this year..its gonna be interesting

  12. from wer did chennai AP get 4cm ???? …..in the vellore highway all places were dry after crossing that kanchi cuttin road 😦 😦

  13. @jon..wer it is showin 140mm??…it is showin 20mm only…poondi only has got 88mm n IMD reports as 2cm…. 🙂 ..the same that happened to tambaram in august 😛

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