48 thoughts on “A few showers possible during the week

  1. Dear All,

    This year north east monsson is likely to set well before October 15th. probably by october 10th and rains would be excessive and could last long till middle of Jan.

    Pl. read my article in star teller next issue.

    South west monsoon report is almost happened.

  2. and btw last poll abt expectations of north east monsoon.. all said it would normal, better than normal, excessive rainfall(8 + 9 + 9 votes)

  3. Dear Thuder.

    The october issue would be available in shops after 10th of september. 2010. Its cost is less than Rs.25/-. I am a regular columnist for that magazine published by Indian express. Weather forecasts are given by me purely based on planets, star and its movements. The success rate is quite better compared to our IMD models.

    You can wait for a week to get that article. If you want to get it immediately, if you send your e-mail id, i can forward that article by mail.



  4. What thunderjove is saying is like 2009 onset can happen only during neutral/wet MJO phase. During dry MJO Phase monsoon onset is not favourable. Hopefully it will not be delayed as late as oct 27th last year.

  5. at last net acces in tpt…from the time i landed eere..overcast weather with temps around 31c…min around 23-22c…but no rain 😦

  6. guys……………….i have been looking all the models in the APEC climate center models…………….they have been a vice versa each year and only 1 or 2 of them have only survived…………and the joke is that they both are showing normal/above normal rainfall….. 🙂

  7. Hyderabad is done for the year…

    Major cities done for the year: Delhi,Mumbai,Hyderabad,Pune
    cities not done yet : Kolkata,Chennai,Bangalore

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