102 thoughts on “A dry end to the month expected

  1. “”Kodaikanal is a serious darling.. 7cm from 8 30 AM to 5 30 PM… best place ever in Tamil Nadu, in fact in whole of India .. I always say that…””

    lolzz…KN u have lot of illusions….calling vellore a SWM king/quenn/jack etc…calling august the rainiest swm for chennai …saying salem has 60cm NEM avg..lolzz..ooff

    nothing can match the magnificence of ooty..nothing can match the queen of hill stations..i have been to kodai twice…ooty once..kodai isnt fit to stay for more than a day…its a bore….but ooty is lovely..!!..longing to go to ooty wenever i get a chance..but kodai..i wont bcos thers nothin der!..time to erase yet an another illusion out of ur mind πŸ˜›

  2. Rainfall till 5.30 am on 30.08.2010
    Karaikal – 61 mm
    Adiramapattinam – 42 mm
    Chidambaram – 20 mm
    Nungambakkam – 2 mm
    Meenambakkam – 0.6mm

    Thane – 141 mm

    The two heavy weights which get above 500cm
    Mahabaleshwar – 125 mm
    Bhira – 275 mm

  3. you tell me a place in India other than kodaikanal which has more than 10cm each in 9 out of the 12 months wit abt 100 rainy days.. i ll accept πŸ™‚

    and ooty is in that boring nilgiris… all dry… but kodaikanal is in the western ghats…

  4. and according to statistics.. august is the rainiest SWM for chennai with last 100 year data.. if u are a kid and wanna take average of last 5 years.. then i am sorry for ur ignorance in long period averages… πŸ˜›

  5. Maharashtra and Gujarat are battered

    Mumbai (Colaba)- 69.3 mm
    Mumbai (Santacruz)- 138.0 mm
    Thane – 162 mm
    Daman – 189 mm
    Karjat – 158 mm (this place is in Navi Mumbai)

    Bhira which has a average annual rainfall of 500cm has got 292 mm yesterday

  6. No low couds in the vicinity so it may not rain. Also, around chennai’s 50 km radius no real rain bearing clouds.

  7. Lol..KN making my day again….

    first–the stats maintained by IMD is not 100 year stats..lolzz..its the 1950-80 stats…btw i think u observed rain in chennai to be highest in august since u wer born..kk….i suppose u wer born in 1988..lets see ..

    rain average for chennai in august

    1987-97 – 39mm(wich is lesser than june n july n sep) ..lollzz!!..rofl!


    2000-09 – 99mm(wich is lesser than sep n july)

    according to weatehrundergornd the average rain for chennai is

    August – 13cm

    September – 16cm πŸ™‚

    Unfortunate that a kid’s observation is 10 times better than a fully grown bull’s observation ..lolzz πŸ˜› πŸ˜›

    time to erase yet another illusion from ur mind!..i suppose u were dreaming in august πŸ˜›

  8. so guys……….when will swm withdraw from west rajasthan…………..any idea………or not……..kea any idea………. πŸ˜‰

  9. I always beleive that the rainfall amount is not upto the mark.but the precip chance is perfect.anyway i think a.p got just the same amount of rainfall till now(2mm) :mrgreen:

  10. Jon and Ehsan,

    COLA model was spot on 100% see even the timings was spot on and even the amount of rain ie around 24mm


  11. i asked all of u that when the withdrawal chance will be there in rajasthan????????? πŸ˜‰ 😦 😐

  12. pradeep,

    I disagree with you. It is just a coincidence they they were correct today. There were hundred other times when they were wrong.
    Until we get better technology, better satellites in place, we have to live with these predictions. Moreever the region we are living is, its difficult to predict the weather

  13. Never even thought Chennai and Tiruttani would give competition to Kodaikanal in the imd chennai daily report table 😦

    Chennai 71cm (25 cm excess in SWM)
    Tiruttani 78cm (29 cm excess in SWM)
    Kodaikanal 85cm (10cm excess in SWM)

  14. 3 storms close by ..just seperated by few KMS..fujiwara effect will come to play ..lionrock,namtaeun and kompasu battling up for their life .definitely one of the storm is going to die .

    Meanwhile hurricane earl category 5 affecting carribean and fiona winding up.
    lot of actions around the world

  15. @Pradeep its like telling heads every time a coin is tossed.. and rarely when heads turn up we cant appreciate that πŸ™‚

  16. @ppl in US.. the websites are more than 100% perfect… when they say its going to be very hot fo next 3 days.. its is very hot.. and when they say T-storm likely on afternoon of the second day it is raining.. its lik magic to me that after seeing mr.ramanan πŸ™‚ I learnt that people here plan their schedule/events seeing weather.com

  17. Rains are contra-indicated for Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Northwest India where below normal precipitation is the likely probability, the IRI said.

  18. Rainfall till 8.30 pm on 30.08.2010
    Karaikal – 92 mm
    Adiramapattinam – 33 mm
    Nungambakkam – 28 mm
    Meenambakkam – 02 mm

    I was spot on with the 3cm mark for Nungambakkam

    Heavy weights
    Mahabaleshwar – 20 mm
    Bhira – 62 mm
    Karjat – 62 mm
    Agumbe – 81 mm
    Dharmshala – 36 mm

  19. just saw Chinna Kallar and Devala rainfall till now.. pretty dismal..especially august seems to have been a disaster…

    anyways Kuzhithurai also just 76cm from jan(note that chennai is 74).. i dont know how rainy is kuzhithurai.. but with remaining season favoring north coastal TN(rainiest region of NEM, apart from coonoor and kodaikanal valley) for sure, chances that kuzhithurai ll get more than chennai are bleak !

  20. Heavy rainfall in Maha and Guj (rainfall at 8.30am)

    Mumbai (Colaba) 113.2 mm
    Mumbai (Santacruz) 99.4 mm
    Vadodara – 104 mm
    Khambhaliya – 188 mm
    Morshi – 101 mm

    Heavy weights upto 7.30am
    Bhira – 95 mm
    Karjat – 156 mm
    Agumbe – 145 mm
    Dharmshala – 103 mm

  21. It is very rare even a single day does not pass in mumbai without rain during SWM. The cloud mass is always stationed there.

  22. Kea,

    Chennai Nungambakkam observatory recorded 29.9 Millimeters of rainfall yesterday, but KEA observatory at chennai records 20.3 though both the observatories are situated at the same nungambakkam.

    why there is such a deviation ?? clarify.


  23. south west monsoon rocking in andhra
    rainfall in centimeters
    chinthalapudi(west godavari district):17 cms
    Bhimavaram (West Godavari dt) 13,
    Koyyalagudem (West Godavari dt) 10 cms
    Tiruvuru (Krishna dt), Repalle (Guntur dt),8cms and many places above 7 cms and a gr8 worry in andhra about damage to crops by excess rain!!!!!!!!!!

  24. I have always seen this.. if a station is targeted initially during monsoon.. monsoon is always biased towards it… like Mumbai this time.. Nagapattinam last time

  25. hey guys see in imd main.. Karaikal 10… chinna kallar 8.. tirupattur chengalpet uthiramerur 3, cuddalore 2 orathanadu 2

  26. Dear pradeep,

    Please update rainfall over chennai region till 1/9/10…….see that in ur list..kanchipuram,tiruvallur n chengalpet is added

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