203 thoughts on “Partly cloudy with a chance of a shower or two

  1. This system appears quite tricky.During the day the system appears to get stronger, but later in the evening shows signs of dissipating..
    Right now the sat pic indicates a huge cloud mass south east of chennai..
    I hope this system gives atleast 10 cm rain to chennai

  2. very dak to the east ere…signs of heavy rains to come…but clouds in the bay are movin N-S ..that cannot pass beyond the coast

  3. Guys,

    Even if this system doesnt give much rainfall to us, we shud be thankful. It is rare to even have cloudy cool weather like this in August for us.. 6th consecutive day of cloudy weather

  4. 2010 mi8 be the warmest year on record for the world…but it mi8 turn out to be the coldest year in this decade for chennai

  5. TS “danielle” is now Hurricane “danielle” another tropcal wave close by danielle has started to swirl.NHCC would update the sytem into depression in next 6 hours and should become a tropical storm “earl” by tomorrow.Atlantic is getting very active now. meanwhile our satellite picture shows impressive blob of clouds in south west bay..lookning impressive when compared to yesterday

  6. rains to miss tambaram as well! 😦 😦 …im dont have any hope on this system..everything is dissipaiting in sea…

  7. thats why i said pondi to get battered…btw one small red spot coming form NE in surface rain intendity…mi8 pass thru nunga-mount-tbm 🙂

  8. ehsanji, im following ur policy for this system…not expecting too much…everything is dissipaiating in sea… 😦 …ill be happy if chennai touches 250mm this august

  9. Kea, the system does look impressive on satellite.. But for this kind of system it shud have be raining cats and dogs by now.. but it is only giving us weak drizzles

  10. KAR,

    250 is a big target to achieve. There is only a week left and you want 70 mm. 70 mm is needed from this system or else we wont even touch 200

  11. A low pressure area has formed over West central and adjoining Southwest Bay off South Andhra – North Tamil Nadu coast.

  12. Isolated heavy rain would occur over Coastal Karnataka, Kerala, Andhra Pradesh, Coastal Tamil Nadu, Puducherry and ghat areas of South Interior Karnataka during next 48 hours

  13. if that guy(kar)talks or asks anything to me………………..i wont give any answer…………… 😎 😉 or i will just tell poda dey……… 😛

  14. @keethi…jolarptet junction meant for tirupattur in NW tamil nadu…comes on the chennai – comibatore route

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