136 thoughts on “Some heavy showers possible

  1. Since June 1, the weather observatories in the Chennai district, including in Tambaram, recorded a rainfall of 211 mm against the normal 126 mm.

    The rainfall till july 20 in Chennai distrcit

    Tambaram(according My RGs) – 288mm
    Nungambakkam – 241mm
    Minambakkam – 209mm
    DGP office – 140mm
    Guindy – 130mm
    Average – 201.6mm

    wow my rgs doing a nearly perfect job 😀

  2. If the storm forms to the east of the city, then the rain window is going to be short ?? like what happened in the case of Laila ?

  3. i dont think it might be laila ..laila is a very rapid moving storm but this one looks to be a slow moving one so the possibility of prolonged rain is more..moreover laila is cat 1 so LLC is pretty compact but the computer models forecast this developing low to reach around 998 mb which is not a compact one so the clouds will be preety disorganised even it is a bit far away we will get good rain due to less organised structure of the storm.For all this to happen let the depression form first :)..only if it forms we can compare it with laila.

  4. Rainfall on 8.7.2010 ending at 8.30 am

    Chennai (Nungambakkam) – 13 mm
    Chennai (Meenambakkam) – 24 mm

    Mumbai (Santacruz) – 12 mm
    Mumbai (Colaba) – 0.4 mm

    New Delhi (Palam) – 32 mm
    New Delhi (Safdarjung) – 44 mm

  5. Rainfall on 22.8.2010 ending at 8.30 am
    Chennai (Nungambakkam) – 13 mm
    Chennai (Meenambakkam) – 24 mm

    Mumbai (Santacruz) – 12 mm
    Mumbai (Colaba) – 0.4 mm

    New Delhi (Palam) – 32 mm
    New Delhi (Safdarjung) – 44 mm

  6. Rainfall till 8.30 am on 22.08.2010
    Cuddalore – 75mm
    Tindivanam – 53mm
    Pondicherry – 47mm
    Chidambaram – 35mm
    Nagappattinam – 28 mm
    Meenambakkam – 24mm
    Karaikal – 18mm
    Adiramapattinam – 17mm
    Tiruchirapalli – 14mm
    Nungambakkam – 13mm
    Tuticorin – 9mm

    Cherrapunji – 202mm
    Dehradun – 106mm
    Agumbe – 105mm
    Dharmshala – 94mm
    Tirupathi – 86mm
    Passighat – 77mm
    Bangalore – 42mm

  7. Is it apt to brand the rainfall we receive as south west Monsoon rains ??
    Low pressures/depressions can bring rainfall at any time of the year irrespective of whether there is monsoon or not.
    If the city receives rains without low pressures /depressions and if it is because of moist south westerlies we can call them monsoon rains.

    The North east monsoon is indeed called monsoon for chennai as rain bearing winds blow directly over the city and produce rains even without a LP or depression

    I wonder why weather reports sometimes say ‘Southwest monsoon vigorous over Coastal TN’
    Does it really fit the bill ?

  8. Dharmapuri
    Rain lashed Dharmapuri district from Friday night. Karimangalam experienced a maximum rainfall of 245 mm.Dharmapuri district experienced a maximum rainfall of 365 mm. All the lakes and ponds in and around Karimangalam were filled to the brim.

    In Krishnagiri district, many places received moderate rain from Thursday night. Moderate rain occurred on Saturday morning for about two hours. Rainfall recorded in mm in various places is: Denkankottai – 76, Anchetti – 43, Thaly – 27, Royakottai – 29, Barur – 63.4 and KRP Dam – 8.2.

    Heavy rain accompanied by thunder and lightning lashed several parts of the Nilgiris on Friday night. With the downpour continuing till the small hours of Saturday, Ooty recorded 71 mm of rainfall and Kotagiri 75 mm.

    Rain continued to batter Salem city and the district for the second consecutive day on Saturday.

    The heavy rain, which began on Friday evening forcing the postponement of DMK public meeting which Chief Minister M. Karunanidhi was to address, inundated the low-lying areas in the city. The Gandhi Stadium resembled a pool and many roads and streets had come under a sheet of water.Salem city recorded 30.4 mm

    Tourists shied away from Yercaud as bitter chill swept across the hill resort since Friday morning. Rains added to their woes. Power failure also had gripped the town.

    Namakkal town and surrounding places received rain since Friday evening. Kolli Hills also recorded heavy rains

    Incessant rain affected normal life in various parts of Erode district on Saturday.

    A number of parts in the district, including Erode town, received heavy showers on Friday night and Saturday. The overcast sky and incessant rain brought down the temperature significantly, giving the much needed respite from heat.

  9. @jon
    u r gr8!!!!!!!! 😎 bcause u told that it would start raining heavily near 1330 hrs ist and its raining here very heavily!!!!!!!! 😀

  10. im from valasaravakkam close to chandrus house!!!!!! 🙂 rains continue ere!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀

  11. Omg..Check out BBC’s forecast for chennai on Wednesday night.. It shows a massive green area over chennai indicating very heavy rains

  12. Under the influence of the upper air cyclonic circulation extending upto 2.1 km above
    mean sea level over west central and adjoining south west Bay of Bengal, a low
    pressure area would develop over the same area during next 24 hours.

  13. shear is starting to increase again.The system has to fight all these verticle shear to organise.Still there is no surface low visible.

  14. hey wind shear is increasing this is a big minus point for the formation of low pressure,hey vinodh can u tell me whether any chance of low pressure along andhra tamilnadu coasts?hey its quite cool and cool breeze in vijayawada but shockingly scorching sun,scorching sun is responsible for above 30 degrees temperatures along andhra coast,so vinodh pls tell me any chance of rains for vijayawada or any chance of formation of depression?

  15. @shyam even i am trying to find a link where we can find future vertical shear value in bay.i could not find a one..The cmiss website is showing only the current shear values and its tendency not the future values.

  16. @radhakrishna increasing vertical shear is a storm killer..BBC and certain models are still mintaining a possible depression making landfall near machilipatinam if that is the case vijayawada willl be getting heavy rainfall from tuesday..There is not even a single website where it is showing the future shear values..so we must go by the info given by weather models only..BBC is predicting very heavy rain for the north TN and south AP coast..even if we dont have any organised sytem we will be having a good rainstorm system

  17. if models predict a depression then definitely the shear are gettiing reduced but till now the shear have not decreased maybe it will decrease in future but if the shear continues the same status then there is no chance of any organised sytem.

  18. and vinodh what are your ideas about depression near vietnam mwhich is moving west to merge into bay of bengal and turn out again into a depression that may strike andhra or tamilnadu coasts?this is happened especially for andhra in many cases and for example typhoon gay which merged in bay of bengal from south china sea and then made landfall near machilipatnam with peak intensity to knw abt typhoon gay clicl the below link

  19. Radha, That storm tracked in that direction may be because it was the prime North east monsoon season.. Usually we dont see such systems coming over from South china see and intensifying in Bay of Bengal during the south west monsoon period

  20. in last 11 years chennai has never got more than 100 mm per month 5 times in a row. Will 2010 be different.

    May – 204, June – 137, July – 158 and August 153 and counting.
    2010 can also break the most months with 100 plus days. Currently 2008 stands top at 6.

  21. @radhakrishnan depression 06W tracking in a north westerly direction and expected to make landfall close to hanoi.since it is moving in a northwesterly direction the distance between the bay of bengal and the storm is getting drastically increased.It is diffcult for LLC to maintain the intensity for a longer period of time over the land

  22. @Jon…non-stop rains from pdc to tambaram..the rain eased of a bit near vandalur..but picked up in tbm..interestingly cld mvnt was east…but low cloud mvmnt was from west nw…very very low clouds..that it covered up small hills near chengalpet..ive captured soem awesome pics 🙂 …superb rains 🙂

  23. In the Indianwweatherman blog site, Rajesh says that a western disturbance entering north India could steer the low towards Orissa or W.B coast and that rains in TN will decrease in the next 3 days ??

  24. chandru,

    thats xactly what BBC predicted. If it takes that route chennai will get a battering over the next 3 days. Minimum of 100-120 mm

  25. is there any chance of rain again??? it looks like clouds have cleared up… pls let me know …. iam not experts like you..plsss

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