157 thoughts on “Chances of some showers

  1. wen i woke up at 7.45…din see anything wet…but a strecth of was li8ly wet..jus chkd my RG …it satnds at 1mm 😉

  2. BBC models are predicting some persisting convection near south west bay of bengal close to TN and AP coast.It may be a developing low pressure but it may not be a big concern as the condition are not favorable for furthur development .

  3. Another hot and humid day. Let’s see if there is any significant change as the day progresses. Thunderstorms – fingers crossed!

  4. Yup, that is true. No clouds any where. May be we have to wait for another 10 hrs, before we could hopefully see some strong thunder storms.

  5. guys guys guys…..very very heavy rainfall (cloudburst) in tambaram at around 2.30 …easily 2cm…..now at home…shocked to see roads barely wet and the rain received over my home is TRACES!!!…shockin!

  6. sterday ni8 too tambaram has recievd moderate rain…it was very wet!!!…lots of stagnant water i saw today morning on way to skool!…in my home it was 1mm…suddenly my place is very unlucky…but of course enjoyes the super heavy downpour in tbm 🙂 ..

  7. s keerthi its soo heavy……..u will get in 10mins..tambaram will get in 5mins….btw i enjoyed to the utmost the 2.30 heavy downpour in tambaram!!……but it was nothing over my home 😦

  8. Just 20 Kms west of chennai heavy showers as per radar picture 15 minutes back. any time city would be covered within rain belt.


  9. My dear Karthiji my office in nungambakkam high road, and my wife just called me it is raining in Chrompet thats it. Incidentally it is raining Perambur and of course it has started in Nungambakkam also

  10. Only poonnamalle-sriperumbudur-tiruvallur belt would drive the clouds towards chennai normally if clouds form over west.

    ranipet is too far away and those thunderclouds would dissippiate within 20 KMS radius. Thunderclouds formation at the best can travel 20 to 30 KMS.


  11. vijay this isnt preungalathur first….btw it satrted to rain in tambaram as soon as it started ere….bcos distance just 3km …abt madambakkam i dunno

  12. afternoon was all together a separate story bcos i cud see the clouds gettin pregnant with misture jus as it reached my zenith in tambaram..it was bri8 and rained heavily…n for some time with sun out 🙂

  13. Kallakkurichchi & Parbhani 5.5 each, Dharmapuri 5.3, Punalur 5.0, Kakinada 4.9, Nizamabad 4.6,
    Mehbubnagar 4.4,

    dharmapuri 5cm sterday

  14. as i said to omkar yesterday–

    Dharmapuri – 5cm
    Arani – 3cm
    Harur – 3cm
    Polur – 2cm
    Uthangarai – 2cm

  15. the leftovers gave 4mm….still drizzling..toatal rain 19mm……for tambaram i expect a 3 or 4cm from IMD tomro

  16. peak of atlantic season is very close by .The frequency of storm will determine how strong this La Nina is going to be..But no major storm formation yet in atlantic due to shear and african dust surrounding the tropical waves..i think by next week we can see active phase of hurricane season.

  17. Im not very sure abt tbm 2cm…..i expected at least three…..it mi8 be the case of wrong IMD maths…but my rgs read 19mm…though it was only one spell

  18. see the gfs prediction of rain pattern on23rdhttp://www.weatheronline.co.uk/cgi-bin/expertcharts?LANG=en&MENU=0000000000&CONT=swas&MODELL=gfs&MODELLTYP=1&BASE=-&VAR=prec&HH=216&ZOOM=0&ARCHIV=0&WMO=

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