106 thoughts on “Another warm day with chances of rain in evening

  1. A freak thunder storm west – north west of Madras. Current location as per radar is over Tiruvallore. It is now moving towards city area. May drop few sprinkles over northern part of City and its northern suburbs.

  2. another peripheral cloud seed is seen coming from Tiruvellore side towards northern suburbs, there is another developing over Ranipet side and may move towards Gummudipoondi, pulicat area around mid night.

  3. as I told, that odd freak shower now over pulicat and another big thunder is approaching from west towards city. It is now 50Kms west of City.

  4. 2keerthi…very gud at least this time it rained gud to 4 km east of tbm 🙂 …remember yesterday keerthi rainfall over my home was 10mm and tambaram reported 1cm 🙂 ..my home is 4km to west 🙂

  5. HI ppl…3

    Back from a gr8 rail journey of my life 🙂
    Please visit the rainiest region of India and one of the rainiest regions of the world whenver u are free during the monsoons .. its worth it

    will post pics & videos soon 🙂

    Places i visited and rainfall 🙂

    Mangalore 21cm
    Udupi 20cm
    bhatkal 15cm
    kundapur 15cm
    Mulki 12cm
    Karwar 12cm

  6. Thanks arjun..whenever free dont hesistate to go there ya.. its simply awesome.. end july in coastal Karnataka will never disappoint u 🙂

  7. Atlantic set to become active by middle of next week.The shear is lowering down and the SST are warmer than normal.This august and september hurricane formation will let us determine whether the La nina is a stronger one or a moderate one..The western pacific looks quiet for now

  8. i hope it is not a weaker La Nina since there are hardly eastern pacific hurricanes.La nina normally slows the development of hurricanes in eastern pacific

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