76 thoughts on “Another hot day with a max of around 37 c

  1. Did it rain anywhere around Chennai? Did it rain Bangalore?

    Yesterday at 7pm there were ligthings towards WnW and it was not very far. Where did it actually rain?

    Mani you said light rain did it continue?

  2. i remember Martin saying on sunday night, RAIN HAS STARTED IN BANG n EXPECT IT TO BE ATLEAST 2 cm.

    According to IMD data it rained only 0.1 cm in bang ap and trace in city

  3. He also said in the month of June there will be heavy rains/hails and of which one will be very heavy at it will rain even 100mm on a single day.

    Today is the last day. Need to see what happens.

  4. As per IMD

    Maximum Temperature(°C) 33.2
    Minimum Temperature(°C) 21.5
    24-hour Rainfall (mm) 0.0

    Maximum Temperature(°C) 35.8
    Minimum Temperature(°C) 25.0
    24-hour Rainfall (mm) 0.0

    33.2 is cold place 😦 35.8 is super hot place 😦

  5. And i also remember him saying that handy cam would be useful for capturing the hail storms in bangalore 😆 🙂

  6. Banglore total rainfall for June 2009 which is the highest in the past 10 years 204.6mm. 10 years average comes to 108.95mm.

    All time record for single day rain in June month is 101.6 on 16/June/1891.

    No SW monsoon for Chennai and its June month average is 52.35mm.

  7. @Omkar see the long term data

    June normals for Bangalore: 29 max 20 min
    June Normals for Chennai : 37 max 27 min

    Hope u find a difference 😛

    and many times i have pointed this year to this blog

    max temp of bang < min temp of chennai 🙂

    and this time the data u pointed out is below normal for chennai and highly above normal for bangalore.. but still bangalore is less 😀

    Last but not least, if u can point out one Indian city with more than 5 lakhs population with the following yearly average, then you are great 🙂

    Max. temp 29 Min. Temp 18

    3000 feet is not as simple as u think yaar 🙂

  8. Yes Jon, you are right, it is quite windy outside and thick cloud formation…what is the chance of rain today? Is it 50:50 or 30:70?

  9. @Karthik Narayan temperatures will show less due to air cooling faster (lower pressure) in shade where the thermometer is placed. If you stand in Sun in Chennai or in Bangalore you will feel it will be more hotter in Bangalore than in Chennai! Inside the concrete building we will be getting radiation.

    Next I get atleast 1C lesser than Chennai AP, if winds are from N,NE,E because of a forest behind my house. When even I get 1C less with such a high pressure, then what would be the situation in Banglore if there are trees in IMD office? Temperature will simply drop by few more degrees and I (guess)expect it to drop by 3 degrees.

    Bangalore is far from Sea and so lower humidity which will make you less sweaty. So better in that term 🙂

    If you take longterm average rainfall then see Chennai: 1266.9
    Bangalore: 970.0

    Differeance of 296.9mm is not as simple as u think yaar 🙂

  10. @Omkar

    What respite does a November rain give to u? useless… why do we want rains .. to enjoy them and see a drop in temperature.. if dats not happening(in Chennai no pre monsoons and SWM t storms are 90% in the night,temperatures dont really cool down).. so November-December 50cm serves no purpose as its already winter…

    and I was living near Velachery lake till December 2009 and now living in an atmosphere with a mix of buildings and eucalyptus… i dont remember using a blanket in May in Chennai at all.. but here i use.. it was 17 degrees on a day in May in Bang which u cant really even dream about for Chennai

    and inside the house any point of time Bangalore is better.. i think no one will object this

    I dont find houses with AC here.. In chennai its like a necessity lik tv,fridge 🙂

    the best thing with bangalore , be it sun,rain,cold.. nothing goes to the extreme.. dats y everyone praise and praise about Bangalore weather..

  11. There will be lower temperature but not as low as IMD says. I was in Bangalore for nearly a month from March to April and I didn’t even use blankets as it was very hot 😦 As far as rains are concerned it is not about temperatures going down. It is needed for drinking water.

    There are big clouds over Bay of Bengal at present but they will move NE 😦

  12. I was in Bangalore from June 2007 till May 2010. In 2007 Bangalore was very cool, most of the days were overcast and cool winds were blowing most of the time.

    But things started changing slowly – from march 2008 till date, there has been a steady rise in maximum temperature and a sharp drop in the minimal temperature in Bangalore. Summers were horrible when you compare them with normal Bangalore standards. Bangalore is also quite humid these days and sultry too!!!

    Bangalore is definitely not what it used to be 3 to 4 years back. Agreed that it is not sultry as Chennai, but I am sure that it has lost its Charm these days. Blame it on global warming and rising population and traffic in this cosmopolitan city!

  13. what the hell.. Vadakara 15cm again !!!

    TN toppers:

    Valparai- 4cm
    Tirupattur – 3cm

    Karthik should be flying high 🙂

  14. It’s going be to 4 pm shortly. Jon, the temperature now is 35.2 degrees. What about the possibility of rains today?

  15. Hi Pradeep regarding the poll
    “Which TN station in your opinion would top the rainfall rankings from Jan 1, 2010 to June 30, 2010?”

    19 ppl had voted… 10 said Valparai.. 4 said Chinna Kallar .. I am eager to know the results from u 🙂

  16. WTH????….tpt 3cm???…i din see anything in radar till 9.30!1…so mi8 be overni8 rains!..wait a min ill confirm

  17. Scattered rain/thundershowers would occur over Maharashtra, Interior Karnataka Orissa and Chhattisgarh during next 24 hours and increase thereafte

  18. Rainfall over vellore distrcit and adjoining places this year according to imd daily report-

    Alangayam – 25cm
    Gudiyattam – 25cm
    Kuppam – 24cm
    Vellore – 23cm
    Tirupattur – 20cm
    Chengam – 19cm
    Ambur – 4cm

  19. vlr district gets gud premosoon rainfall…….two stations ther wer averages are available do gud in Pre monsson rainfall–

    Tpt – 15cm
    Vlr – 10cm

  20. Hurricane Alex is the first hurricane to form in the month of june since 1995.Usually active atlantic hurricane season signifies the dominance of la nina.

  21. weather facts–“at any given time, on averaage there are about 1800 thunderstorms occuring on earth with 100 lightning strikes per second”…….one not over chennai now 😦

  22. Thank you so much kea 🙂 actually i wasnt joking.. i really need new shoes.. i would be leaving to US this August.. need to purchase before that

  23. hi kea guys how r u?hey after many days its heavily raining in vijayawada(krishna district)continuously nonstop heavy rain from 4pm in the evening and huge lightening finally south west monsoon is proving itself in andhra and wht abt chennai?

  24. hey did any one of u observe that huge cloud mass over west central bengal of central coastal andhra coast?what does that mean?

  25. hey why r u feeling bad when andhra getting rains?andhra is the RICE BOWL OF INDIA,good rains means good rice production dont worry chennai has its time i pray for rains in chennai,its nt confident that there would be rain in vijayawada 2morrow morning,it may be bright sunshine,we always face twists here we donno when it rains and stops,hey chennai and vijayawada are same in terms of climate but in chennai evening breeze is stronger and u knw yesterdays vjwada temperature?its 40 degrees so chennai is better

  26. @radhakrishna…..chenni is much much cooler than vijawada n much much wetter!…it diesnt have similar cliimate…vijayawada’s april max average is 38…avg may average is 40c..with temperatures touching 47c..highest recorded being 48c!

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