201 thoughts on “Another hot day

  1. Rainfall since June 1 for some important cities in India

    Chennai city – 54 mm (above normal)
    Chennai AP – 79 mm (above normal)

    Delhi – 8 mm (below normal)

    Mumbai(Col) – 921 mm (above normal)
    Mumbai (SC) – 650 mm (above normal)

    Kolkotta – 141 mm (below normal)
    Bangalore – 104 mm (above normal)
    Thiruvananthapuram – 204 mm (below norm)
    Hyderabad – 135 mm (above normal)

    this is without including the downpour yesterday

  2. mina has got 38.7mm yesterday n nunga 30mm….ere also 31mm..so luks like the bulk of rain was towards mina!

  3. Wat is thta with this 2007 dec NEM…instead of raining in chennai it has rained some unthinkable amounts in interior TN in dec!!!!

    Just wen i was searching for some rainfall data i came up with a rain report on 20.12.07—

    Thirukoilur(villupuram),sathanur dam(tiruannamalai) tops with 21cm

    chengam – 17cm





    vaniyambadi,tirupattur,tiruttani,chittor,arakkonam – 10cm


    moreover chennai,chennai ap and tambaram is not in the toppers list at all!!

  4. prediction thta i made by 4.18 pm,

    “Huge drzls ere..nw is d most omnous..west is gud…jon ur day today..mina 3-4cm”

  5. LOL..omg…hindu n toi were perfect πŸ™‚ …hindustan times reported joel’s report i think πŸ˜‰

  6. i now understand their mistake…they must have said rainfall till 5.30 as 11.2mm in nungs n 25mm in meens!!…MM-CM mistake!

  7. My RG said 3.5Cms yesterday. Now Chennai AP should be 79+38.7=117.7mm surpassing Bangalore. We need few more to surpass Hydrabad and can compete with Kolkata if they don’t receive any further rains πŸ˜€ But this SW monsoon is for Bangalore, Hydrabad, Kolkata, Delhi and we are having summer showers πŸ˜‰

    @Joel and Karthik Raghavan
    The rainguage having double diameter funnel is for a reason. It will help us to measure rain fall at double accuracy than with normal diameter RG. The measuring scale for it will also be different and you cannot use the normal Inch/mm tape for it as you will end up getting 6cms rain for 3cms rain πŸ˜€

    What comment you posted?

  8. @omkar yes ur right ,The rain gauge which had funnel on it showd 7.7 cm on a normal steel scale,so dividing 77mm by 2 we get 38.5mm πŸ˜€

  9. Monsoon active in Shimoga district
    Monsoon has advanced in the district with the Malnad areas receiving heavy rainfall since Friday night, which continued through Saturday.According to sources, Tirthahalli, Hosanagar and Sorab taluks were getting good rainfall.

    This has resulted in increased water flow into the Tunga. Meanwhile, the catchment area of the Sharavathy is also getting good rains. The Linganamakki reservoir recorded an inflow of 9,437 cusecs with the water-level at 1,752.80 ft against the maximum level of 1,819 ft.


  10. Cherrapunji records 34 cm ending 8.30am on 27.06.2010. Its in the verge of crossing 800 cm for the year. It has received 788 cm for the year. The next in the list is Passighat way down with 239 cm for the year.

  11. A transition from El NiΓ±o, to La NiΓ±a conditions.

    A La NiΓ±a is essentially the opposite of an El NiΓ±o. During a La NiΓ±a, easterly trade winds in the western equatorial Pacific are stronger than normal, and the cold water that is normally located only along the coast of South America extends all the way to the central equatorial Pacific. La NiΓ±as change global weather patterns; they are associated with less moisture in the air, resulting in less rain along the coasts of North and South America. They also tend to increase the formation of tropical storms in the Atlantic.


  12. chennai ap ties with kochi ap and beats all the other major stations in kerala with respect to rainfall…@SUMA p s..very sad that u cud see only 1mm of rainfall while we all saw 4cm πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  13. oh ..the radar still not updating….btw ere only thunder clouds movin in…no storm yet!! 😦 …

  14. heavy storms forming 100km NW of chnennai…surface rainfall intensity shows li8 rain over NW outskirts of city

  15. imd has updated…..chennai ap,tada–4cm

    chennai,anna university-3cm


    i cant understand how everytime imd records lesser than my RG!!!

  16. @jon , s may be upto 5cm in the duration of one and half hour….
    and there was heavy rain in night in and around tiruvallur district…

  17. @ KArthick,i kept a funnel for my tin can(RG) bcos the mouth of the can is narrow,and the rain water may spill outside of the can due to the force of the rain

  18. @omkar,joel…..will a rg without a funnel overtell or undersay the rain amount????????

    Funnel is used to measure the rainfall more accurately. If it rains 1mm it will be hard to measure. But with double the diameter funnel than the vessel, the vessel will show 2mm. It will be easy to see 2mm on scale.

    We need to assume 2mm shown on scale is actually 1mm as we are using funnel.

    Need to use maths formulas to calibarate funnel Vs vessel scale.

  19. as i said already my smaller RG said 2.8cm n the biggger RG said 3.1cm…since the bigger one is more accurte as kea says…i tuk its reading

  20. anyways my place is 5km off tambaram…pradeep was in tambram i heard during the rainfall…lets ask him how much he would hav predicted!

  21. Funnel is not needed at all for a rain guage in the first place. The bigger diameter vessel will tell more properly than the smaller diameter one.

  22. thats ri8 omkar…generally these funnel less rg’s will undersay or overtell??…thats my million dollar question!!!

  23. Jon I quoted my reply to that post where Karthik Raghavan put my name. After I finshed my reply I saw few more Q&As from him and Joel! When I started typing those Q&As wheren’t there. Now it ended up as if I didn’t get his point at all πŸ˜€

  24. Funnel less RG should say the same as RG with funnel if both have same diameter.

    10cm funnel, 5cm diameter collector should tell the same as 10cm diameter collector without a funnel.

  25. hey the previous link shows the location of my home..its in the centre of the page..its mentioned Kar r’s home…then zoom out to see tambaram air force …thats wer readings are taken for tbm!

  26. wth..jon…very very dak??!!….ere a very useless bengloory type thunderstorm to the WSW..at the max mi8 give 2mm

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