147 thoughts on “Hot weekend with high chances of evening thunderstorms

  1. omg!!…today is a replica of yesterday!!..hot sun, bri8 blue sky..gives me the feelin ther will be storms …but given we had lots yesterday i still hold on to my previous prediction!

  2. According to S.R. Ramanan, Director of Area Cyclone Warning Centre, Regional Meteorological Centre, Chennai has been experiencing unstable weather due to a combination of factors. The development of convective clouds generated in the evening, after intense heat in the day, causes rain, he said. The city has also been experiencing rain due to local thunderstorm activity. This weather is expected to be like this till the end of this month.


  3. So far June has been a plesant surpirse compared to what this site was predicting, we did not have too many days over 40 unlike June 2009

  4. Rofl… Coastal Karnataka is a funny place 😀

    Honavar 14cm
    Mangalore AP 14cm
    Agumbe 12cm
    Karwar 11cm
    Shirali 9cm

  5. This June 2010 has been a lot o surprises for Chennai. The weather we see now is usually seen in September. In June i have seen rains occur mostly in late evenings. But on Thursday last we saw rains occurred at around 3:30 afternoon which is a usual feature in September ..
    Anyone thinks like me here ??

  6. I have two rain gauge’s in my terrace,1 with funnel the other 1 without funnel,the 1 with funnel says 7.7cm the other 1 says 5.5cm :S

  7. ive two RG in my home…both without funnels..but one small n other big….the smaller one says 2.8cm..the bigger one says 3.1cm!

  8. no there isnt any trees,it did rain heavily here!!!,lets c 2moro’s airport observations ,shud tally with mine almost

  9. @jon….the storm was from SW…and i think i must have seen the first of the storm among us!…it was quite quite heavy..i was very eager to luk at the RG….i did think it shud be around 4-5cm…but my smaller gauge is sayin 2.8cm…bigger one is sayin 3.1cm

  10. @joel..the top..middel ..base diameter all shud be the same..there shud be no curves and all…exact cylinder with equal diameter throughout the lenght

  11. this is a rain gauge…actually the funnel collects the water double the diameter of the RG….but i dont have any funnel ere…so my RG reading shud naturally be a little lesser….but 5cm is a bit too much i think…max 3.5cm ere

  12. @joel….so how u measure the rain if its not transparent???….i have two plastic jars and a scale fit to the outside…so i can know the rain amount immediately by seein it….n ur rasagulla tin is perfect for a RG…but still 5.5cm is TOOO much!!

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