182 thoughts on “Sunny and hot

  1. very perfect setting for a thunderstorm….hot hot bri8 sun!!….deep blue skies!!…definite strom in the 50k radius of chennai today!!

  2. My greatest envy would be coastal karnataka

    Shirali 16cm
    Honavar 10cm
    Karwar 9cm
    Mangalore 10 cm
    Agumbe 8cm

  3. the 2.30 radar shows full fledgedstroms over north chennai n west n NW of chennai!!..orange spots visible..

  4. OMG…syam….1/1…bcos i predcited heavy rains in uthukkottai,periayaplayam…2/2 becos i predicted tstrom today…3/3 becos i predicted tstrom by 2.30 🙂 …ur 7/14 is unacceptable 😛

  5. drizzlin ere too..but not heavy as syam pointed out…btw the biggest strom is toward NW chen i suppose

  6. Bangalore proves its the best big city to be in India:

    max.28 min.20 overcast windy weather.. what more can u ask? 🙂

  7. omg pourin cats n dogs ere….!!!…drizzle size enormous..radar shud show a marronish spot to the west of tbm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. exactly radar picks up a red spot west of tambaram!!!!!….the rain rate ere luks like 70-80mm per hour!!

  9. ya ya we saw it during early november 2009 🙂 where it was 15cm in city… some 5 or 6 cm in tbm…

    and in december too 🙂

  10. chn has become the heart of tstorm activity this week!1…jus lik i predcited…so mine is 4/4 🙂

  11. @jon…jus luk at the SW horizon from ur home…i feel the third spell is gonna be the heaviest of them all!1

  12. Karthik Narayanan temperature varies alot within Bangalore due to lesser pressure. Temprature shown by IMD will be lot cooler due to trees and others things within their office but the same is not applicable everywhere within the city due to concrete and other things. For example HAL area will be cooler than the city etc.,. If IMD says 28 then it will be surely 31 or so.

    Karthik Raghavan you are lucky and got 7mm and also getting rains again and again and for me it was just drizzle which can’t even be measured 😦 😦

  13. @KN..it is of course..!!…third time it got dak to W n the clouds r comin!!..see the radar…a red spot to the west of tbm as around 4.20 😉

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