59 thoughts on “Mostly cloudy and overcast

  1. Gwalior recorded a minimum temperature of 36.4c yesterday night(22nd. June). One of the hottest on record anywhere, I suppose.The nearest i know is the 38c recorded as the minimum at Sibi(pakistan) a few years back. The hottest night, in my record books, was at Khandwa. the lowest the mercury could go down to was 40c !!


  2. IMD Update says LPA has formed over North-west Bay and can become well marked in the next 24 hrs and move in a North-westerly direction. Good indication for advancement of the monsoon to North India

  3. Bangalore at its best…

    Strong winds and non threatening rain clouds.. cool temperatures..

    feels good 🙂 🙂

  4. Valparai,Chinna Kallar 5cm each

    As i told karthik, 3cm in Karaikal

    Also as Karthik rightly collected information, Tambaram draws a blank

    And Madhuranthagam, sulurpet are the nearest places to chennai to get about 3cm

    pretty excited about imd warning:
    Isolated heavy rain may occur over Coastal and South Interior Karnataka, Kerala and Coastal Andhrapradesh during next 48 hours.

  5. New Delhi pathetic…. 44 degrees high… 14 degrees more than bangalore.. I have heard from my colleagues that it ll be a punishment to travel from bangalore to delhi in flight and suffer there

  6. i wonder how it pours in one place n 3km away its just a li8 rain!!…anyways my sources told me ri8!!!! ..i hard it from 5 ppl 🙂 🙂

  7. the small storm totally gone….but thers another strom 150km to the west of chennai..may be in vellore now!…lets hope for it to come ere!

  8. sprinkles stopped..huge storm toward SE n thunder too…after the sprinkls the weather has become awesome..wind is blowin cool!!! 🙂

  9. some more weak rain clouds approachin…i think this is it for today….the vlr strom also dissipiated…unless because of the sea breeze a new strom forms!

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