116 thoughts on “Dry weather to continue

  1. It would have been nice if 850hpa wind direction was same as 300hpa. We would be now beating how much it will rain for the day 😀

  2. Those clouds we saw yesterday which went North of Chennai, went over Sullurpet & Tada? IMD saying 2cms. Ponneri also 2cms 🙂 Some one yesterday said it was over Ponneri by just seeing the doppler picture 🙂

  3. The India Meteorological Department (IMD) has launched a new satellite-based broadcast service which will enable user at any site within the footprints of AsiaStar to receive the whole set of INSAT satellite imageries, weather data and meteorological information.

    Anyone tried this link http://www.imd.gov.in/doc/ws.htm

    I sent them email but the emails were bouncing.

  4. I think Chennai will have max 39 degrees today…..mercury has already crossed 37.5 degrees…nothing in store as far as rains!!!

    Yet another heatwave in the offing???

  5. Max temperatures yesterday in chill paradise Coastal AP:

    Ongole- 33
    Kakinada- 31
    Calingapatnam- 30
    Bapatla – 32

    they are around Bangalore’s max 31 😀 😀 howzzat?

  6. Oh my god.. north coastal TN except Chennai has done pretty well

    Karaikal -5cm
    Nagapatinam – 5cm
    Pondicherry – 4cm
    Cuddalore – 4cm

  7. @thunder instead of predicting rains for chennai.. u better predict rains for Cherrapunji and Agumbe… ur prediction will atleast increase from 0 🙂

  8. unhappy that SI KK is doing terribly bad… thank god atleast i saw 30cm rain in just 2 days in the june 12-13 weekend in north Kerala.. never thought i could never see rains for so long time 😦

  9. It rained heavily for 30mins here in adambakkam,poured really big drops,even my rain gauge fell down which was kept within 2 bricks ,now completely stopped :(,waiting for next spell 😀

  10. second round?????omg!!!…it is very dak for this time but clouds to the W arent organised at all!!1…jus dak clouds…NW is clear ere…how come ur west is dak??

  11. i have been away from the forum all day and when i come back i am hearing about rain in parts of chennai.

    There is nothing here for sure and no chance of any rain

  12. Rains only within 4 to 5km radius moving from west to east so no rains for north,central and even most parts of s.chennai

  13. raining near bangalore AP.. very mild.. but for sure some area around Bangalore city is going to come with good numbers.. its very chill

  14. since it rained in velachery.. all of us should eagerly wait for the results from Anna University recording station 🙂

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