73 thoughts on “Early moring drizzles

  1. Light drizzle in Besant Nagar. BBC predicts a sunny day for Chennai, so I think its going to be a rainy day 😉

  2. Hi all

    I tot u were predicting a rather hot week…but it has been rather pleasant this week? BBC has been more right this week!

  3. Coastal Karantaka sucks… Mangalore 87mm

    Bangalore and Chennai in same latitude but nohting for us… aaahhh the ghats !!!

  4. Two Suns on 21stJune 2010

    IS IT TRUE can someone confirm

    21st June – the Whole World is waiting for………….

    Star Aderoid will be the brightest in the sky, starting 10 June. It will look as large as the sun with naked eye. This will culminate on 21stjune when the star comes within 34.65M miles of the earth. Be sure to watch the sky on june. 21 at 12:30 pm. It will look like the earth has 2 suns.!!

    The next time Aderoid may come this close is in 2287

  5. the weather of karachi is also just like chennai, weather system gets disappeared before reaching the city. we got 150mm rain in june due to phet. But phet has destroyed the typical monsoon weather in karachi and now its sunny/dry.

  6. @Marabay actually chennai is a rainy city only.. 130mm annual rainfall.. just that it doesnt get much from south west monsoon

  7. @Karthik Narayan
    Yeah i know… I read your comment on Jim Andrew’s blog… That blog was really good during the monsoon. Now jim doesnt update his blog.

  8. This is called widespread rain

    Thrisur -1cm
    Alappuzha,Kannur,Kochi – 2cm
    Kozhikode,Punalur,Kottayam – 3cm

    As usual SWM ditches TV puram

  9. Looks like it won’t rain in Chennai even during this week end. But this is definitely the coolest June we have had in recent times.

    Overcast skies and the sun is playing hide and seek game while humidity is silently taking the toll on the other side.

  10. oh no not again!!..red eyed strom to the south of nellore…n again stroms forming to the NE of salem…this will again come tantalisingly close to southern chennai 😦 🙂 …wat to say?

  11. after seein the radar …i called tirupattur….i heard two huge thunders on fone…damn huge!!!…i CUD HEAR it fone…currently heay rain in tiruapttur it seems

  12. So Karthik Raghavan it is raining cats and dogs in Tirupattur? 😀 I went and saw the Bright planet after reading your comment here 🙂 It is bright and looks like an approching Airplane.

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